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HEALING ARTS Strengthening Kidney Weakness By Li Hua, L. Ac. TCMD.

Kidney problems are caused by various factors. Some patients suffer pain from kidney stones, high blood pressure due to abnormal kidney function, infections, kidney cyst(s), liver diseases, thyroid diseases, diabetes, lung disease, heart problems, drugs, lower back injuries/ traumas, weak kidney function, medications, over work/ exercise/sexual activity, inherited kidney dysfunction or kidney failure (having dialysis therapy, waiting for a kid- ney replacement). (Scientists have researched and proved that the abnormal genes can be repaired.),

There is nothing in Western medicine that teaches how to prevent kidney problems, but traditional Chinese medicine teaches prevention for kidney problems. The kidneys are the most important filter of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that the kidney is in charge of detoxification, reproduction, hormone production, breathing, blood production, brain perfor- mance, growth, bone strength and generation, aging and more. A child’s kidney energy comes from his/her parents. Some children do not get enough kidney energy from their parents. This can be helped as they grow older by getting acupuncture to balance and heal the body when they are young. Depending on each child’s condition, certain acupoints will be used to strengthen the kidney and balance the whole body. This also works effectively to improve the child’s concentration, behav- ior, mood, memory, comprehension, energy and growth. Some children may require needle-less acupuncture if they are afraid of the acupuncture needles. Some may need Chinese herbs along with acupuncture to speed the healing and get better results.

Kidneys need proper nutrition to stay strong. They also need to be cleaned regularly and kept in good repair. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches us that winter is the time to nourish the kidneys. spring and autumn are the good seasons to clean the kidneys and summer is the season to maintain the kidneys.

Help children to develop strong kidneys by training them to get plenty of sleep on a regular schedule. Good quality (at least eight hours) sleep can keep hormones in balance and prevent kidney problems. Help children to acquire a taste for a variety of seasonal foods. If a child eats well his/her brain can performance normally and his/her behavior and attitude will be good.

When the weather is cold, eat more animal products, poultry, meat, seafood or rich foods to get more nutri- tion for the kidneys and help them maintain their heat. For example, Chinese people celebrate the Spring festi- val (2/10/2013) for a month and eat rich holiday foods. After the Spring Festival, starts on 3/12/2013, people will fast, eat a vegetarian diet, get acupuncture treat- ments or take some special Chinese herbs to clean the kidneys, balance the whole body and help the body to absorb nutrition more effectively to avoid illness and

Oracle 20/20 March 2013 13 diseases during rest of the year.

It is the end of winter in March, but in Georgia, sometimes, there are still cold days or even snow. The earth energy is just waking up, but its energy is still low. According to traditional Chinese medicine, add more nutritious or rich foods in the cold weather. The kidneys have to clear away the waste from the body after eating all the nutritious and rich foods. Acupuncture can strengthen the kidneys to help them finish their job correctly.

Spring foods can include, bean sprouts, spinach, wheat grass, green apples (mix with cinnamon powder), pear juice, seeds, nuts, Tofu with sea food, beans, avocadoes, greens, winter melon, radishes, carrots (raw and cooked), millet rice and quinoa rice. Drink plenty of water during this period. Teach children this self check: Drink water if they see their urine color is yellow. Teach children to exercise regularly. Parents may exercise with their chil- dren regularly to benefit both. I usually teach the children do some special exercises depending on their condition and what they like after we complete their acupuncture treatment.

Children’s health care is of maximum importance. Children are the hope of the world.

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