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come from the Soviet Bloc about this time. She could have been a professional dancer, having to give up at around age 35 with spinal problems.

She had wisdom tooth difficulties and had a very seri- ous mindset. The narrow energy levels of the lifeline suggest she did not have much resistance. Air handed people are always curious thinkers and theoreticians and famous for “what ifs”. The spillover effect is the phenomenon where mental or emotional difficulties will eventually affect the physical body, and here we see a severely weakened physical body with some ill health caused by worry and anxiety. This will lead to insom- nia and daytime listlessness and hopelessness, showing determination to end the life at around 35 years of age.

The handprint is included as it arrived with its Scotland Yard insignia. The police never acknowledge the help they get from astrologers, psychics, etc. All of our assistance is “unofficial” and off the record.

This poor tragic girl, someone’s sister or daughter was never named and was just given a number in the city.

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Oracle 20/20 March 2013


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