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MYSTICAL MENTORS Tradgy in the Hands By T. Stokes

Lets see what information we can give on the life of this hands owner. She was found dead with no identification and no belongings.

First lets look through what we have already covered in previous articles.

(A) This is an Ectomorph hand (B) It is an Air type. (C) A shy, Introvert personality.

(D) and is probably Caucasian heritage, the hand forma- tion suggests blood type A which is generally Eastern European.

Death is very much a taboo subject with palmists and astrologers and it needs very gentle handling. I have seen more arguments over this one topic than any other in palmistry. There are many differing views even among palmists. I learned a valuable lesson regard- ing the prediction of death about 45 years back. I was doing a charity fundraising for a hospice when one very elderly overweight man came and sat down at my table. It was obvious he was very ill. He asked me to be honest and tell him how long he had. I skirted round his ques- tion but he kept coming back to it, so I said “OK, at your present rate of decline just less than a year”. The man was horrified and upset and blurted out, that he was counting on a cure being found at the last minute and did not want to die. My old freind Elizabeth Kubler- Ross once told me some people were in denial up to the very point of death. I upset this man terribly and this was a bit- ter lesson for me. Afterwards, along with most palmists, I never cover this topic in any depth in personal readings. Tread very carefully if you do.

(1) The handpic at (1) shows a very long middle or Saturn fin- ger, which at (2) is set unusu- ally high in the hand itself. This high mount with a central apex as we see here along with a strong finger is always seen in Saturnine hands and is statistically seen most in Capricorn or January born subjects.

(3) See the very thin Mercury finger. Mercury is the god of communications and every- thing from verbal to physical even sexual communication is read on this finger. This shows that it looks withered and its low setting shows some arrested development in the sexual expression. This usually points to sexual abuse during the latency phase of childhood. If you see


this, handle it gently please. Every palmists should have some basis in counseling and in this area it is vital.

(4) It is important to look at the beginning and end to the lifeline, draw a straight line from one point to the other inside, then draw a parallel line at the outside and widest point of the lifeline, when its as thin as this it shows poor resistance qualities. This is being seen more and more now with the range of MSD Multiple Sensitivity Disorders. It is a classic sign of a weak immune function.

A hand with this many lines is technically called a “full hand”. It shows stress and anxiety. The broken and bitty heartline shows a nervous heart, particularly seen in tachycardia and Da Costa syndrome. This shows gastric sensitivity, so remember 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Interestingly the Max Plank Institute claimed that January born children have a raised heart risk of 24%, indicating the January born people are at high- est risk of cardio-vascular difficulty. This was because babies born in the first 3 months of the year are believed to have increased fat storage which give later life problems.

There are several kinds of anxiety and the anxiety in this hand looks like predictive anxiety. We all know someone who is a worrier and if guests are 20 minutes late will say “they have had an accident”, “someone has died” or “the car has broken down” etc. This predict- ing is a kind of anxiety prevalent with Ectomorphs.

(5) The developed musculature of this

hand is synonymous with dancers and these always have leg and back problems. Many Ectomorphs also have spinal difficulties. We see the fate or luck line breaks badly at age 35, the lumbar, thoracic and cervi-

cal spinal sections all show sensitivity with some possible kyphosis around age 35. Certainly Saturnines suffer from bone and teeth weakness.

We also have at (6) a series of relationship lines end- ing pointing downward, indicating unhappiness or

failure. This is not an infal- lible sign, but with all the other factors shown, it indi- cates deep emotional dis-

tress. SUMMARY

So in analysis, I would say that we see a girl who was sexually abused becoming a nervous highly strung child. Her lifeline and travel sector shows move- ment in her late teens, so she could have

Oracle 20/20 March 2013

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