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F i n d i n g J o y i n Wa lma r t By Jennifer Masters

As a hypnotherapist and psychic life coach, moving from town-to-town can have some challenges. Trusting and following my intuition, my daughter and I moved from our Beloved town of Boulder to the Mojave Desert. With two long distance moves in the past two years get- ting re-established in a new community and building a client base has been interesting to say the least.

Since my awakening I find myself to be happy doing

anything. In a constant state of inner peace I have become a witness of my own life. The Mojave desert has its own beauty, but does not hold a candle to the pristine beauty of the Colorado Rockies. I find myself noticing the plastic grocery bags that blow across the street, or the tires thrown carelessly in the dunes. It just is. I am able to see beauty in the sparse vegetation and the naked mountains. The tumble weed that blows across Interstate 14 makes me laugh. I feel I am on the set of an old Spaghetti Western movie. I keep looking for Clint Eastwood to walk out of the dunes.

At first I wondered......... then it became increasingly

obvious that I was needed here to shed light in a dark place. We arrived in the desert at the beginning of win- ter - I thought California was warm. There is a constant wild wind that whips across the flat open space. I could not seem to get warm. This cold chilled me to the bone. With no heat in our rental home for the first two weeks, and cold water as well. My previous California Dreamin’ on such a winter’s day is a several more months away!

I had to find a part-time job to fill in the gap between

what I was earning as a psychic coach and healer. As a white woman I have not encountered much discrimina- tion until recently. I look 40, but my birth certificate says otherwise. Finding an office job was becoming increasingly difficult. I knew better than to fight or resist what was happening. Instead I took a different fork in the road. I had applied to 300 different com- panies in all sorts of capacities. I just needed a job. I applied for a position as a promoter and I was ecstatic when I got an e-mail response. I had seen women who promoted products at Costco in their hairnets. I really began to wonder what God wanted of me. I was an author, well educated and intelligent. My vanity was being put to the test.

Oracle 20/20 March 2013

interview with the Regional Manager of Zip Fizz. We hit it off instantly and I was relieved to find he was con- scious and awake. Breathing a sigh of relief I agreed to a two day working interview at Walmart for minimum wage. Of all the places I had applied for work, Walmart was not one of them.

Zip Fizz was created by a naturopath to replace the kill- er energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull. It is loaded with vitamin B-12, potassium, magnesium and many other minerals. After a few hiccups I was very quickly selling my quota of product. It was not long before I recognized that I was actually enjoying my job. Most nights I stayed beyond my working hours to assist an elderly gentleman or woman who could not find a prod- uct after the pharmacy staff had left the store. I never said “I can’t help you I don’t work for Walmart.” They needed help and I gave it to them. They talked to me about their ailments. Many were in pain. I was working at Walmart and in JOY! Interesting.

I enjoyed talking with people and found they liked talk- ing to me. I connected with old farmers, and firemen, schoolteachers and many retired people. I met several Viet Nam vets in wheel chairs. People on oxygen, and loaded with prescription medicine, many using wheel chairs. It was reminiscent of the movie Wally. I began to wonder if that movie was based on Walmart.

Old and young people came to my demo table and I talked to every single one of them. I gave my book away to several women who seemed like they could use some encouragement. I realized that it is not the place that was making me happy, it was the fact that I was being of service to The Divine, while offering Zip Fizz at Walmart. The Universe loves win-win situations. I was working, getting paid a decent wage. I received a steady stream of income and I was happy to be of service. I recognized that when you have inner peace it does not matter where you are or what you are doing but how we do it that matters. It was giving of myself that made my heart sing.

I am grateful for my little part-time job where I am treated well, and acknowledged for my contribution. When I committed to serve The Divine in 2010 I never dreamt of all the wonderful places I would be asked to go. Walmart was certainly not one of the places I thought I would be so delighted to be.

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