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FEATURES Guilty or Not Guilty? By Dana St.Claire

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Gary Renard is the author of THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE, a New York Times bestseller and YOUR IMMORTAL REALITY, a book on how to break the cycle of birth and death. Gary tours the world teaching A Course in Miracles.

Dana: Gary, continuing on from last month one of the things I’ve noticed, having come from a very broken place to a place of being more whole, when working with people, many have a problem wrapping their mind around loving themselves. So what does that mean and how do you know you’ve gotten there?

Gary: well, a lot of this is experiential, so if you really want to know if you’re making progress on this kind of spiritual path, then you can ask yourself a simple question. “Am I more peaceful, am I, more loving, am I less reactionary, do I still beat myself up when I’ve made mistakes in the past?” Unconsciously people think that they are guilty and that guilt has nothing to do with what’s going on now. It really has to do, in the unconscious mind, with something that you can trace back all the way back to the original idea of separating from our source, which in the end leads to tremendous guilt which people are not in touch with and they’re not aware of. Then we look out on the screen, which we call the world and we find things out in the world that we think are the cause of our problems. But the Course in Miracles says that I am never upset for the reason I think I am. We think that we’re upset about things out there in the world, but what we’re really upset about is something that were not really in touch with. That is also the reason why we do not have the experience of loving ourselves. The course says that salvation is undoing, if you undo the ego, which is the false you, which is the idea of separation, then you start to undo guilt and undo ego and what is left is spirit, which is love, real love and the perfect love. That’s the same as your source, that is the same as God, and you begin to experience that more when you start to think of your- self as not being worthy, as being guilty. Looking at it from a place that you are not a victim says “I am not a victim of the world I see.” I think it’s very important because there is no power in being the victim and there are tons of power and being like God.

Dana: Gary, I once went through a difficult divorce. At that time I believed I was a total failure and that I had failed at the marriage and then at some point I realized no, this is one of my greatest successes. I was taking care of myself, so would you agree?

Oracle 20/20 March 2013

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Gary: Absolutely. I went through a divorce about 5 ½ years ago and at the time it started it wasn’t pretty, and it didn’t look too good. There were tons of anger and resentment. I asked the Holy Spirit If I was doing the right thing, what’s right for everyone. The answer was yes it’s time to move on and I moved to California. If I look at it honestly and look at it today as compared to five and half years ago, she is better off today than she was five and half years ago, and I’m better off today than I was 5 ½ years ago and the truth is, the Holy Spirit will guide you to what is best for you and everyone involved.

Dana: Does love equal pain? A lot of relationships involve a lot of pain is that really love?

Gary: No, it’s not really love that falls in the category that the Course calls “special love relationships”. What you want to do to have a holy relationship is learn how to forgive pain and release it. That always comes because of forgiveness and if you’re in pain you looking at things wrong and if you’re in pain in a relationship, you’re looking at the relationship wrong. That’s when you know that it’s time for forgiveness. We don’t have to learn how to forgive the bad stuff. We don’t have to learn how to forgive the beautiful sunshine or romantic walks on the beach when things are going good. Enjoy those times when you do feel upset and angry. That’s a red flag that there’s something here that needs to be forgiven and you notice that when you catch yourself feeling upset when you catch yourself feeling angry. That’s when you have to recognize that’s the ego. The Holy Spirit wouldn’t make me feel this way.

Gary is finishing a book LOVE HAS FORGOTTEN NO ONE and will be done in the fall of 2013. He is working on a TV series on his book DISSAPPEARANCE OF THE UNIVERSE. Gary’s wife Cindy has finished a meditation CD “Meditation for Couples”, which I personally have in my collection of meditation material.

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