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HEALING ARTS Anorexia & Past Lives By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, FBGH, CI,MCCHt

About a year ago I got a call from an anxious mother about her daughter, Maria, age 27 who was having a lot of serious problems. Maria was severely anorexic, had persistent insomnia, had not had a period in eight months, was experiencing urinary incontinence and refused to admit she had a problem. She was not work- ing and staying locked up in her bedroom most of the time. Since the mother and daughter are on the West Coast, the only way I could work on her would be using remote clearing. I explained to the mother that the energy responsible for her daughter’s problems was probably distributed over a number of layers of con- sciousness and I could clear only two layers in a single remote so we may not get rid of Maria’s problems in a single session because all of the energy causing her dif- ficulties may not be on the two layers that I can reach in a single remote. I also told her that I could not treat any condition her daughter had because I was not a licensed physician and I would be practicing medicine without a license, but what I could do was clear negative energy from her and hope that would help her. The mother agreed to the remote work and so we performed it.

Maria was just fine and had no problems before she went to Africa for a visit after graduating from high school. She went to a part of Africa where there had been lots of famine, fighting and death several years before. She spent about three months in Africa and then returned home to the USA West Coast. Her family noticed that she had changed perceptibly; for one thing she was very thin and looked drawn and anxious. It didn’t take long for the family to notice her other problems.

Actually I had to perform two separate remotes on Maria to make a major difference in her health. After the first remote she was about 60% improved and after the second remote she was practically without problems, about 90% and functional. We performed the second remote about six months after the first one. The result of both remotes was that Maria gained weight, started to have her periods, her anxiety was greatly reduced, her insomnia significantly improved and she got a job that she was happy with. In this discussion, I am relating the major elements of both remotes. We learned that Maria was presently in her 131st lifetime.

Marie had a total of 18 demons attached to her. The first demon came in at age 2. Her intense light attracted it to her and it got into her because her Guardian Chi psychic defensive system was down because of a fever. Two demons were in the left side of her head, three were in her heart’s mitral and aortic valves, two in her stomach, three in her small intestine, two in her transverse colon, one in her right kidney, one in her liver, two in her pan- creas and one in her lower back and pelvis. Demons


located in specific body parts are attacking the cells in those areas and are dedicated to her destruction.

An earthbound spirit of a woman named Lucy joined Maria in her early 20s while she was in Africa. This woman died in Somalia in 1984 at the age of 41 of massive cuts and bled to death from a beating. She was obese and weighed over 360 pounds. She hated her life, was depressed and anxious and often sick with heart trouble, kidney problems and constant headaches. Lucy ate food for self-medication. She came from a poor family; her father was a laborer and her mother washed clothes and cleaned houses. She had three sisters and two brothers and all were obese. The brothers were killed in wars and the sisters were all sick. Earthbound spirits bring the energy of their death and the negative energy of their lives to whom ever they attach to so Lucy’s energy was on Maria.

A second earthbound spirit named Abie, age 7, also attached to Maria while she was in Africa. Abie died of starvation in 1991 in Ethiopia. Abie’s mother, age 31 killed herself by cutting her throat after Abie’s death. She was depressed and angry, mostly with God. She also attached to Maria, joining her son.

Maria’s last lifetime came through. She was Sonja and died in Buchenwald German death camp of starvation at the age of 11 in 1943. Sonia’s entire family includ- ing her mother, father, two sisters, two brothers, two uncles, three aunts, and a maternal grandmother were all arrested in Poland because they were Jewish. All of them died in Buchenwald. Sonia was very religious, she prayed to God and trusted in God’s mercy and care. Her father kept her from insanity for the three years she was in the death camp before her death. She suffered from female problems, bladder problems, depression, anxi- ety and fear. The negative energy of this past life came into Maria in her lower spine. We drained the negative energy and filled her with light.

Maria’s high self, the divinity within her, said it would take 23 days to clear the negative energy residue from her body and repair the cell damage caused by the negative energies on the layers of consciousness that we cleared in these remotes.

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Oracle 20/20 March 2013

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