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EDITORIAL Dear Readers:

We have some exciting news for you:  Due to demand from our readers we can now supply print copies of our magazine.

Perfectly bound and in soft cover, you can now purchase individual issues of any edition (past or present) of our magazine. Order one, two, or 10 – each copy is individually produced. We found this to be the perfect solution for anyone featured in the magazine, or anyone who wishes a hard copy to save a special article. One of our issues may contain an article that can help you in your sculptural profession – place it in your gallery or studio as a selling tool. If you own a gallery, a copy of our magazine with your artist(s) featured in it can be a useful selling tool for you and your staff. Or if you have a friend or relative featured, you may just want a copy as a ‘keep-sake’. Back issues are also available on disc – just check with our publisher Sylvia Hermans at .

Another exciting bit of news is that we are expanding our footprint. With the name   Japan to China, Taiwan, Singapore, and all  can assure you they are big on sculpture and it should make for exciting future issues.

 expanding our readership and in doing so changing our focus slightly. We are accumulating a readership of developers, architects, landscape designers, as well as galleries to facilitate greater exposure for artists who are being featured in our magazine and artists who wish to advertise with us.

 you sell your work. Do you sell it privately,

in a gallery, through the internet, or through some other means? We would be interested in hearing from you. It’s important to know what works for sculptors. What kind of pitfalls and success are out there in terms of marketing? Please send your thoughts about this, or anything else that is on your mind to . Each one of your comments is welcome and considered for future magazine content. And if you like our magazine, please do encourage your friends to sign up on-line to receive future editions, as well as our newsletter. Signing up is better than just forwarding, as we use the number of subscribers to prove our readership to advertisers and featured artists.

It was very interesting to be able to interview Leesa Strimbicki for this issue. She works with developers and architects to integrate public art and has some valuable advice for those wishing to break into the public art arena – as does Michael Binkley who speaks about representing himself in the art market. I’m also pleased to feature an article by a young art student who comes to work in my studio and reminds me of how I got started. It is always a joy to see a young person so committed to the world of 3-dimensional art.   developers, students, and people who are generally interested in all life has to bring in terms of visual aesthetics.

Please help us spread the word about this unique free publication by asking your friends and colleagues to subscribe.

With a passion for form,

 Senior Editor / Founder

now ex foc gre

now available in print expanding fthe footprint focus on the world of sculpture greater exposure for artists

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