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I believe NMDG will make an important contribution to this area when we start to publish new B2B magazines and organise conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

You retained a 20 per cent market share. Why? Primarily, I think it is a great honour to be partners with the Nikkei Group, even though they have the majority stake. Secondly, I have complete trust that this partnership will be a success. Nikkei’s outstanding publishing expertise and our experience in Turkish media will create great synergy. I believe having a 20 per cent share, with a global giant such as Nikkei holding the majority, is a lot better investment than having a 100 per cent share of a local magazine group. Therefore, I am confident that this merger will be quite beneficial for both sides in the mid-term.

How will the acquisition benefit the group? The most important advantage is going to be the transfer of Nikkei BP’s know- how to the Turkish market. We will make established B2B Japanese publications accessible to Turkish readers. We will fill the existing gap in technical fields such as engineering, medicine, and electronics. Both countries are considered to be earthquake zones. The Japanese are renowned for their earthquake engineering experience. It will be a priceless contribution to Turkish earthquake safety to publish related material and conduct seminars panels and exhibitions. NMDG will use Japan’s expertise in science and technology with their magazines and digital media to deliver to Turkish demand. Nikkei BP’s healthcare and electronics sector expertise also show how beneficial this merger is (see below).

How will Nikkei BP’s digital experience be an advantage? Definitely. However, we are also experienced in digital publishing. We currently have three websites. We also have a line-up of


MDG’s edition of InStyle is all part of the new venture.

Nikkei’s outstanding publishing expertise and our experience in Turkish media will create great synergy.

new projects such as Fortune Turkey. Young Turkish readers adapt easily to innovations in digital publishing. Turkey has huge Twitter and Facebook user bases. Some of our news sites are amongst the leading sites in Europe. But I also trust Nikkei BP’s digital media with technical content will attract great attention.

Nikkei BP has technology and healthcare expertise. Is this a good fit for your own plans? Yes. Technology and health are going to be the two leading sectors. The Turkish consumer shows great demand for

technology. Turkey is a thriving market place for smartphones, PCs, tablets, digital and compact cameras. Publications that cover improvements, tips and tricks and innovations in those fields will attract large attention. The same applies to healthcare. Turkey has made major reforms and

investments to improve the quality of its healthcare service. And it is a growing economic sector. In particular, Turkish private health institutions are generating cash by providing services for patients received from Middle Eastern countries. The latest statistics reveal that an average person visits hospital 7.6 times per year. In other words, Turkish hospitals receive almost 600 million appointments in a year. This is a very big number. We have about 30,000 pharmacies throughout the country. Many multinational pharmaceutical companies are active in Turkey. I am hopeful that our publications and conferences will attract attention from end users to pharmacies and hospital managers to research companies.

(left) Nikkei Health China, and (above) Nikkei Architecture

What do you think of Nikkei BP’s view of Turkey as a hub for further expansion in the region? I believe it is a wise decision to choose Turkey as the base to expand in EMEA markets. Turkey is more advanced than its neighbouring countries with regards to its communication, transportation, legal legislations and managerial abilities. It’s even a role model. Therefore, it is a good decision to create a strategy where Turkey is at the centre of all this. A successful start in Turkey will encourage Nikkei BP to bring greater investments to this region. Turkish entrepreneurs’ commercial success will lead Nikkei BP or NMDG’s strategic expansion in this region.

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