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Closed-Loop Machine at Control 2014

At Control 2014 Alicona Manufacturing and machine manufacturer Makino presented a high-

precision electrical discharge machine (EDM) based upon True Adapt Closed-Loop Manufacturing

technology as developed through the collaboration of Austrian based Alicona Imaging GmbH and US based EDM Department. The state-of-the-art

machining centre with integrated 3D measurement centre offers an end-to-end solution for

production as it allows self-optimised performance through high-resolution, non-contact 3D

metrology fully integrated into a precision machine tool. This new processing method eliminates clamping errors and has the potential to increase

machining accuracy fourfold within EDM, grinding, laser and milling industries.

<< Figure 2: Te state-of-the-art machining centre with integrated 3D measurement center offers an end-to-end solution for production. >>

<< Figure 1: Alicona Manufacturing

presented a high- precision EDM

machine based on closed-loop

technology at this year’s Control fair trade. >>

internal measurement evaluates possible deviations from the target geometry and reports them directly to the machine, which eliminates the need to remove parts for measurement. Based upon the internal evaluation, the machine automatically modifies the process parameters for further manufacturing. As a result of this closed loop “processing- measuring-modifying-processing”, users experience up to four times the accuracy in comparison with traditional measurement methods.

CLM Machine Alicona Manufacturing’s CLM machine is composed of a Makino machining centre and an integrated optical 3D measurement sensor from Alicona. This technology allows miniaturised EDM components with complex geometries to be manufactured using continuous high-resolution measurements for inspection. High measurement speed in conjunction with high vertical resolution enables machine-to-machine communication while measurements of form, position and surface finish ensure quality and adherence to various tolerances.

Formed through the collaboration of optical metrology expert Alicona Imaging and manufacturing specialist EDM Department, Alicona Manufacturing debuted the latest generation of EDM machining centres in May 2014. At Control 2014, Alicona Manufacturing and machine manufacturer Makino together brought this manufacturing generation to the next level through the presentation of a unique combination of high-resolution optical 3D measurement technology and automated machine programing. Based upon an “Industry 4.0” or “Smart Manufacturing”, Alicona Manufacturing is setting the trend of integrated manufacturing by offering a novel production system where components are measured directly inside the machine. The

True Adapt Technology Benefits Mark Raleigh and Dr. Stefan Scherer, Co-CEOs of Alicona Manufacturing, agree that enabling self-controlled production through this pioneering technology will present worldwide users with a multitude of benefits. A few of the benefits include: up to a fourfold increase in machining accuracy; elimination of clamping errors; automated quality assurance; 25% resource savings; a more efficient deployment of personnel and shorter lead times at a better output ratio. Mark Raleigh is confident about this revolutionary processing method as he explained: “The integrated measurement sensor verifies what the machine is currently doing. As a result, the production accuracy is increased while adverse effects of the environment are reduced.” Alicona Manufacturing’s CLM machine, although offering diverse applications, is dominantly applicable within the mould and tool making industries. To quote Dr. Scherer: “The main CLM application clearly lies in mould and tool making. Our area-based, dense and high resolution metrology allows better control of the production process than a simple tactile point measurement, for example.”

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