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L-R: DHP engineers Matt Vaughan (sound and lights), Steve Martin (head engineer, Rescue Rooms), James Littlehales (sound and lights), Dave McVea (technical manager DHP Group) and Jonathan Pears (head engineer, Stealth)



Slim and discreetly profiled the new SL Series incorporates KV2 Audios VHD Active Driven


First CL5 installation to the Rescue

By Erica Basnicki

THE RESCUERooms, part of the Nottingham Rock City venue complex, is the first in the UK to install a Yamaha CL5 digital console as part of a major refurbishment. The revamp saw a number of changes made to the venue’s layout last year and, with owner Daybrook House Promotions (DHP) keen to match it with a significant technical upgrade, SSE Audio Group was called to supply and install the desk. “The old system had been outdated

for a little while and with DHP’s experience of running venues they soon realised that the cost of an upgrade would be a worthwhile investment. This would not only improve the visitor experience, but also reduce day-to-day technical maintenance costs,” said SSE sales manager Alex Penn.

LEBANON “The choice of digital console for

front of house was the subject of very careful consideration but, at a visit to PLASA Focus this year, DHP group tech manager Dave McVea and Rescue Rooms technical manager Stephen Martin were very impressed by the CL5.” McVea and Martin took a number of

the venue’s technical staff to SSE’s CL series training day in May, for some hands-on experience. “The fact that everyone will know

how to use the CL5, because of its Centralogic user interface is very beneficial,” said McVea. “The multitrack recording capability ‘out of the box’ is another very exciting feature.” Additionally, a Yamaha DME4i/o-C has also been installed to extend the DME network already operating at the venue.n


Just 300mm deep, the SL Series can be installed against a wall or in it...dramatically reducing the venue floorspace required.

The new KV2 SL412 and SL2.15 speakers incorporate an eye-catching, slim and stylish cabinet design. Using KV2’s VHD technology, the SL412 loudspeaker utilises 4 x 12” low mid-range components with a single 8” mid- range and 3” large format NPVD compression driver. The cabinet’s configuration keeps low mid frequencies in a controlled pattern, greatly reducing problem room resonances. Cabinets can be designed and supplied with custom colors, grill templates and logos, offering a flexible and true designer-integrated product.

The system is driven by proprietary KV2 amplification. The KV2 SL3000 powers a pair of SL412s and the VHD3200 which can drive up to four SL2.15 subs. SL Series - The Ultimate Club System

VEER, Aboutique resort situated in the Kaslik region of Lebanon, has installed an Electro- Voice system provided by distribution partner AMAC: the largest fixed audio installation in the country. For the main system, AMAC opted for two line

arrays each comprising 12 Electro-Voice XLD281 elements. Six EV F1152 loudspeakers serve as

backfills for the VIP aquarium pool and the restaurant, while 16 Xsubs reinforce the low end. “The system is versatile and the sound

powerful and of first-class quality – everything, in fact, our customer, Hagop Tekeyan, had hoped for from the installation,” said AMAC’s sales manager Wissam Hayeck.n

Power: SL3000 - Low 1000W x2, Mid 200W x2, High 100W x2 Crossover Points: SL2.15 - 70Hz, SL412 - 400Hz & 2.5kHz SL412 - H670mm (26.38”) W1080mm (42.52”) D300mm (11.81”) Weight: SL412 - 60kg (132.28lbs)

______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________

Maximum SPL: 137dB

Freq Resp +/- 3dB : SL2.15 40Hz - 500Hz, SL412 70Hz- 22kHz Dispersion: H110° x V40°

Power: VHD3200 - 1600 Watts x2 Need more info? Want to locate your nearest KV2 Professional? uuWWW.KV2AUDIO.COM



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