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November 2012 l 21

studionews BELGIUM La Chapelle: home of the new world

FOR PIANO virtuoso Jef Neve, La Chapelle studios is like a second home. After having recorded three albums with the Jef Neve Trio (Nobody is Illegal, Soul in a Picture and Imaginary Road), Neve came to the Waimes-based studio to work on Sons of The New World. The album, featuring Neve and eight musicians, was recorded at La Chapelle in July and will be released worldwide on 26 October (Universal Music). Recording engineer Werner Pensaert mixed the album at Audioworkx in Holland. “Jef really appreciates the exceptional acoustics of La


Unterlass: the business of DIY from Austria

By Erica Basnicki

A FRUSTRATING search for a home studio workspace drove Austrian musician/producer Arno Unterlass to take matters into his own hands, and build one himself. Three years later, Vienna- based Unterlass Studio Furniture has opened its doors for business throughout the European Union, offering its flagship media production workspace, the DUODESK 60. “In 2009 I wanted to buy a

desk for my own recording studio, but there was nothing on the market that fitted my needs, in terms of ergonomics, design and materials. As a musician and producer myself, I knew exactly what I wanted: the look and feel of a studio – without having to buy a big analogue mixing console,” he said. “I rendered the first

prototype of the DUODESK 60 in 3D, then built it for real. This was exactly what I wanted – lacquered finish, open backs

The flagship DUODESK 60 from Unterlass

and lots of space for rack units. The reason why I formed the company was that I got so many requests from people who wanted exactly the same desk.” The DUODESK 60 features a concealed cable management system, two 10º-angled desktop-mounted side racks (10HE each), two front-facing floor-level vertical side racks (16HE each), and two rear-mounted horizontal racks (4HE each). A companion

model, the DUODESK KEY 60 also features a pull-out keyboard drawer capable of accommodating most 88-key keyboards. A range of configuration options are available for both models, including a deluxe ‘Zebrano’ wooden finish, an additional 20 or 50cm desk extension, and an additional angled 10HE rack space at the desk’s sweet spot. n

Chapelle,” comments Stijn Verdonckt, studio manager. “Jef was also the first to use the new AL.SO Dynax2 dynamic sound shaper, designed by Olivier Bolling.” Verdonckt added that the legendary GAM studio (part of La Chapelle) was upgraded with a Pro Tools 10 production platform (32 in/out). Interfacing between the Sony ‘baby’ Oxford DMX- R100 console and the Pro Tools system is done through an RME HDSPe Raydat card and an RME Fireface 800. “GAM is mainly used as a pre-production studio and writing room,” Verdonckt explains. “We want to profile GAM as Studio 2 alongside the

Jef Neve behind the controls at La Chapelle studio

main La Chapelle studio – it’s very budget-friendly as well. But more and more clients have been upgrading to Pro Tools 10 – it’s also a matter of workflow: functionalities in Pro Tools 10 make work easier and Avid has implemented quite some changes to the plug-ins and software. “The investment in the new equipment is clearly paying off, with GAM studio booked up solid every month. “Furthermore, since April this

year, the studios have become part of The Miloco Group’s management syndicate. This has led to further success on an international level.”n

Unity Audio’s Kevin Walker with studio designer Kevin Van Green, and The Boulder three -way active monitor

UNITED KINGDOM Unity adds hire service By Erica Basnicki

UNITY AUDIO has launched a hire division catering to both studio and live markets. Most products from the company’s distribution lines will be available to hire.

Commenting on the new

business, Unity’s Kevin Walker said: “It was an easy way of trying to add a different revenue stream to what we currently do in terms of sales. Pretty much 90% of the gear we have, you

can’t hire anywhere in the UK.” Walker added that, eventually, Unity Hire will expand into small PA systems and beyond: “I’m interested in that kind of market and want to get into that more. We’ve already got bookings for some local festivals next summer, so I’d better get a PA system together! We’ll start small on that and build it up. We might also get into location recording systems as well, and offer that as a service.”n

Photo: Charlie De Keersmaecker

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