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38 l November 2012


California-based Sound Image recently doubled its hire stock of AdamsonE15 line source systems. Sound Image was one of the first US companies to invest in Project Energia, and also carry Adamson Y18, Y10 and T21 systems in its inventory. The company is currently providing E15 systems for Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s North American tours.

Alcons Audiohas released a GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) of high-resolution measurement and simulation data for its L-series pro-ribbon line-arrays and Q-series pro-ribbon column-arrays.

UNITED KINGDOM/CZECH REPUBLIC A triple Bosch boost By Erica Basnicki

ANEWdemoroom,distributor andlineof loudspeakersare amongthemajorannouncements madebyBoschSecuritySystems UKthisautumn. The company officially opened its ProSound division training and demonstration room in Peterborough, UK, on 25 September. Pro-audio media, dealers and special guests including Peterborough

Mayor George Simons were in attendance for the ribbon- cutting ceremony and the ensuing celebrations. “The objective of having this facility is to support our customer base – that’s key,” said ProSound UK’s sales director Sean Maxwell. “It’s about making sure that the facility is available for them to come to, and bring their customers to. We’re all about supporting the customers; we have to be, and we are.”

Andrej Hronec, Audiopro

Shortly after the opening

celebrations, Prague-based Audiopro was appointed as an Electro-Voice and Dynacord distributor for the Czech Republic. Founded in 2002, Audiopro has provided sound systems and audio solutions for O2 Arena, the new stadium of Slavia Prague, the National Theater (all in Prague), as well as various installations across the Czech Republic. “Electro-Voice and Dynacord

have always had a great reputation in our country, with products already being delivered before the Velvet Revolution. The opportunity to add these brands to our portfolio is another important milestone in the history of our company,” said Audiopro CEO Andrej Hronec.

the tour’s success. I have to

applaud FOH engineer Berenice Hardman for being open to the idea of a new system.” Anderson’s philosophy on

how the ViRAY launch will aid Coda’s growth makes perfect sense. “If you look at where it started in 1996, and the historical patent of the ring angular diaphragm, that is something we’re still using today, but it’s been incorporated into different designs for a given end result. “All along the line, with each

evolution, there’s been a level of technology that can be developed into something more. If you project five years into the future, there is a view here at Coda that those companies that will take the top positions in the loudspeaker market are those

Audiopro’s partnership was announced just as Dynacord revealed its new A-Line range of mobile loudspeakers. According to the company, the A-Line loudspeaker range is ideally suited to bands, entertainers and mobile DJs working small to medium-sized venues. The new product line includes three active and three passive models, comprising one 12” and one 15” two-way/full- range system and an 18” subwoofer, in both active and passive versions. Because of their asymmetric footprints, both the 12” and the 15” models can also be used as active stage monitors with a monitor angle of 60°. n

that can produce that integrated approach in house. Those that can’t will only be able to develop at the speed determined by their suppliers.” Building its own drivers, using its own evolving knowledge base and resources to build turnkey sound reinforcement systems: this is how Coda will succeed as a brand, he predicts. “Our efforts have already

created a significant buzz in global markets – we’ve undertaken several shoot-outs and all the time we see ourselves up against the top five – and we come out very well. Our hookline message is hearing is believe.” Coda might mean ‘ending’

in music, but ViRAY marks just the beginning for this audio company. n


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