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November 2012 l 43

NETHERLANDS DiGiCo makes a splash for opera By Erica Basnicki

THIS SUMMER, De Utrechtse Spelen presented Christoph Willibald von Gluck’s opera, Orfeo ed Euridice. Under the direction of Jos Thie, the production took place entirely on the pond at Soestdijk Palace in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The production’s unusual setting created a few audio issues to overcome, explained sound engineer Jelmer Dijkstra.

Orfeo ed Euridice took place entirely on a pond

“The main challenge I had with these shows was to create as natural a sound as possible, and when working with DiGiCo consoles, I find everything is possible,” he said. “The way the SD7 is designed and laid out is just so good; it’s a really great desk all round.” “This is a complex

production,” added Dieter van Denzel of Ampco Flashlight, who provided the DiGiCo consoles. “We worked closely with the audio team to provide a number of innovative solutions, which are not only technically appropriate, but also help to provide the audience with a traditional operatic feel.”n


Adamson jazzes it up in Umbria

By Erica Basnicki

SINCE 2004, the Adamson Y18 has been used as the main PA at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. This year, the new E15 debuted on the festival’s main stage. Umbria Jazz’s technical partner Angelo Tordini, owner of Italian Adamson distributor Reference Laboratory, specified the PA. For the 2012 festival, which

featured a headline performance by Sting, 12 E15 speaker cabinets per side were suspended from the trussing towers, together with two Spektrix front- fills for the FOH system. The two arrays were boosted by 16 ground-stacked T21 double 21” subwoofers run in cardioid mode with a further four Spektrix speakers employed for front-fills on the central two ground stacks in front of the stage. “The venue is acoustically a big challenge because the entire floor is covered by wooden panels, and a stone bleacher with a church right behind it that causes slap back reflection issues,” said Adamson’s Jochen Sommer, who flew in to support the E15s for the festival. “Also while the base width for

the PA is a reasonable 21m wide, the FOH position is 63m away from the stage, so the major challenge during tuning is to maintain clarity and the ‘in your face’ feeling at FOH, which the E15 delivered very well.”n

Jennifer Lopez made her Polish debut in late September, performing to a crowd of nearly 25,000 at the PGE Arena Stadium in Gdansk. Amplifying the JBLVerTec PA system were a total of 80 Powersoft amplifiers – 60 K10s and 20 K20s – pumping about 1 million watts of the company’s energy efficient Green Audio Power, fed from two 500kW generators.

Annabel’s, a London private members club, used aK-array KR200 system for a performance by British singer Leona Lewis. The system was specified by Lewis’ FOH engineer Dave Wooster, and supplied by Steve White from Patchwork London, the club’s audio provider. White hired the KR200s from London-based audio rental company Capital Sound, and was impressed enough to later purchase a system for Patchwork.

Polar Audiois now shipping the Custom series of headphones from beyerdynamic. A key feature of the headphones is the 'Custom sound slider' which allows the user to select from four different audio profiles via adjustable bass reflex vents in the housing shells. They also do not require batteries for the noise reduction system to work.


AKGhas partnered with the Global Rockstar Online Song Contest to provide prize packages for the winners. The first place packages include both a live set and a studio set. The live set includes a C214, C451, four D40, a D112 and two handheld D7 microphones. The first prize studio set includes a Perception 820 Tube, C414, two sets of K702 and K240 headphones and a C451 microphone.

MAMA Group has purchased a 50% shareholding inAll Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP). ATP will now assist with the booking of talent for MAMA Festivals, including Lovebox, Wilderness and The Great Escape, and shows across the group’s venue estate, while both groups will work together to further develop ATP’s shows in the UK and abroad.

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