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20 l November 2012 SOUNDBITES Studio UNITED KINGDOM

Soho Square Studios has completed the challenging audio restoration work on Hello Quo, a documentary about British rock band Status Quo. Tools from Avid, Steinberg, Waves, TC Electronic and iZotope were used extensively on the archived audio. “Because the tape had been worn out over time I had to actually replace the audio bit by bit. You couldn’t just replace the whole track,” said Soho Square Studios sound engineer Edward Sutton.

7Hz Productions, Microsoft and 343 Industries have released the Halo 4original soundtrack. Composed and produced by Neil Davidge (Massive Attack) and recorded at Abbey Road Studios, it features a 16-person male tenor/bass choir, 10 females from the London Bulgarian Choir and a full 50-piece orchestra.

Organisers of this year’s Music Production Showhave confirmed seminar and masterclass sessions will be run by sE Electronics, pro-tools-, the Music Producers Guild, Gearslutz, Nova Distribution, Sontronics and Sound On Soundand MusicTech magazines. MPS 2012 takes place at The Emirates Stadium, north London on 23 and 24 November. Tickets are priced at £10 in advance (£15 on the door) and are available online.

NOVA Distribution has announced that the “eagerly awaited” Lindell Audio 500 series modules are now shipping in the UK. Exclusive to NOVA, the series comprises the 6X-500 – mic preamp and passive EQ, the 7X-500 – FET Compressor and the PEX-500 – Passive EQ. NOVA's Phil Skins says: “Tobias Lindell has managed to create superb sounding modules that will add that big punchy analogue sound to any recording at an unbelievable price.”

Redevelopment looms for Church Studios

Haringey Council has granted singer David Gray planning permission to transform the site into luxury flats, writes Erica Basnicki

FOLLOWING SEPTEMBER’S report that singer David Gray had made an application to turn Crouch End’s The Church Studios into a mixed-use development of five luxury flats, shops and office spaces, PSNEurope has learned that Haringey Council has granted the musician the appropriate planning permissions. An update in The Ham &

High (Hamstead & Highgate Express) reveals that over 500 signatories petitioned the council to keep the former chapel as a music venue, originally converted into a studio in 1984 by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart. Posting on his website shortly

after news initially broke of Church Studios’ potential

UNITED KINGDOM A Solid investment for Alchemea College By Erica Basnicki

LONDON-BASED Alchemea College has made a major investment in a new Solid State Logic Duality SE console, with finance provided by Fineline Media Finance.

Eighteen months ago Alchemea’s technical team began researching a replacement for its Euphonix CS3000 desk – a workhorse that had proved reliable over 15 years, but was starting to show its age. “We needed a fully featured

large-format analogue console with 24 channels, and we had a fairly long list of other feature

Alchemea College principal Christian Huant in front of the new Duality

requirements including full processing on all channels, surround and advanced automation with full DAW control. In addition we wanted a

console from a company we could trust to provide support for the next 15 years going forward, and a brand that was relevant to today’s market so that we are training students on equipment they will encounter in the real world,” said Alchemea College’s director, Neil Pickles. The Duality will form the

centrepiece of Alchemea’s Studio Sound diploma, an intensive nine-month programme with emphasis on practical use of all of the equipment, which includes an SSL 4000 G-series analogue console, and an Avid D-Control in the college’s 5.1 cinema dubbing theatre.

Fineline Media Finance

provided the original finance package for Alchemea’s purchase of its Euphonix desk 15 years before, and the college once again approached the company for its new purchase. “Sam Baker understood the

market and what we were buying, and was able to come up with a finance package that delivered what we needed,” said Pickles. “We also had confidence in Fineline from our past dealings and, when the time came to do the deal, Sam was able to turn it around rapidly.”n

The studio could be converted into a mixed-use space For the latest studio news

David Gray: “exploring other options”

redevelopment, Gray said: “I bought the studios from Dave Stewart in an act of uncharacteristic extravagance in 2004, as my own personal recording space. I suspected even then that it was madness. But I have since recorded three full albums there and a lot of other music besides. It remains a very inspiring place. “However, in the last few years

the expense of keeping The Church going has become too much of a burden, so I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in creating a website, upgrading recording equipment etc, all with a view to trying to run it as a business. A few people have come through the door, but it is still a country mile from breaking even. In the light of a wider music business in free fall, the chance of selling it on as a working studio seems close to zero. So I am – as partly reported – currently exploring other options.” Gray is currently recording his

latest album at The Church, and added he won’t make any decisions about the studio until it’s completed some time next year. “Truly, nothing would please

me more than selling The Church on to someone who would like to carry on running it as a music studio,” he added. n

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