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12 l November 2012

technologynew products

PSNEuropecompiles this month’s list of hot new products PROGUARD HEARING PROTECTION

Lin-Ear PR20

What is it?A universal fit music earplug that will allow users to listen to loud music in critical and social situations without compromising audio quality or risk of hearing damage.

Details:The Lin-Ear PR20 music earplug features a reuseable 19dB linear attenuation filter that is CE approved to EN352-2:2002. The filter fits into soft flexible silicon eartips that provide comfort and durability even



What is it? A new family of airtight connectors developed primarily for active loudspeaker manufacturers which are common in studio monitoring and similar high-fidelity audio applications.

Details: Air leakage from conventional connectors is recognised as an acoustic problem in high-quality loudspeaker design, particularly the infinite baffle types often found in recording studio and broadcast applications. The new airtight XLR connecter family from Cliff provides a cost and labour-saving solution to possible air leakage affecting speaker fidelity. The connectors are gas tight and supplied with a flange sealing gasket which promotes an efficient seal between the flange and mounting panel further


What is it? New compact versions of Flare’s Quadhorn bass enclosures.

Details: The new product additions offer a compact double 15” or 12” bass enclosure consisting of two custom neodymium drivers loaded using Flare’s Nanoflow technology. Constructed from birch ply and press formed for increased strength, the bass systems

have been designed with tourability and a small installation footprint in mind, while a choice of different finishes make them equally suitable for the studio or live setting. All models can be used in conjunction with Flare’s high pack product range, Triwave, which combines point source, line source and line array technologies, or the V Series compact speakers.


another thing… The Q12 (above) and Q15 have a minimal footprint and an integrated “top hat” which allows other loudspeakers to be mounted on a straight speaker pole above the enclosure. Both models can also be used to supplement large venue installations.

helping to seal the mounting holes. The airtight XLR and its gasket are designed for both front and rear panel mounting and are available in three- pin horizontal PCB, vertical PCB and solder bucket versions.

And another thing… Also new from Cliff is the Cliffcon ¼” JumboJack Plug which provides stage performers with a solution to the problem of connecting high-current carrying, large section audio cables to conventional ¼” audio jack plugs.

after long periods of use. Fitting deep into the ear canal the earplug is discreet and has no protrusion allowing the user to wear headphones or other types of headwear if required.

Specifically designed for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, concert-goers and music enthusiasts, the Lin-Ear PR20 will enable the user to listen to loud music in perfect clarity, yet maintain the live atmosphere without risking hearing damage.

And another thing… The PR20’s advanced membrane technology acoustic filter is said to provide natural undistorted sound with minimal occlusion effect that’s often associated with earplugs. The vented design of the Lin-Ear allows the trapped sound to escape through the acoustic filter as if the user’s ear was open.


What is it? A new loudspeaker family comprising three active and three passive models.

Details: The A-Line series is made up of one 12” and one 15” two-way/full- range system and an 18” subwoofer, in both active and passive versions. Perfectly attuned to one another and equipped with high-quality

components, all members of the A-Line family are said to be notable for their high power-handling capacities and balanced frequency response as well as for 15mm-thick plywood cabinets that are both light and robust.

The members of the A-Line family are perfectly matched, allowing a multitude of combinations that respond to a wide range of sound reinforcement needs.

The A 112A and A 115A can either be pole-mounted or stacked on top of the subwoofer and boast a Class D two-


What is it? A pair of high-powered amplifiers designed for any application where

transparency and reliability are key requirements.

Details: The S Series currently comprises two models – the S800 and S1400 –capable of delivering 1.55kW and 1.8kW (respectively) into 2 ohms. Both models can be operated in bridge mode (via rear-panel switch), raising output power to 3.1kW and 3.6kW (respectively) and can also accommodate 4- and 8-ohm speaker loads. S Series amplifiers utilise complementary A-B, bipolar output stages combined with MC2 Audio’s current-driven, floating drive stage and analogue level controls for minimal signal degradation. Side-chain limiters are

incorporated to prevent distortion and speaker damage but remain out-

of-circuit until the onset of clipping and so do not compromise the signal path under normal working conditions. The design also includes full DC, thermal and short-circuit protection plus a high-fidelity shielded, toroidal power supply combined with intelligently- controlled, low-noise cooling fans to maintain optimum operating conditions. The frequency response of S Series amplifiers is quoted at 20Hz-20kHz (+/-0.05dB) and THD at <0.03% across the frequency range.

And another thing… Housed in a 2U rack-mount cabinet, the S Series S800 model weighs 20.5kg rising to 23.3kg for the S1400 model.

channel (biamping) digital power amplifier as well as state-of-the-art signal processing. The A 118A active sub features similar performance characteristics, the integrated power amplifier delivering 400W (IHF-A) peak power to the 18” EVS-18K woofer. The device offers, in addition, a master volume control, a phase-reverse switch and an XLR/RTS combination input.

And another thing… The A 112, A 115 and A 118 passive models can be operated by powered mixers from Dynacord’s PowerMate series.

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