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ideal for closed-network scenarios in environments such as hotels and trains.

Wowza’s unified approach vs. traditional models delivers great ROI

Traditionally, content providers have addressed multi-screen media delivery by implementing discrete media server infrastructures (Flash media servers to support Flash player-equipped devices, Microsoft IIS for Silverlight, etc) and parallel delivery workflows targeted to different platforms. However, in most cases, this has proved to be a less- than-optimal solution. In addition to introducing higher equipment costs, maintenance requirements, and staffing resources, this segregated workflow model limits future flexibility in adapting to new streaming technologies. Companies who select the wrong options today might have to replace everything sooner than they anticipate. Even if a company ‘guesses’ right, an inflexible system will fail to keep pace with inevitable, incremental improvements in technology. Wowza Media Server software, on

the other hand, provides a unified solution that enables streaming from on-demand assets and live encoder sources simultaneously to any supported player device over almost any standard protocol. This eliminates the need for client-specific encoders and, because it can be deployed or redeployed on commodity server hardware, it can rapidly take advantage of evolving performance increases. In other words, Wowza Media

Server’s infrastructure protects users’ investments by delivering IP video regardless of the platform, technology, or device of the day. It enables users to react swiftly to changes both in the marketplace and in the face of new technology.

Continued from Page S27. Promoting open standards for IPTV, globally

The OIPF is on target to address audiences and host events open to non-members in almost every corner of the world. March saw the OIPF’s first ever symposium, opened with an address from Lithuania’s minister of communications, held in Vilnius and streamed online by event host and OIPF member Penki Kontinentai. Also in March Dr Mitra, along with OIPF members from Sony and the BBC, addressed the Qitcomevent hosted by the Qatari government in Doha. June saw the first OIPF round table, attracting participation in Montreal from the key major players in North America including Rogers,

Videotron, Bluestreak, Espial and content and service providers Stingray Digital and The Weather Network. The Forum’s calendar of activities for the rest of 2012 reaches out to Asia, with an OIPF keynote to the first OTT TV Summit in Shanghai,

China and a possible OIPF/Sony hosted event in planning for Tokyo in November. In conclusion, the industry is now able to start to see the real benefit of the extensive investment in the work of the Forum to date and IPTV

stands on the threshold of achieving its full potential. Interoperability - with all that brings in terms of market take-up and commercial success - is what will turn the IPTV vision into reality. The OIPF has been instrumental in laying the foundations for ‘mass market’ IPTV. The Forum now has an equal responsibility and challenge in continuing to motivate the industry toward that ultimate goal. l the connected world supplement september/october 2012 l ibe l S29

particular to Apple devices, Clavain was able to stay a step ahead of its competition. Additionally, by using Wowza’s development flexibility kit, Clavain was able to enhance its software by adding its own authentication plug-in since the tool most commonly used by gamers did not support authentication. It’s this type of adaptability that will ensure that Clavain is able to meet the needs of a changing market, user preferences, and technology.


The proof is in user successes

Clavain Technologies Ltd is a small business that specialises in Web and system development. Among its services is a popular live-stream video platform that offers video-on- demand services for the video gaming community. As Clavain developed it’s IP video strategy, it recognised that there was a niche market of ardent gamers who - much like sports fans who took to online streaming to watch their teams play - wanted to view player matches and be able to collaborate and comment on the games they were seeing. Initially, Clavain relied on streaming media delivered by a content delivery network (CDN). However, the high cost of a CDN was chipping away at the company’s profits so a more suitable solution needed to be found. Clavain turned to Wowza Media

Server software for a functional, scalable, simple, and cost-effective solution for streaming video to its users. With Wowza Media Server in place, the company could also serve a varying volume of audio and video content being delivered over IP networks to a variety of devices. So by providing any-screen delivery, in

As Clavain

developed it’s IP video strategy, it recognised that there was a niche market of ardent gamers who - much like sports fans who took to online streaming to watch their teams play - wanted to view player matches and be able to

collaborate and comment on the games they were seeing.

Wowza Media Server software continues to lead the media server marketplace. Its innovations, product enhancements and ability to protect its customer’s investments empower users to confidently leverage the online opportunities of today and tomorrow. Thanks to its unified approach to

content delivery, Wowza provides the capacity and scalability - both in terms of server hardware and network bandwidth - that are essential to continued growth of an organisation’s streaming operations on top of its ability to serve a growing audience of simultaneous users. New AddOns allow customers to deliver, transform, enhance, protect, integrate, and manage media streaming using the most advanced features available on the market. The software also enables users to reach the largest audience, on the device of their choice. So it’s no wonder that more than

120,000 global licensees have used Wowza Media Server software to date. No other company responds as quickly as Wowza when it comes to absorbing new formats, encoding practices, user devices, and other innovations before turning them into easy, cost-effective solutions that let customers face the future with more certainty.

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