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the connected world supplement debates & demonstrations

Located in the new Hall 14 in front of Halls 1-3, the IBC Connected World will once again incorporate a special Demonstration Area that will host a programme of informative and thought-provoking Connected Consumer Debates interspersed with demonstrations of some of the latest connected TV products and services. The Connected Consumer Debates are designed to enable IBC visitors to get up to speed with the explosive growth of video and TV consumption on connected devices and its implications for the wider broadcast industry. The schedule of debates and demonstrations is provided here (correct at time of going to press).

Debates & Demonstrations in the IBC Connected World

Day 1: Friday 7 September

11:00: Demonstration: Philips uWand is a new class of ‘remote touch’ technology. In remote controls, it gives users fluid and accurate pointing and 3D gesture control on TVs, set- top boxes, DVD players, PCs or games consoles. 12:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘What is connected TV ’. Video-on-demand, over-the- top and second screens are part of the new language of the connected world. Television programming and video content is being consumed on devices as diverse as tablets, mobile phones, PCs, games consoles and Internet connected TV screens. In this introduction to connected TV, Nigel Walley of media strategy and research firm Decipher, will define the various forms of connected TV that are currently competing for audience share and ask what role channel brands will play in connected TV. Colin Dixon, senior partner advisory at the Diffusion Group and a broadcaster will join in the debate. 13:00: Demonstration: ABOX42 shows its next generation IP and OTT box which delivers the latest smart TV functionality and IP contents as a real option for all cable operators and Internet companies. 13:30: Demonstration: Accedo provides platforms, applications, tools and services to media companies, platform and CE companies and TV operators globally, to help them deliver the next-generation TV experience. 14:00: Demonstration: Open IPTV Forum publishes free-of-charge specifications for IPTV services of the future. OIPF will be demonstrating browser and development capabilities for open IPTV platforms.

14.30: Demonstration: Gracenote’s ‘Entourage’ features audio fingerprinting technology that allows smart phones and tablets to instantly identify movies, TV programmes and music in real time by ‘listening’ to short clips. 15:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘Technologies creating the connected world’. Friday afternoon’s debate provides a jargon- busting introduction to the technologies that are allowing ever-larger volumes of video and TV content to be distributed over the Internet. Introduced by Steven Hawley of TV Strategies, this session will provide a high-level explanation of the technical differences between IPTV and OTT, streaming and video- on-demand, encoding, decoding and transcoding, content delivery networks (CDNs), and the challenge of file format and mobile operating system fragmentation. Panellists will also include Espen Erikstad of CDN provider Aspiro. 16:00: Demonstration: Digia will be running a multi-screen demonstration to show its device-independent, multi-device, IP- connected home media platform with high performance graphical user experience. 17:00: Demonstration: Spideo’s expertise and experience in developing smart recommendation systems enables it to show its discovery app for finding TV programmes related to the user’s wishes.

Day 2: Saturday 8 September

10:00: Demonstration: Aruna Smart Technologies will be presenting its multi-format transcoder. Aruna is establishing itself as a leader in television automation, storage and OTT/IPTV systems.

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10:30: Demonstration: Dune HD will be demonstrating its compact hybrid set top box with media player functionality and digital TV tuner for IPTV, OTT and VoD services. 11:00: Demonstration: Motama’s IPTV backbone is now fully integrated into the cloud-based platform solutions of its partners. Motama will demonstrate Internet-wide over- the-top delivery for live TV. 11:30: Demonstration: Entone is a leading provider of hybrid TV and connected home services, and will be highlighting its latest hybrid, IPTV and OTT solutions. 12:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘Connecting the TV’. Broadband connectivity has the potential to transform the television set from passive receiver of broadcast content into an interactive gateway that gives the consumer access to a virtually unlimited choice of TV and video content. Will viewers bypass broadcast television in favour of new online content offerings? Are the content marketplaces being created by TV manufacturers an opportunity or threat for broadcasters and independent content producers? Do connected TVs allow established broadcasters to reach out beyond their traditional national markets? 13:00: Demonstration: Arantia Televes is a systems engineering company specialising in providing hardware and software solutions. Arantia will be showing set top box, IPTV head-end and middleware products. 13.30: Demonstration: Beesmart by Beenius is a flexible and feature-rich interactive service platform for IPTV and OTT service providers. Beenius will demonstrate its latest middleware for multiscreen and social TV services.

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