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IPTV project covering more than one million of Rostelecom's customers across 77 offices in nine time zones and enabling nearly instantaneous delivery of advanced interactive content. Also, SmartLabs will demonstrate its new line of improved STBs that have a smaller footprint, however gaining in performance and capacity. Finally, the stand will show a new, more user- friendly, colourful GUI.

Software Mind Stand: 14.431 Software Mind is a globally operating software company that provides innovative solutions and quality services to customers in industries such as financial, telecommunications and new media. Within its IPTV solutions, it focuses on a combination of new trends in the development of television with the possibilities offered by the Internet. In pursuing this strategy, it has built and developed innovative IPTV solutions. The solutions are used successfully throughout the world in the segment information and entertainment services, including Poland, Norway, India, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Spideo Stand: 14.532

SPI International Stand: 14.221

Syabas Technology Stand: 14.541 Syabas Technology Inc. and its Popcorn Hour and PopBox brands offer networked digital entertainment devices. Expanding into the rapidly growing market of online media streaming, the company offers an affordable OTT solution with its apps market. The Syabas Apps Market has 100+ apps and is available on hundreds of thousands of devices worldwide. Syabas and its continually expanding network of content providers offers value for ISPs and operators looking for a low cost or subsidy based delivery platform. The minute size of its latest USB powered OTT product FreeOTT, with integrated Wi-Fi, opens plenty of new opportunities to win more TV screens for digital content. Syabas’ OTT platform includes

support for a variety of file formats and DRM security systems.

Teleidia Stand: 14.106

Teracue Stand: 14.442 Teracue AG was established in 1991 and is focused today on the development of professional IPTV, video-networking and broadcast solutions. Teracue provides encoder, decoder, streamviewing/recording, as well as DVB-to-IP gateway and headend products. Teracue products are deployed by major broadcasters, universities, CDN networks and in government, military and healthcare projects around the world. See the latest lightweight portable H264 HD-SDI encoder and decoder at the show - as small as a chocolate bar.

TiVo Stand: 14.522 TiVo, a leading provider of advanced TV products and services, offers a user interface, enterprise video services and seamless delivery of broadband and broadcast content to every video screen in the home. Today, TiVo delivers on consumer expectations to seamlessly aggregate content, provide personalised suggestions and multi-screen support with traditional linear TV and VoD. TiVo continues driving innovation to help payTV operators offer the most advanced interactive hybrid TV solution. TiVo delivers proven financial benefits with increased ARPU, higher customer satisfaction and reduced churn. The TiVo-hosted service provides a whole home solution across TV, mobile and tablet platforms, in addition to traditional set-top boxes.

Tribune Media Services Stand: 14.553

Triple IT Stand: 14.344 Triple IT is an innovative and full- service IT company that provides mobile solutions and infrastructure services for international brands. Specialised in new media and driven by a passion for innovation, Triple IT

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develops mobile websites, apps and streaming video solutions for content distribution. Like Rumble, a true OTT television experience for smartphone and tablet. Or the WMT that enables live video broadcast through the use of bundled mobile networks. In addition, more than 200 clients use the high quality hosting services of Triple IT.

Turnkey Solutions Stand: 14.131 uWand is an intuitive ‘remote touch’ technology from Philips’ Business line Media Interaction. When embedded in remote controls, uWand gives users fluid and accurate direct pointing and 3D gesture control on smart TVs. uWand turns remote controls into an intuitive hybrid controller. It maintains the core, recreational, passive TV experience while enabling new smart TV use cases such as gaming, browsing online video and other content. Device manufacturers, service providers, application developers and content owners can design user experiences with the power of gesture control, 3D navigation and direct cursor control.

Utelsys Communications Stand: 14.252

VBrick Systems Stand: 14.421

Vidmind Stand: 14.465

Viewcast Stand: 14.101

Wheatstone Corporation Stand: 14.119

Wiztivi Stand: 14.561

Wowza Media Systems Stand: 14.162 Wowza Media Systems will demonstrate enhancements to its Wowza Media Server software including additional content protection options, VoD transcoding, multicast for Microsoft Silverlight, dynamic overlays, and more. Wowza is essentially enabling its customers to future-proof their streaming media delivery infrastructure, enhance the end-user viewing

experience, increase viewer engagement, and compete in an ever-crowded and evolving market. In addition, Wowza will highlight its rich suite of free and premium AddOns, and a variety of licensing options: daily, monthly, or perpetual. There are even cloud options on Amazon Web Services and, coming soon, Windows Azure to get producers up and running quickly.

Xstream Stand: 14.323 Xstream is a premium provider of end-to-end video management software and related services. Xstream’s module based online video platform, MediaMaker, offers a comprehensive and scalable platform, enabling telcos, broadcasters, content owners and media companies worldwide to manage and deliver state-of-the-art TV everywhere and OTT solutions to audiences wherever they are. Xstream is trusted as the preferred solution partner for companies like Telenor, Canal Digital, Altibox, Comoyo, Schibsted Media and many more.

Yospace Stand: 14.342

ZiXi Stand: 14.141 Founded in 2006, ZiXi has pioneered a proven video transport platform that enables the delivery of flawless, broadcast-quality HD video over the Internet. ZiXi’s patented technology dynamically resolves the problems inherent to the Internet to deliver low-latency video of unprecedented quality with no stutter, packet loss or frame freeze - regardless of network conditions - transforming the Internet into a broadcast- quality, global HD video delivery network. Broadcasters, enterprises and OTT video and mobile service providers around the world use ZiXi’s on-premise and cloud-based solutions and services to enrich user experience, create new services and significantly reduce costs.

IBE Magazine and all other BPL Broadcast publications and events can be found on Stand 14.121

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