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the connected world supplement IBC Connected World

boxes and other connected digital TV devices. The company specialises in small footprint, optimised performance applications running under Linux, OS20, OS21 and similar embedded operating systems.

Devolo Stand: 14.452 dLAN PLC from Devolo is a reliable powerline network for all triple play applications. The system was developed by the global market leader in Germany and enhanced with proprietary, patented solutions. Reasons to choose dLAN PLC 500+ include: the next-generation network connects the digital world - very

hundreds of in-house certified Qt developers. It has helped leading industry players worldwide deploy Qt-based projects in the desktop, embedded and mobile space.

easily via the powerline; with 500 Mbps, it is perfect for bandwidth-intensive HD and 3D transmissions and ideally suited for entertainment products and set-top boxes; PLC 500+ is faster than a fast Ethernet cable or wireless LAN - for future-proof networking throughout the home; with an integrated electrical socket no power outlet is lost, and the integrated mains filter ensures the best possible data transmission; and with a minimum power consumption of just 0.5 watts in standby mode, the adaptor reduces its energy consumption automatically by over 90%.

Digia Norway - Qt Commercial Stand: 14.227 Qt Commercial is a cross-platform application and UI framework with tools designed to facilitate the creation and deployment of applications for desktop and embedded platforms. Qt Commercial by Digia is responsible for the development, licensing, support and services of Qt for commercial customers. The company has in-depth Qt expertise and experience from demanding mission-critical development projects and Ltd Stand: 14.353 Ltd is a provider and innovator of multi-screen solutions for the delivery and management of advanced video content and services to the global TV and media & entertainment markets. Digisoft’s DigiHost service delivery platform and middleware enable TV service providers and operators to offer advanced hybrid TV and on- demand OTT services such as video and music on demand, social media services, targeted advertising as well as linear TV services across a wide range of devices. This allows operators and service providers to rapidly deploy advanced converged revenue generating services, and offer an open, cost-effective and flexible content delivery solution. Digisoft will be demonstrating the delivery of advanced converged services to multiple screens along with its SDK toolset which gives operators and service providers complete flexibility to extend and adapt its service offerings to their subscribers

range of connected viewing devices more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably. One such demonstration will include Digital Rapids’ StreamZ Live multi-screen live streaming encoders, featuring rich adaptive streaming support and simultaneous multi-format output for streaming to devices from mobile phones and tablets to PCs, game consoles and smart TVs.

DigitalSmiths Stand: 14.552

Dreamtek Stand: 14.632

Dune HD Stand: 14.104

DVMR - Openhead Stand: 14.164

Entone Stand: 14.533

Excito Stand: 14.251

Digital Living Network Alliance Stand: 14.411

Digital Rapids Stand: 14.351 Complementing its primary stand presence in Hall 7 where the company will be showcasing its complete line of media transformation and workflow technologies solutions, Digital Rapids will be highlighting its offerings for enabling superior- quality multi-screen video experiences in the Connected World. Featured demonstrations will focus on transforming and monetising content to reach wider audiences on an expanding

S10 l ibe l the connected world supplement september/october 2012 l

Exterity Stand: 14.110 Extend the reach of TV and video communications beyond traditional IPTV with Exterity. Specialising in AV over IP distribution, Exterity’s IPTV solutions enable organisations to distribute digital TV and video to an unlimited number of users, whenever and wherever they need it: content delivery across all platforms and devices; fast, efficient information sharing with engaging content; end-to-end solutions enriched with third party integration; and flexible installation and resource saving opportunities, maximising ROI.

Gigabyte Technologies Stand: 14.264

Global Takeoff Stand: 14.262

Gracenote Stand: 14.366 Gracenote has the largest database of music and video metadata which powers the world’s hottest entertainment products and services. The company recently launched Gracenote Entourage, an automatic content recognition

(ACR) platform which features advanced audio fingerprinting technology for second screen apps and Smart TVs. In addition, Gracenote eyeQ delivers a unique interactive programme guide (IPG), featuring local, national and international TV listings, rich imagery and show synopsis, as well as intelligent programme recommendations. At IBC Gracenote will be showcasing its Entourage & eyeQ technologies.

Haivision Stand: 14.107 Haivision will demonstrate a full range of Internet streaming and enterprise IP video distribution solutions. The company’s latest developments include KulaByte live H.264 encoder/transcoder for Linux, HyperStream automated cloud transcoding and video delivery services, InStream Mobile high performance iOS video player technology, and the Viper for standalone or distributed dual-channel HD recording, streaming, and VoD.

Hibox Systems Stand: 14.461

Hitron Technologies Stand: 14.320 Established in 1986, Hitron Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Taiwan, with development and operation centres in Denver, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Korea and China. Hitron’s goal is to have a foothold in markets across the globe. Hitron has accumulated years of experience in providing networking and communication solutions to service operators. The company delivers three million DOCSIS-related products annually for both residential and business applications to major MSOs worldwide.

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