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debates & demonstrations the connected world supplement

14:00: Demonstration: Mariner will be demonstrating a range of latest products, including IPTV service monitoring, dashboards and toolsets for field operations, and its fast platform for TV-based applications. 14:30: Demonstration: Aspiro TV deliver mobile TV service in Scandinavia, and will be showing its solution for over-the-top TV services, including slides and videos of the product. 15:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘Networked home of the future’. The proliferation of connected devices is increasing the importance that consumers place on the ability to share what they consider to be their own content. This session provides an introduction by Nidhish Parikh, chairman of the Digital Living Network Alliance, into developments in home networking and gateways that are simplifying the legitimate sharing of content between family members and different devices found in the typical modern household. Visitors will be able to debate whether home networks are benefiting broadcasters, cable companies and ISPs, video service providers, content producers or consumers. 16:00: Demonstration: Nemo Group is a high- tech company from Russia, which provides technology for live streaming for over-the-top TV services. Nemo will demonstrate its interactive TV middleware system. 16:30: Demonstration: Paywizard has developed systems for secure payment processing and monetisation for digital media. Paywizard will be showing its latest solutions on the Demonstration Area screen. 17:00: Demonstration: As a global leader in the streaming media industry, Viewcast has developed a range of cutting-edge products and will show some interesting over-the-top streaming to a commercial set top box.

Day 3: Sunday 9 September

10:00: Demonstration: Dreamtek specialises in producing live video streaming, Web conferencing consultancy and support services, and will demonstrate its hub media management app. 10:30: Demonstration: Software Minds is a globally operating software house providing innovative solutions and services to customers in a range of industries, and will be highlighting its video and IPTV solutions. 11:00: Demonstration: mDialog’s stream switching platform enables live, Linear and VoD advert insertion and mediation for adaptive bitrate streaming on ios, Android, Roku and Xbox products. 11:30: Demonstration: Reelway will demonstrate media production in the cloud with ReelCloud and ReelSpirit. 12:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘Connected TV and sport’. Every four years, many sports receive massively increased exposure through their inclusion in the

Olympics and Paralympics. However, many sports struggle to secure anything more than occasional broadcast TV coverage outside the Olympics. Many of sports governing bodies are experimenting with digital media and OTT TV to remain connected to their participants and fans. This session will explore the extent to which OTT complements traditional broadcast and how sports federations’ OTT initiatives could be creating new audiences for free-to-air broadcasters who may have been priced out of the broadcast rights market for high-rating sports such as soccer. 13.30: Demonstration: Quickplay Media is a leading provider of managed solutions for the distribution of premier video to IP-connected devices, and will be showing its latest offerings. 14:00: Demonstration: Minerva has developed an enhanced TV-over-IP platform, which incorporates adaptive bit-rate streaming, quality of experience (QoE) monitoring, wireless LAN connectivity and high- performance browsing. 14:30: Demonstration: Applicaster’s products enable the monetisation of content, and the syncing of TV broadcast and mobile 2nd screens. The company will be demonstrating multi-screen applications with social TV user engagement. 15:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘How many screens to watch TV?’ More and more people are using laptops, tablets and smartphones as second screens while watching TV. How are these ‘companion’ devices being used today? What can they do and how will they be used in five years time? This session will explore the world of supplementary content, apps and social TV and debate the implications, costs and potential benefits for content producers. 16:00: Demonstration: Mobiworld is a developer of solutions for multi-screen viewing of live and on-demand TV, which is fully optimised for viewing on mobile devices. 16:30: Demonstration: RealNetworks creates products and services to make it easier to access and enjoy digital media on different devices and platforms, delivering multi device DASH and HLS for Android and all OTT playback devices. 17:00: Demonstration: CSG Media’s Content Direct product is a cloud based digital content monetisation solution, using revolutionary methods for monetising and managing content across consumer devices.

Day 4: Monday 10 September

10:00: Demonstration: The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) seeks more convenience, choices and enjoyment of your digital content through DLNA Certified devices, and shows how to share content from room to room on multiple devices in the connected home.

10:30: Demonstration: Excito takes centralised cloud and private content and networks this to all terminals and devices in the home - like TV, stereo, PC, tablet and mobile. All management, access and consumption of content is controlled by an app on the mobile phone. 11:00: Demonstration: Devolo offers powerline communication solutions. It will be making a presentation on its latest products including a multi-room tuner for the connected home. 11:30: Demonstration: The Assembly of Associations in the Connected World. This special ‘brainstorm’ session brings together the leading associations and forums in different sectors of the connected world, to discuss future technologies and market directions. 12:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘Redefining the connected content experience’. The London 2012 Olympics will set a new benchmark for the coverage of global events with every minute of competition being made available either through traditional broadcast or online. What kind of online experience can the viewer expect for future live events? What are the opportunities for interactivity? What role is there for 3D online? 13:30: Demonstration: Yospace specialises in next generation simulcast streaming services, and will demonstrate frame accurate personalised ad insertion, content replacement, and live rewind capabilities, for simulcast streaming. 14:00: Demonstration: Marusys has been a pioneer in developing embedded solutions with leading hardware and software technologies. It will be showing PrismCube and Ruby: a twin tuner PVR with an X-Box media centre platform. 15:00: Connected Consumer Debate: ‘Connected continents - developments in Africa and Asia’. While Europe and North America have been beset by recession, the economies of India, China and large parts of Asia and Africa continue to expand. Disposable incomes are rising for hundreds of millions of people. In this session, Cesar Bachelet, senior analyst at Analysis Mason, will provide an overview of the current state of development of connected TV across Asia and Africa. Anil Wanvari of will provide a more in- depth look at India. During the panel discussion, the audience will be able to debate what opportunities exist in Asia and Africa for western content producers and technology companies and what Europe and America can learn from these growing economies. 16:30: Demonstration: Exterity will demonstrate how HD content can be shared using AV over IP distribution within an organisation, including how to extend the reach of AV content to remote workers and offices using low bandwidth technologies. l the connected world supplement september/october 2012 l ibe l S5

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