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Smart app extends benefi ts of workforce management P

ay-as-you-go workforce management is added to the

fl eet tracking services off ered by Isotrak through a partnership with a new software company, Its smartphone app can oper- ate on a wide variety of rugged and non-rugged devices and is compatible with any back-offi ce system. T is avoids the need for new systems or handsets. describes its product as a comple- ment to Isotrak’s portfolio of ser-

IP68 rating for Nomad handheld


rimble reports that its Nomad 900 handheld

computer has gained an IP68 rating – the topmost rating for protection against dust and moisture. In addition, fi ve new language options have been added. “Our customers depend on

vices which sit alongside vehicle tracking, such as driver commu- nications, driving style manage- ment and intelligent alerts. It will allow Isotrak’s customers to send job details to their mobile workforce whilst they are on the road. Staff can use the applica- tion to process payment upon delivery and can even photograph

The mobile app can even accept camera and even freehand inputs

delivered goods in situ – proving that they were delivered on time and undamaged. Graham Whistance, managing

director of MyMobileWorkers. com, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Isotrak and we’re very confi dent that our innovative mobile application will deliver a substantial competitive advan- tage to the businesses involved in logistics and transport who currently benefi t from Isotrak’s tracking solutions.”

Comprehensive fi eld force suite A

n intelligent workforce management platform from the messaging specialist Cognito is

designed to place service directors in full control. Cognito describes its new software suite, FieldForce

IQ, as the fi rst to combine performance management tools with advanced scheduling and intelligent workfl ow in one integrated platform. • ItsOperational Control functionality includes job management, dynamic scheduling and location- based services to enable service organizations to operate automatically 90 per cent of the time. For exceptions requiring management intervention, FieldForce IQ provides real-time management control and reporting capabilities.

• Job Delivery functionality enables optimized schedules to be converted into actions for the fi eld force by providing schedule management, intelligent workfl ow, event management and knowledge management tools at the level of the individual worker. This enables managers to defi ne and control exactly how work should be carried out, whilst supporting fi eld operatives to deliver their best performance.

• The Performance Management module enables service executives and managers to review


us to provide mobile devices that not only meets their technical needs, but also one that’s going to stand up to their rugged environments”, said Robert Davis, director of sales for Trimble’s mobile computing solutions division. “The Trimble brand is synonymous with reliability and the Nomad delivers on that promise. A rich feature set and an unmatched ultra-rugged design is a win for our customers in the fi eld.” The Nomad features

performance quickly across a range of measures using the Balanced Scorecard; drill down to identify causes and corrective actions with the Decision Support Dashboard and align fi eld operatives through an Employee Performance Management Dashboard.

Unlocking potential Cognito explains that its product’s advanced information and infrastructure management tool underpins the capabilities of the Performance Management, Operational Control and Job Delivery modules. It supports all aspects of the infrastructure, from monitoring of message delivery, signal coverage and network connectivity, to legacy system integration and overall system performance. “Whilst most workforce management systems

deliver signifi cant benefi ts, many fall short of their full potential”, explained Jonathan Chevallier, strategic development director of Cognito. “We want to provide a product that can unlock that hidden potential as we understand the pressure service directors are under, having to grapple with ever-increasing customer expectations whilst cutting costs.”

LAND mobile October 2011

Windows Mobile, an 806 MHz processor, long-life battery, integrated wireless capabilities such as WWAN, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 5-megapixel autofocus camera and a high- resolution, sunlight-visible VGA touch screen display that shows graphics in crisp detail.

The Trimble Nomad handheld computer (below) achieves the highest grade of protection against dust and water ingress

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