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Extreme satellite phone is off ered by two UK-based partner companies – Applied Satellite Technology (AST) and the software developer Active Web Solutions (AWS).

T e off ering is based on AWS’s Global

Alerting Platform (GAP), a pay-as- you-go, cloud- based, globally

scalable system for satellite messag- ing, tracking and alerting. To this, AST, a provider of satellite equip-

ment and airtime for land and

maritime use, has added its provision-

Global tracking through Iridium A

global tracking package based on the new Iridium

Mobile messaging system for the smaller organization


ing and billing processes to create a one-stop-shop for satellite messaging. Both companies are members

of the Iridium partner ecosystem and members of the PROTects Alliance. David Davies, a director of

AST Group commented: “T e AWS GAP provides a signifi cant value-add for our customers, enabling tracking and delivery of alerts for Iridium’s brand new and industry-leading Extreme hand- set, for which AST is delighted to be a launch partner’.

Left, Iridium’s new Extreme satellite phone. Software from AWS enables users to benefi t from Iridium messaging and portal services without having to develop and manage their own software infrastructure

versatile messaging system from Multitone Electronics enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to communicate with

staff via pagers, from any networked PC on their premises – instantly, discreetly and securely. It can also be integrated with business equipment to provide a fault-monitoring system, which upon detection automatically alerts staff to take appropriate action. Multitone’s i-Page system can be operated by a single person from a

software screen, from which messages can be created and sent directly to specifi ed handheld devices, supplied by Multitone. But it can work with a number of differing pagers and systems if needed. In addition, i-Page can be integrated with alarms and detectors,

access control points, temperature-controlled units and nurse call systems. In this environment, i-Page is a powerful fault monitoring alarm system, sending immediate alerts to relevant staff when a system starts working outside defi ned parameters. It can also integrate with property management, lone worker and DECT telephone systems.

Applications Suggested applications of i-Page range across industries such as hotels and restaurants, nursing homes, conference and events venues, retailers, warehouses, factories and production facilities. “We have developed i-Page to be a versatile system for smaller organizations that have the demands of co-ordinating staff but do not have huge resources with which to do so”, explained Jim Curtis, product manager at Multitone Electronics. “The simplicity of the product belies the practical functionality.”

BRANCH MEETING FOR PROFESSIONAL MOBILE RADIO AND COMMAND & CONTROL CENTRES More than 3.000 participants and over 170 exhibitors.

Digital Radio for authorities with security tasks Two-way-Radio and Trunked Radio System for public transport, utility companies, industry, energy industry, logistics and network operators Control Centres for security authorities and enterprises Emergency Paging

Exhibition Colloquium

Control Centre Congress Applications Forum

22 - 24 November 2011 Congress Centre East, Cologne, Germany

Exhibition & Marketing Wehrstedt GmbH Hagenbreite 9 · 06463 Ermsleben, Germany · Email: LAND mobile October 2011 45

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