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prototype by Fylde Micro and Icom last month represents the first alternative to Tetra for users who require a trunking and networking- capable radio system based on ETSI standards. Based on the open ETSI TS

Coming shortly: dPMR Mode 3 trunking A

narrowband digital mobile radio system shown in

Digital radio by Icom: the company’s IDAS range, pictured here, is upgradable to ETSI dPMR through a change of firmware

102 658 Tier 2 Mode 3 dPMR standards, the new product family will be suitable for high-quality trunked and networked radio systems from a single site up to 16 sites. Further enhancements planned for next year will extend it to a theoretical maximum of 1000 sites or 500000 subscribers, with telephone interconnect and other features. Fylde and Icom explain that

their system will also be unique in offering an immediate migration path from MPT to dPMR without the requirement for any MPT operation in the IDAS terminals. Fylde’s fourth-generation Multi-

Lingo trunking controller will be able to encode/decode analogue MPT signals to and from digital dPMR signals and vice versa. Tis will avoid the need for parallel infrastructures to allow MPT and dPMR to work together.

Digital tiers

ETSI dPMR is a digital radio protocol designed to provide high functionality at low cost and with low complexity. Its narrowband (6·25 kHz) FDMA technology offers a range of functional levels.

Tier 1, also known as dPMR446, is for licence-free operation. Tier 2 includes licensed peer-to-peer op- eration (Mode 1), base station and repeater use (Mode 2) and multi- site, wide-area networked systems (Mode 3).

Trusted in the Field.

General Dynamics’ new R8000 communications analyzer is fast becoming the digital radio instrument of choice for communications test professionals. Lightweight, packed with features and capable of testing DMR (MOTOTRBO™), NXDN™, and APCO Project 25, the General Dynamics R8000 is your best choice for digital radio test.

To set up a product demonstration with a Manufacturer’s Representative in your area, visit our website at

MOTOTRBO is a trademark of Motorola, Inc.

NXDN is a trademark of Icom America, Inc. and Kenwood Corporation. © 2011 General Dynamics. All Rights Reserved

Here’s what our customers are saying about the R8000.

“It’s fast, accurate, has a bright big screen, is easy to program, easy to upgrade, and firmware upgrades come out of the factory often.” Jim Hopper, owner, Megahertz Technologies

User Endorsed

“I like the R8000’s compact size and portability. With its added ease-of-use and overall reliability, I am very pleased to recommend this unit.” Roger Turner, Customer Support Engineer Tait Radio Communications

“It is nice to have equipment you can count on. Our General Dynamics test equipment is the benchmark we use to verify proper system performance.” Richard Young, Public Safety Technologies Inc. DBA: Communications Center, Covina, CA

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