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Small, tough and all geared up for duty D

esigned to squeeze into tight spaces and to operate in extreme automotive conditions, Nexcom’s new VTC 1000 in-vehicle computer comes with numerous special features, including remote SMS wake-up, an accelerometer, GPS receiver and power management tools.

The fanless VTC-1000 has a low-power Intel Atom E640 CPU with EG20T chipset achieving high effi ciency with very low power consumption. It is suitable for fl eet management applications within a wide variety of vehicles.

Equipped with an optional WLAN module, the machine can automatically download data and software. It can accept power inputs from 6 to 36V DC and is protected from damage or premature failure caused by voltage spikes. An ignition delay feature, via software control, guards against surges, and a low-voltage protection feature forces the system to safely boot up and shut down, ensuring that valuable data is not lost. The built-in accelerometer can be used for monitoring drivers’ behaviour, and, in conjunction with a dead reckoning function,

Point-of-sale tablet PC


new tablet PC for mobile point-of-sale applications provides

options for fully integrated encrypted PIN pad and magnetic stripe reader (MSR) to meet the needs of retail, hospitality, warehousing and mobile workforce applications. T e X2372, from X2

Computing, is equipped with an Intel Atom Z530 1·6 GHz processor plus up to 2 Gbyte of ram and 64 Gbyte of fl ash stor- age capacity. Its 7-inch resistive touch screen is housed in a slim, lightweight and durable casing. Options include RFID, smart card and fully encrypted magnetic stripe readers that support TDS and AES encryption, which provide full encryption of customer data to protect debit card and credit card numbers. Also available are barcode scanners and a 2 megapixel camera. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 are provided and the X2372 can run a range

of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows XP Embedded, Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems or Linux. With IP64 and MIL-STD 810G ratings, the machine is protected

against water, dust, and shock vibration to deliver resilient, reliable performance in any environment.

Above, X2’s rugged X2372 PC for point-of-sale and other applications. It weighs 1·1 kg and measures 190 × 237 × 41 mm


Nexcom’s VTC 1000 is an automotive PC designed to operate in confi ned spaces with poor ventilation, such as the mounting locations commonly chosen within taxis, buses and trucks

can make driven routes traceable even without a GPS signal. Other features of the machine include numerous I/O expansion ports, CAN Bus support and an optional WLAN/Bluetooth module.

Securing fl exible wireless access to the Cloud


range Business Services is enlarging its cloud computing portfolio with a new secure remote access

service called Flexible SSL. It offers secure remote access to corporate resources from desktops, laptops, smartphones

and tablets, via Wi-Fi, 3G, DSL or other routes. Flexible SSL can be opened to different user profi les such as

employees or third parties without jeopardizing security. Underlying the service is Junos Pulse from Juniper Networks – a client that provides secure, authenticated access for remote and

mobile users – and Juniper Networks’ SSL VPN Virtual Appliance. “Attacks to corporate security are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and often target the presumed weakest link – remote

locations and mobile users”, said Nicolas Furgé, head of security services, Orange Business Services. “With the consumerization of IT, a best-of-class, scalable security solution like Flexible SSL is essential for companies to fi nd an effective compromise between corporate security, an increasingly mobile workforce and employee work-life balance.”

Easy mobile A

fter a lengthy absence from the mobile phone market in Europe, Panasonic has

returned with the KX-TU301, an ‘easy mobile’ which has a simple menu system and loud audible dialling. It also includes an SOS distress call feature which can alert family or friends by automatically calling a preset sequence of numbers until one is answered. The phone is supplied sim-free for use on any GSM network.

LAND mobile October 2011

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