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Techie Talk
Is the customer
always right?
there were plenty of people who would step We then demonstrated the Web and PDA-
into the breach and maintain the contract. based auditing tool. I won’t bore you with the
Taking all of this into account, it was fairly
details of why this was far better suited to his
clear to me that there was no real need for
requirements, but needless to say the client
T&A. So why were they looking at Time and
left that meeting retaining the contract from
Attendance then? That’s easy - the client had
then and for a long time forwards.
a new Contract Manager.
So what’s the moral of the story? As a cleaning
The new Contract Manager, demanding that
professional, your clients will tend to think that
the said technology was introduced, was
they know better about the systems they want
working to a copy of a contract that was used
to use to manage you. This makes it very
in big retail. The actual terms of contract were
difficult for you as ultimately you can’t simply
performance based, rather than hours based,
say “You’re wrong” but on today’s margins,
In his regular slot, Graeme so the whole proposition was ludicrous.
you can ill afford to waste money frivolously
Hughes of Innovise, one of the
Unfortunately, no one had pushed back to the
on unnecessary technology.
UK’s leading and fastest growing
client to establish why they wanted T&A.
Using Innovise as the ‘negotiator of technology’,
suppliers of managed IT solutions
Firstly, how comfortable can you be when
this company was able to meet their client in the
there is a change in contract management?
middle. They got the client what they really
and workforce management
Maybe you could email me your thoughts on
wanted - Innovise made sure of that - and
software, talks technology.
that over the coming weeks, as I would be
ensured a good relationship was maintained.
Ultimately some cost was sacrificed to keep the
Each month I will be working with Tomorrow’s
interested to know what you think. Secondly,
client happy but was done so to ensure that the
Cleaning, to tackle readers’ technology issues.
what do you do now? There is no need to buy
contract was maintained for a longer period, so
Taking questions, kick-starting discussion and
what you have been told, you know this, but
an investment in the long run.
providing general commentary on how best to
your client is insistent?
sure up your technology investments, I hope to Well, this is what we did:
So, answering my own question, the moral of
be able to provide you with another angle from
We wrote to the client explaining that we had
the story is two-fold: work with the right
which you can consider your options.
sourced a T&A system and that we welcomed
technology partners (so there’s the pitch I
suppose), but more importantly, understand
To get the ball rolling, let’s start with a tough one.
his view on its suitability. We also explained
that we had a better solution to discuss with
what’s really under the skin of the decisions
Recently, I was faced with a client who had 25
him which would give him far better contract
which come your way. It may save you hassle
cleaners and they were looking for a Time and
management information, but that we wanted
and money right from the word go!
Attendance (T&A) system. The organisation had
to see if he thought it was better, before Do you have a question to put to Graeme?
the unique benefits of a family business, in that all
offering him that instead. Intrigued, he agreed. Email
of the employees working there were either related
After demonstrating the T&A Solution which
or had a connection with the family network.
gave the Contract Manager the monitoring
So for example, if one was ill, had to mind capabilities that he was interested in: to view
children or had to miss work for any reason, employees that had not turned up on time.
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