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Tomorrow’s Products
Miele’s spin on contract cleaning
ideal for internal doors and are easy to clean and Other wet wipes Ramon Hygiene Products offer
To ensure high standards of hygiene in contract
maintain. Available in both standard and custom include Sanitising Surface Wipes, Hand Wipes,
cleaning, mops and cloths must be cleaned regularly
sizes, chain doors are quick and simple to install. Probe Wipes, VDU Wipes and Handy Wipes.
after use. Whether at a school, kindergarten, office or
hygienically sensitive areas such as hospitals and
care homes, on-premise laundry facilities depend on
Ramon’s microfibre technology
Diamond shine
the reliable disinfection of such materials.
Ramon Hygiene Products have launched another new
Twister™, from HTC Floor Systems Limited, is a
product, Disposable Microfibre Cloths.
revolutionary cleaning system consisting of floor
The highly pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds
efficient PW
The new 60gsm fabric is produced using
which clean and polish the floor mechanically
5064 is the latest
microfilament technology which allows extremely
instead of using
addition to Miele
high dirt, grease and chemicals. Twister™ can
bacteria pick up when be used on the most
using the cloth with common floor surfaces
Little Giants
only water. If
such as natural stone,
range. With a
preferred it can of
concrete, vinyl and
maximum load
course be used with
epoxy. Twister™ is the tool
size of 6.5 kg, this machine has specialised sanitising liquids. This product is designed to give
that transforms your dull,
programmes for washing all manner of textiles from all the benefits of normal microfibre technology, but
worn floors into clean,
mopheads and cloths to towels and bedding. for those users that do not have laundering facilities.
glossy and brightly
polished floors.
All Miele laundry machines designed for use by
Whilst the cloth is designed as a disposable, it is of
contract cleaners are extremely economic to run and
sufficient quality to be laundered up to 10 times if Easy to use and environmentally friendly, you can
are built to last at least 10,000 programme cycles.
required so provides excellent value and durability. remove stains, scratches and “orange peel” using
only ordinary cleaning machines and water.
The cloths are available in five colours, white, blue,
red, green, and yellow in a generous size of
Refurbish your floor instead of replacing it!
Flyscreens and chain doors
42x25cm. The cloths are supplied in ‘tissue box’
Insect-O-Cutor flyscreens and chain doors are the
style dispensers in packs of 100 cloths for safe and
ideal solution for companies looking to actively
hygienic storage, quick and easy use. These can be
Flaw Cleaner?
develop their insect prevention and protection
stored on trolleys, in the kitchen or at work stations.
Getting rid of flaws, staining and hard-to-shift marks
policies, particularly during hot summer months.
without the need for scouring, using chemicals or
The product can be used in any application a lot of elbow
Our complete service package ensures that choosing
including healthcare, food preparation, washroom, grease -
a flyscreen solution is simple, from pre-installation
general use, fast food outlets and general cleaning. might seem
site surveys and measuring to off-site custom
manufacturing of products to meet your exact
but the Meleco
requirements and installation by our team of
Optima results with Raymon Magic Eraser can
experienced engineers, ordering Insect-O-Cutor
Ramon Hygiene Products offer an extensive range do it with ease
flyscreens is quick and easy.
of wet wipes. Included in the range are Optima and with just a
Even complex sites can be fitted with flyscreens,
Carpet & Upholstery Wipes and Optima Graffiti little water!
accommodating fire doors and sliding or louvre
Wipes. They are supplied in convenient and easy to
The Meleco
windows, offering our clients compliance with Food
use dispensers with foil sealed lids. Simply thread
Magic Eraser
Hygiene Regulations whilst still allowing full
the wipes through the lids and tear off at
made of hard
functionality of windows and doors.
perforations as required. Each lid seals air tight to
polymeric foam,
keep the wipes moist and ready to use.
uses the power of
chain doors offer an
Optima Carpet & Upholstery Wipes are formulated micro-pores to rub away at tough marks, such as
alternative solution,
to effectively treat stains and spots on carpet, permanent marker pen, scuff marks and tea stains
ideal for high traffic
upholstery, curtains and most fabrics. The wipes are without the need for any expensive detergents
doorways offering
impregnated with a powerful, non residual cleanser,
‘hands free’ entry.
which removes some inks, oils, beverages, stains
As the Meleco Eraser is used it wears away, rather
Effective at
and every day soiling.
like a pencil eraser, and leaves a slight residue
behind which can be rinsed away.
preventing insects Optima Graffiti Wipes effectively remove graffiti
entering the room, from smooth surfaces, remove inks, paint and
So go on – clean those flaws!
chain screens are marker pen.
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