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Tomorrow’s Products
Go green with CPD
The push button, as opposed to a twisting quickly and easily for draining and refilling. It also
CPD plc, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of
mechanism, on the handle top quickly adjusts the helps to ensure the machine uses less water and
cleaning and hygiene products, has recently added
handle length facilitating cleaning under furniture chemicals than mop and bucket cleaning.
the UK’s greenest refuse sack to its range. The
whilst minimising any wear and tear on the body.
Green Sack
, also one of the strongest sacks on the
market, has a carbon footprint that is 35% lower
Servicetrac Audit for NHS
than any other refuse sack currently available in the
Sparkling glass the
Servicetrac Audit has been specifically designed
UK. The Green Sack
is offered to the UK market
ErgoClean way
for the NHS to manage and analyse multiple audits
via CPD and has been designed to offer users a
With the current trend for extensive interior glass
within a single database. Using leading edge
product that is not
and mirrors in offices, showrooms, hotels and
technology, inspectors can now completely
only durable, but
restaurants, Vikan ErgoClean have developed a
configure their own audits to be re-used, modified,
affirms their
purpose designed glass and window cleaning kit.
scored and reported upon across any number of
Comprising a compact telescopic handle, frame,
locations and at any frequency. NHS sites across
towards sourcing
spray bottle plus five mops and lustre cloths, the
the UK are benefiting from reduced paperwork,
ErgoClean window cleaning system ensures
form filling and the endless analysis of data
sparkling interior glass, windows, partitions and
collection for management reports. At these sites
other hard polished surfaces.
they are now able to manage all their
audits/reporting electronically.
Developed by BPI Recycled Products exclusively for
Specifically designed for the task and constructed
CPD, The Green Sack
is available in a
from microfibres with their own unique cleaning
The system can be used for generic audits such as
comprehensive range of ‘bag on the roll’ and flat
properties, when dry ErgoClean’s lustre cloths
health and safety, performance monitoring and fire
pack formats including refuse sacks, swing, pedal
attract dirt, drawing and locking it into the material
safety inspections as well as more specific uses such
bin liners, garden and rubble sacks. The sacks also
through a static electricity effect. Used moist, the
as for Infection Control audits and the National
have a selection of different closure options
lustre cloths clean without leaving any lint or
Standards of Cleanliness inspections. In fact, with
including tie-tie, draw string and the ‘tuk lok’
chemical streaks.
completely user definable question sets, failure/
closure method.
non compliance reasons and action codes the system
The system is designed to clean up to 10 square
can be used to replace any currently paper based audit.
metres of windows, mirrors or white boards without
Let the handle take the strain
the need to change the cloths.
The exciting new ErgoClean range has been
Screening for cleaning
specifically designed and developed to improve
with PASS
JohnsonDiversey gets into
well-being in the workplace through correct working
the swingo things
The scheduling and day to day management of
positions and hence, minimal strain on the body,
cleaning staff is time consuming and prone to error.
The new TASKI swingo 150 from JohnsonDiversey is
Innovise has developed solutions tailored to meet
whilst at the same time achieving higher productivity
an ultra-compact upright scrubber dryer that is ideal
the specific demands of cleaning providers, whether
and reducing sick days.
for congested areas and daytime cleaning. It delivers
it be recruitment and vetting, scheduling, time and
Central to the
the highest possible cleaning and hygiene
attendance, or quality monitoring, Innovise has the
range and
performance and promotes safety by removing up to
workforce management solution to meet your needs.
designed to
99 % of the water and cleaning solution from the
reduce muscle
floor so that busy areas can be used immediately
Cleaning personnel need to be hired efficiently and
strain both during
with reduced risk of slip-fall accidents.
at low cost but in some contracts they may also
require the most stringent security checks. Innovise
and after work is The compact,
the Vikan upright design
supplies its PASS Direct Connect solution to
ErgoClean top
takes up less room
provide seamless data capture through an online
than other types of
application form and review process. Successful
scrubber dryer and
candidates can be imported into PASS for
it presents an
employee vetting. PASS will ensure your cleaning
Constructed from
effective and high
staff meet the enhanced security checks required of
Vikan ErgoClean handle used
durable, impact
performance alternative to conventional mop and
some clients, particularly those working in high risk
with microfibre mop
resistant yet
bucket cleaning. It can be used on all type of hard
areas or with vulnerable individuals.
floors in confined and busy public areas such as
Additional savings are possible using the Direct
aluminium/polypropylene, this tactile, temperature
shops, restaurants, washrooms, hotels, care homes,
Connect module, which enables field-based staff
neutral handle has a long, light insulated grip which
offices and schools.
to collate applicant information for screening
can be quickly and easily set to the operator’s The suction and recovery tanks are integrated in
and licensing.
individual working position and movements. one unique container which can be removed
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