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Washroom Products
Nappy happy with Kennedy
Deb has just launched two superb new washroom 250 towels, enough for over 100 hand dries.
Developed in response to demand for a robust and
soaps - aromatherapy foaming hand washes with The Slimfold Dispenser is just 7.5cm deep
attractive pedal operated bin, the BAMBINA nappy
organic plant extracts, available in two exciting new ensuring it fits into the smallest spaces, yet the
bin includes a host of practical service friendly
fragrances: ‘Balancing’ and ‘Reviving’.
Slimfold Hand Towels are full size,
features while also catering for the needs of parents
Stress within the workplace is a major concern for
therefore maintaining maximum drying efficiency.
and nursery staff.
employers and employees alike. It is recognised
A viewing slot makes it easy to see when to refill
BAMBINA is a 50 litre unit,
that aromatherapy essential oils can not only
the dispenser. Its drop down lid is designed for
which means it can handle even
combat stress, but may also invigorate and energise
quick and easy refills and it is made from ABS
the biggest loads with ease
individuals who use them. Therefore, the use of
plastic to give it strength and durability.
while being compact, modern
essential oils within the workplace can have many
and attractive in design.
positive effects, including improving staff
To ensure maximum hygiene
wellbeing, raising morale and enhancing the
it is pedal operated and has a
workplace environment.
Hands Free
unique built in odour control system so everyone’s
So take advantage of Deb’s invitation and add
If you are looking for a compact and attractive
noses get relief. The bin has a modesty flap so waste
radiance to your washroom, with superb hand
hands free roll towel dispenser, and want to avoid
can’t be seen plus a large centrally positioned
wash products and delightful lingering
complicated sensors or
aperture for easy disposal of soiled nappies.
aromatherapy fragrances.
batteries then take a look at
Meanwhile, other key service friendly features
the new Rico hands free
include a patent applied removable hygienic bin
dispenser from Matryx.
and optional hygienic bin insert.
A breath of fresh air
Kennedy Hygiene Products has introduced four new This compact unit, is
additions to its Freedom in Fragrance™ range of air constructed of high quality
Feminine hygiene goes
freshening fragrances in line with the very latest ABS and has a unique mechanical cutting action
global fragrance trends.
which dispenses individual portions of hand towels
Cannon Hygiene has
Research conducted on behalf of Kennedy identified
as the product is pulled through the unit.
launched the new
current global fragrance trends including herbal,
Because portions of product are dispensed in flat
Cannon Compact unit,
fruit and citronella. The findings of the research
sheet format, less material is used per hand dry,
the company’s newest
were adopted by the washroom dispenser
saving you money and reducing waste.
premium offering in
manufacturer and incorporated into the extension of
feminine hygiene waste
its current fragrance range. The new fragrances will
Heather Stiles, Marketing Director at Matryx
therefore not only provide the end customer with
explains “What we love about this dispenser is its
even more choice but will also deliver the very
smooth lines and compact design. With no
The Cannon Compact is
latest in fragrance.
batteries or sensors, the unit is easy to maintain
designed to be discreet
and slim, sitting below the toilet bowl, and will fit
The new fragrances - Lemon Citrus, Water Fresh,
and there are no hidden costs”
into the smallest areas of space within the cubicle.
Warm Sandalwood, Lavender Breeze - offer a good
The latest antibacterial technologies are used both
selection from fresh and citric blends to flowery,
inside and out of the unit to offer ultimate protection.
herbal notes.
SaniPod solve sanitary issues
For women all over the world the depositing of
The new product also has a number of features to
The new fragrances are available in aerosol and
sanitary products is a sensitive issue. SaniPod is
help reduce the Carbon Footprint. Activap™, a
sachet format and form an integral part of Kennedy’s
the answer to this age-old problem – with the
powerful and unique germicide, contains highly
air freshening systems SPA and SLIMLINE.
latest technology that makes it stylish, easy to use
effective yet entirely natural ingredients which pose
and hygienic.
no threat to the environment while the compact
design means more units on service vans and
Slim dispensing As most people in this industry know, the sanitary
reduced fuel consumption.
Kimberly-Clark Professional, a leading provider of
bin has not evolved for decades. but SaniPod, which
health and hygiene solutions for the workplace,
The Cannon Compact is available in two standard
carries the message “I’m sorry it’s taken so long,” is
has launched two new
finishes to continue the washroom suite of products
an entirely new concept in sanitary waste disposal.
products, SCOTT
and will complement any décor.
Hand Towel and Slimfold
Contemporary, elegant and hygienic, SaniPod
Dispenser, designed for use
suits every location and is available in manual
Stress and skin care solved
together in washrooms and touch-free models. The touch-free
where space is limited.
Add radiance to your washroom with a luxurious
technology means women won’t ever have to
and sophisticated hand wash experience. This is the Even though the new
make contact with the unit, ensuring a hygienic
special invitation from Deb, the world’s leading system looks small on the outside, there’s no
and pleasant experience.
away from home skin care system company. compromise in capacity with room for up to
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