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Hull and Filey ‘go
call in at
COLCHESTER unit hosted the
foreign’ with P&O
two liaison officers from their
affiliated ship, HMS Illustrious.
At the end of evening colours,
Lt Fiona MacDonald made a
A GROUP of Sea Cadets from
number of presentations to the
Hull and Filey units sailed
cadets, watched by her shipmate
to foreign shores courtesy of
PO Lawrence.
P&O Ferries.
Amongst the presentations
The 11 youngsters from TS maintains
were an Essex District Canoeing
Iron Duke and TS Unseen, along
achievement recognition, won by
with two staff and the North and
OC Daniel Mitchell, and a Jack
East Yorkshire District Officer,met
up at the Hull HQ and travelled
supply of
Petchey award – with a cheque for
£300 for the unit – to OC Steven
to King George Dock to meet up
with Senior Master Dave Miller.
TS Colne Light now has three
Once they had been checked in recruits
PO cadets – Josh Syrett, Sam
and taken on board, Senior Master
Brazier and Joe Brazier.
Miller gave them a comprehensive
TWENTY and counting –
This is the highest rank a cadet
guided tour of the 32,000-tonne
Hornchurch and Upminster
can achieve in the Corps, and it
Pride of York, their home for the
unit’s record of sending cadets
takes a lot of hard work and effort
next two days.
into the Armed Forces shows no
on the part of the individuals
Staff were allotted two-berth
sign of slowing down.
cabins while the cadets shared
We reported in our January
To have three in one unit is
four-bed rooms, and once sorted
edition that when Katie Gibson
unusual, according to the unit,
it was time to change from No 1s
(pictured above) passed out from
and the first time it has happened
into working rig for allocated duty
HMS Raleigh in November she
at Colchester.
stations on the first night.
was welcomed into the RN by
But first to supper – and the
her two brothers, Charlie – who
Dawn makes
quality (and quantity) of food was
joined in January last year and is at
just the ticket.
HMS Sultan – and Bill, who joined
The group split into three teams
great progress
in March 2004 and is with the
for their duties.
Commando Logistics Regiment.
The first, led by the OiC of Hull
All three were members of TS
unit, S/Lt (SCC) Jacqui Gorman
LAST year was a special year
Hurricane, and Katie was the 20th
RNR, included the four female
for the Ton Class Award at
cadet from the unit to join up in
cadets, and they went to explore
Huddersfield unit.
the past eight years.
the galley, first aid room, shop and
Thanks to Collin Brett and the
Lt Cdr (SCC) Mike Chittock
RNR was the unit’s Commanding
Ton Class Association a brand new
They also saw the most expensive
Officer during those eight years,
trophy was presented to the unit.
● Hull and Filey unit Sea Cadets and staff on the bridge of the P&O ferry Pride of York
cabins, though any thoughts of an
and unit staff believe he made a
The Ton Class Award has
upgrade were quickly scotched. took a little getting used to – but joined in with the cast of Mamma had to hightail it to school for an
big impression on their careers and
been a big part of Huddersfield’s
District Officer Lt Cdr (SCC) all were up early for a delicious Mia!, but the prospect of another exam as soon as the ferry docked.
lives by instilling discipline and
annual prizegiving ceremonies for Tanner RNR led a group of four
breakfast then the teams went to busy morning prompted them to Luckily for them the Pride of
teamwork and encouraging skills in
many years. male cadets to the bridge, where their next station, swapping round turn in and get a good night’s York arrived on schedule.
all water sports at all levels.
The award is presented to the they were on hand as the ferry from the night before. sleep. “The whole experience was
Indeed, some of the Hurricane
best able cadet in the unit, and for was taken out of King George Once Pride of York had docked The last swap between duty brilliant and very worthwhile,”
cohort have gone on to participate
2008 that proved to be AC Dawn Dock – all thoroughly enjoying the in Zeebrugge the cadets changed stations saw the girls head down said S/Lt Gorman.
in sports representing the Royal
Stewart, who was judged to have experience. back into No 1s and caught a the engine room, under the care “The cadets gained a lot of Navy and Royal Marines.
shown exceptional advancement
The remaining three male bus to Bruges for sightseeing of Senior Chief Engineer Jamie knowledge and experienced a
The following are the Hornchurch
during the year, both in rate and
cadets and PO(SCC) Simon and shopping (not least for the Simpson. snapshot of life on board a ship as
20: Capt Sutherland RM, Mne
Turner, Instructor at Filey unit, chocolate). “I found it very hot and noisy one of the crew.
Kavanagh, Mne Wheeler, Mne M
The association also provided
went down to the engine room. With cold, wet weather the and can’t imagine anyone having “All of the crew on the Pride of
Thomson, Mne Marron and Mne
an engraved boatswain’s call so
The three groups met up ‘after order of the day, the various shops to work there for any length of York were brilliant and made us
R Thomson (all RM Commandos),
AC Stewart can now pipe to her
hours’ in one of the ship’s many provided welcome respite until it time!” said S/Lt Jacqui Gorman. very welcome – they couldn’t have
OM(C) Martin, ET(ME) W
heart’s content at home as well as
relaxation areas and chilled out was time to get the bus back to the “The girls were in their element, done any more for us.
Gibson, ET(ME) Bailey, Mid
at the unit.
until it was time to turn in. ferry terminal and another change asking question after question.” “I am sure that all of the future
Pettit, ET(ME) C Lovett, ET(ME)
AC Stewart is now concentrating
There were some restless back into working rig. Half-an-hour out of Hull the Eastern Area Sea Cadet units that
Clarke, AET K Lovett and NA(SE)
on her advancement to leading
sleepers – the weather was calm, Some of the group ended up group packed and prepared to get the chance to go on the trip
C Gibson (RN), Craftsman
however the vibration of the ship in the ferry’s cinema where they disembark – two of the Hull cadets will have a fantastic time.”
Cook (RE), Pte Kent (The
Rifles, TA), Craftsman Lawrence
Enterprising youngsters
(REME), Officer Cadets Behan
(RN University Cadets, Officer
Cadet Sahote (RN Engineering,
Wellbeck), and finally Logs(Pers)
Katie Gibson (RN).
THE cadets of TS Enterprise have to those who give us assistance. officers present at the Battle of
And more cadets are due to join
celebrated the achievements and “This year the Charles Ekins Trafalgar and cups and shields in
the Royal Navy at HMS Raleigh
activities of the past year with Memorial Cup was awarded to memory of past instructors and
in the next few months.
their annual ‘Stars of Enterprise’ White Watch from Avonmouth other benefactors. And although Lt Cdr Chittock
awards ceremony – which includes Fire Station. A Captain of the Sea Cadet may no longer be so closely involved
a public ‘thank you’ to their “This was in recognition of Corps Letter of Commendation, – he has been promoted Assistant
their giving up a great deal of their the highest and most rarely-given District Officer for Essex – he will
The CO of the Bristol
time over a period of a number of award for a cadet, was awarded to still take a keen interest in the
(Avonmouth) unit, Lt (SCC)
weeks to teach some of our senior LC Hillier for his swift thinking progress of ex-Hurricane cadets.
Barbara Hillier RNR, said: “The
cadets the art of fire-fighting.” and flawless application of his first
cadets have had a very busy year.
Lt Hillier added: “It was aid training on an injured member
“We have several awards open
particularly significant to have of the public.
Football triple
fire-fighter Zac Garrett of White PO (SCC) Christopher Batt
CHELMSFORD entered three
Watch as Zac was a former TS said: “The highlight of the evening teams in the Essex District five-a-
Oliver wins
Enterprise Sea Cadet and a Royal was the computer slide show side competition – and came back
Navy radar operator aboard HMS which had photographs of the with three gold medals.
Danae.” literally hundreds of activities that The Junior Girls, Junior Boys
new trophy
Other awards include a barrel the cadets undertook in 2008. and Senior Boys teams swept all
made from a rare piece of the old “2009 is off to a good start with before them, taking the age group
wooden warship HMS Ganges, a the runner-up prize in part of the trophies and the overall winner’s
MARINE Cadet Oliver di
replica of the medal awarded to Avon District Drill Competition.” trophy as well.
Bartolo has become the
inaugural winner of the Gwen
Scotney Trophy for sporting
achievement at Ruislip unit.
Oliver’s win was founded
on a successful year in sailing
and canoeing.
He was presented with
his shield at a ceremony at
Uxbridge RNA’s headquarters
in Hillingdon by Bill Mellow,
chairman of the HMS Ganges
Association (West London
The trophy was donated
by the Ganges Association,
and Gwen’s family attended
the awards ceremony, as well
as making a donation to unit
After the ceremony, staff
and cadets from the unit were
● Clutching a handful of trophies for their efforts are Huntingdon unit cadets (from left) AC Rayner,
● Marine Cadet Oliver di Bartolo fl anked by the two Marine treated to a buffet supper
OC Biederman, OC Critcher and Cdt Ratcliff. AC Rayner gathered most accolades, including smartest
Cadet staff from the Ruislip unit TS Pelican, Sgts Ian Harris and courtesy the members of the
cadet, best shot and boat work, as well as acting as the Mayor’s Cadet of the Year. Among the others
Jon Jenkins RNA.
handed out to TS Cromwell cadets were area fi ve-a-side football trophies, and those for most improved
boat work and most considerate senior cadet
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