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News and information for serving personnel
Drome is
where the
heart is
FASLANE Sportsdrome gave
workers on the Scottish base
the chance to start and stay
healthy in 2009 when they held
their first Freshers’ Fair and
healthy lifestyle day.
Service personnel, civilian
workers and contractors from
all around the site flocked
to the gymnasium to receive
information and demonstrations
on how to stay active and
healthy in the year ahead.
HMS Neptune Triathlon
Club, the Adventurous Training
Store, Field Gun crew, Neptune
Archery Club, the Sailing
Centre, Sub-aqua club, Ski and
Put that
Snowboard Centre and Loch
Lomond Amateur Rowing Club
were all represented on the
light out
Also setting up stalls were
the Royal Navy Cycling Team
and staff from the Navy sick
THE ninth military No Smoking
quarters and base dental
Day takes place on Wednesday
March 11 – part of the wider UK
The event was a particular
campaign to kick the habit.
success for the archery club,
One in five matelots or marines
with visitors being given the
light up (yep, we were surprised
opportunity to try their skill with
by that figure too...); the figure is
a bow.
one in six in the RAF, but three
Club member, Karen Gold,
out of every ten squaddies enjoy
said: “We’ve had 20 people
a tab. (In civvy street, a quarter of
sign up to join during the day.
the populace are smokers.)
We train in the base’s gym
Smoking remains the UK’s
every Wednesday and also
number-one cause of avoidable
have an outdoor target field at
premature death.
Aitrew Glen.
By quitting, a 20-a-day smoker
“It gives us the chance to get
should save more than £2,000
out the gym when the weather
every year – as well as improving
is good and shoot in the fresh
their general health.
air.”● Molar explorers... The Service Personnel Command Paper should make it easier for families of RN and RM personnel to gain access to an
The Navy is providing free
NHS dentist Picture: LA(Phot) Steve Johncock, RNAS Yeovilton Another activity which was
patches, gum and other cessation
popular on the day was rowing.
services to sailors and marines
Cdr Martin Claxton was on
who want to stop.
Great idea, gash name
hand to show people the
There will also be various
hi-tech indoor rowing machines
events at establishments, bases
and invite them to sign up for
and at sea. Further information
some taster sessions at Loch
is also available at military.
Lomond rowing club.
“The indoor rowing
technology has come on leaps t
VER the past few months a lot of the Naval and bounds in ra ecent years,”
Don’t know?
Families Federation’s time has been devoured
The tooth is out th
said Cdr Claxton.s
focusing on the Service Personnel Command
“Rowers can now be
connected via the interc net
Ask your DO
and race one another on a
At this point you are probably after they have left the Service)? NHS DENTIST
their machines. It makes the t
thinking ‘Yes, and….?’ writes Kim ■ Did you know that health
Nintendo Wii look tame in
Richardson, NFF chairwoman. departments across the UK have
ust (PCT) is in c
harge of
Your local primar
y care tr

WANT to know more about...
Well, the Paper has two aims: to agreed to plan their area dental arranging NHS dental services in your area. These
RN Temporary Memoranda:
“Of course there is no
end any disadvantage that being a provision with Service populations services include ur
gent treatment, out-of-hours care and
substitute for getting out on the s
■ 022/09 The Naval Service
member of the Armed Forces may in mind? emergencies. If you are ha
ving problems
fi nding an NHS
Prizes and Awards Fund;
water and you couldn’w t ask for
impose on the Serving person, their dentist, your PCT is there to help.■ Did you know that if you are
a better backdra op than Loch
■ 16/09 Divisional Offi cer
families and veterans. It specifi cally required to move within UK and
Courses at the Royal Navy
Lomond.”L You do not need to register with a dentist to g
et regular

seeks to counter the diffi culties are on a NHS waiting list, you will
Leadership Academy (West/East).
treatment. Sim
ply contact a practice of
fering NHS
The base’s dental
that result from mobility and not move to the bottom of the new
And are you aware of...
dentistry and ask if you can ha
ve an appointment.
department was ably d
separation, and identifi es those list?
Defence Instruction Notices:
e any treatment that your
represented by Surg Lt Alexa
areas where special treatment is
You will be able to ha

■ Did you know that subject
Fyfe, who gave visitors the low-
■ 2009DIN01-020 Introduction
needed to achieve this. to Service exigencies personnel
dentist feels you need in order to k
eep your teeth, gums
of the Leading Aircraft Controller
down on oral health as well as
And secondly, the Paper sets and partners in receipt of IVF
and mouth health
y on the NHS. These treatments
information on what services
out how we can better support and treatment will not be required to
include dentures, cro
wns and bridg
es as well as an
y in
the base’s dental department
■ 2009DIN01-019 Naval Service
recognise those who have been move until their cycle of treatment
preventative treatment needed.
terms of service – Update of
could ofc fer them.
wounded in the service of their is complete.
our dentist will ask you bac
k for regular c
heck ups
Standard Initial Training Periods
Also on hand were staff from
country. ■ Did you know that there
– but not necessaril
y as frequentl
y as every six months.
(SITP) for RN Ratings and RM
HMS Neptune’s sick quarters,
So all good stuff – – areare no w Armed Forces
If your dental health is good, you ma
y only be asked to
Other Ranks;
concentrating mainly on blood-
really positive and AAdvdvocates working in the
come for a chec
k up every two y
timely with so many DeDeparp tment for Work
prp essure and diet during the
■ 2009DIN01-018 The
Service Prizes and Awards Fund
personnel being away andand Pensions (DWP),
fairf .
DeDeparp tment for Children,
Participants were offered free
■ 2009DIN01-010 HM Forces
from home at this
National Express Coach
particular moment in Schools and Families
blood-prb essure tests and were
Go to the searc
h section at the top of the home pag
e of
Discount Scheme Administrative
time. (DCSF), Home Offi ce
given leaflets on healthy and g
the NHS Choices w
, select the dentists
So what’s the – UK Border Agency
nutritious eating.n
box and put in your postcode.
anand the Department of
“We’ve had a fantastic
■ 2009DIN01-007 Policy for the
Recruitment and Management
In my view, the name Health (DH)?
This will bring up a list of dentists in your area. F
response,” said nurse Maureen
of Transsexual Personnel in the
of the Paper doesn’t lend itself to
here you can clic
k through for more inf
ormation about
Armed Forces.
These are just a few of the
seeking out more information.
which practices are taking on new NHS patients and ho
“After the indulgences of
See your Divisional Officer.
things that the Command
It doesn’t resonate with the
to contact your PCT if you are ha
ving diffi culty
fi nding
Christmas and New YC ear
Paper has achieved. For a better
Service population in the same
one. You’ll also
fi nd a dental inq
uiries telephone number
everyone feels they could do e
understanding of what it all
way as perhaps ‘Help for Heroes’
and details of ho
w to obtain out-of-hours treatment. with eating a bit morw e healthily
means log on to:
or ‘The Poppy Appeal’ do, but it is
and dozens of people have
If this route prov
es unsuccessful or you don’t ha
ve a
goes digital
nonetheless very important.
stopped for advice.”
access to a PC then call NHS Direct on 0845 4647
. s
I also don’t believe our Serving
The Sportsdrome’s Lt Doug
personnel and their families know
There is no stipulation f
or the distance to tra
vel to an
Wylie, who helped arrange the W
BROADSHEET 2008 – the
what the Paper undertakes to do
NHS dentist and the dentist does not ha
ve to be in your
FairF , said: “The day has been a
Royal Navy’s annual round-up –
One of the topics we have been
and how it could affect them. And,
own PCT area. Y
ou can choose a dentist in the area where
huge success. I have spoken to h
will soon be available to view and
focusing on is access to NHS
that really worries me.
you would like to be seen, or if you ha
ve a preference
many people today who have m
download via www.royalnavy.
dentists (see right).
Ministers are asking the NFF for
for a particular dentist or dental practice elsewhere worked in the Naval Base for
w and www.rncom.mod.
Finding a dentist shouldn’t
feedback on what is working and
you can ask the dentist if you can appl
y to be accepted
years and yet never knew the y
uk websites.
be a problem, but if you are
what is not and my concern is that
for treatment on his/her list. It will depend on the local
facilities available to them. f
If you wish to obtain a hard
experiencing diffi culty in securing
we may not be giving an accurate
contract/agreement as to the catc
hment area from whic
“It’s been a real education
copy of the publication, contact:
NHS dentistry then we would like
picture of how things really are for
the practice is bound to tak
e patients.
for them to come along todayf ,
to know about it.
you and your family.
and they’ve taken the first step
We are being told that dentistry
The entitlement is to receiv
e NHS primar
y care dental a
services, under the ter
ms of the NHS contract (or on their way to a fittero , healthier
■ Did you know for example that is not the huge issue you are saying
the doubling of the AFCS payment it is. This hard evidence is vital as
agreement if a PDS practice). The entitlement does not
Doug continued: “It’s the
for injury is part of the Command feedback to the Service Personnel
specify how local the service should be. Ho
wever, every
first Freshers’ Fair and Healthy
Paper? Command Paper.
PCT has been allocated funding to provide the necessar
primary care dental services to their patients. Dentists
Lifestyle day HM Naval Base L
■ Did you know that Service You can contact us on 02392
Clyde has ever held, but if
personnel have ‘priority status’ 654374, email
are obliged to provide all proper and necessar
y dental
today is anything to go by then
across all regions in England for or via our website
care and treatment whic
h the patient is willing to t
I’ve got the feeling it won’t be
affordable housing (up to one-year uk.
the last.”t
News and information for serving personnel
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