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Are you fi t to fi
FITNESS is crucial in a fighting
Within this category is the conduct of the
force – but being fit to fight should
RN Fitness Test (RNFT), the core PT syllabus,
not be the sole reason for pursuing
training and personal physical fitness training.
Adventurous Training (AT), which provides marina
well-being. challenging outdoor training and controlled
The Royal Navy is revamping its physical exposure to risk, giving personnel the confidence
development programme under the concept to cope with events outside their comfort zone.
of ‘Fit to fight – Fit for life’, with fitness
It also develops rational control of fear,
taking a high priority in the Senior Service,
promotes leadership and teamwork and helps
according to the man tasked with leading
physical fitness and courage.
the initiative.
Sport, which covers both personal and team marina
Working for Cdre David Dickens, Capt Mike
Farrage, the first Director of Naval Physical
Besides helping with physical fitness and
Development (DNPD), said the strategy does
mental strength – the will to win – sport also
not just consist of a message from on high – it
strengthens teamwork, identity, self-reliance
is a cultural issue which needs commitment at
and mental resolve.
all levels, including command.
Each element is important, but the trinity
Physical development has three aspects in the
is seen as an integral part of developing the
Armed Forces:
‘moral component’ of operational capability –
Physical Education (PE), which helps
imbuing the Navy with a winning ethos as well
people withstand the rigours of Service life
as providing a physically-capable fighting force.
by promoting exercise habits and a healthy
The baton has been picked up by Second Sea
Lord Vice Admiral Alan Massey, who has made
it one of his highest priorities to reinvigorate
the physical development agenda through
Get out and get AT it
promoting a healthy lifestyle across the Naval
And one thing he wants to see change is the
attitude towards sport, AT and fitness.
THERE are numerous huts, lodges 01248 718362 (95581 79620, www. Fitness is not a particular problem in the
and cottages administered by the ranks of the Navy, but the Senior Service has
Services for AT activities. marina Tai Newyddion, Snowdonia:
noted the ominous signals from Civvy Street.
Among them are: Space for 33 in two units, mountain
Almost two thirds of the UK adult population
marina Gutter Tor Refuge, Dartmoor: activities. Contact the Warden, Tai
are overweight or obese (ie grossly fat), and
a cottage facility with space for Newyddian, warden@tai-newyddi-
some predictions foresee a trend which, if left
40, ideal for exploring Dartmoor. or tel 01248 600416.
unchecked, will see 90 per cent of the British
Contact OLT Office, HMS Raleigh, marinaBalmacara, Wester Ross: up to
01752 811322 (9375 41322). 33 people, water activities includ-
public classified as overweight by 2050.
marina Capel Curig, Gwynedd: two Level ing diving on a sunken minelay-
Obesity reduces life expectancy by some 11
2 AT units for 278 people plus 90 er. Contact SO Ops BUTEC, Kyle
years on average, and within the Navy those
camping. Camp includes walking, of Lochalsh, IV40 8AJ, tel 01599
who are overweight through excess body fat
kayaking, 8m climbing wall. Contact 566295,
are at higher risk of ill health and consequent
The Commandant, Capel Curig Balmacara_House.pdf
medical downgrading – placing more strain on
Training Camp, Betws-y-Coed, North Rothiemurchus Estate, nr
medical services and on those colleagues who
Wales, tel 01690 720291 or 720453. Aviemore: Up to 110 people, includes
remain ‘fit for task.’
marinaJSMTC, Anglesey: Climbing, dry ski slope and quad bikes.
The Senior Service should, Capt Farrage
mountaineering, caving, kayaking Contact the Warden, Rothiemurchus
asserts, “emphasise a culture where unhealthy
and canoeing, also sailing cen- Estate, 01479 861288.
weight levels are considered unacceptable.”
tre. Contact JSMTC Indefatigable For more information on
Capt Farrage continued: “Commanding and
Nuffield Accommodation Centre, Adventurous Training see www.
Divisional Officers have a significant role to
Plas Llanfair, Anglesey LL61 6NT, tel
play in meeting these specific challenges by
ensuring that the personnel are given regular
programmed sport and adventurous training,
Joint Service
Training Centre,
tel 01248
Joint Services
Parachute Centre,
tel 01980
Sailing: JS
Adventurous Sail
Training Centre,
Gosport, tel
023 9276 5971
HQ Adventurous
Joint Services
Training Group,
Gliding Centre,
Aylesbury, tel
tel 0049 5254
982 2918
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