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It’s a
Fly the Fly Navy flag
THE ROYAL Navy’s Historic
Flight, based at RNAS
Yeovilton, maintains and
operates Swordfish, Sea
for Ark
I WAS interested to see the article
Time to do 1’s Duty (February)
Fury and Sea Hawk aircraft.
HAVING just fi nished read-
The reaction to Combat 95s
Unlike the Battle of Britain
ing the January edition I was
may be ‘soldier’ but the reaction
Memorial Flight, money to fund
disappointed to read in The Time
to the current JR No.3s is often
their operation is raised by the Fly
of Your Lives that a Sea King
‘civilian security guard’.
Navy Heritage Trust, which is a
from HMS Ark Royal rescued
Whatever happened to
registered charity.
18 refugees in the South China
traditional half-blues with a white
The flight has a merchandising
Seas in January 1989 whilst on
front, or even (dare I say it) No.
trailer, kindly donated by Agusta
Outback 88.
Westland, with a small team of
You may have had a reason for
– Bryan Moseley, Great
volunteers who attend air shows
writing this but the fact is it hap-
Missenden, Bucks
and other appropriate events to
pened five months earlier, in the
raise additional funds for the
August of 1988.
…AS AN RNR senior rate I
flight and to fly the flag for naval
This I know because I was
certainly do have the continued
aviation in general.
a Leading Seaman (Radar)
right to wear my uniform.
We desperately need more
onboard the Ark Royal at this
This was as per BR 60; RNR
people as the current, limited
Regulations page 11.9 section
number makes it impossible to
No doubt I will not be the only
1122.7 which states: “On state and
make the most of every opportunity
member of the ship’s company of
other occasions of ceremony within the
we have to raise money for the
that time to notice this error.
British Commonwealth, senior ratings
flight and promote Fly Navy.
– Alan Bateson, ex-Leading
with at least nine years’ service who
If you fancy free weekends away
Seaman Radar, HMS Ark Royal
are no longer serving have discretion
telling people how important air ● A Fairey Swordfi sh Mk I from the Torpedo Training Unit at Gosport drops a practice torpedo during
to wear the uniform of their respective
power from the sea is, please get training. [Imperial War Museum negative number MH 000023] This is one of the many images released
Time of your Lives reflects
rates under the conditions given in
in touch with Alan Cole on 07912 by the Royal Navy for use as part of this year’s centenary celebrations of Naval aviation, which begins
the issue of Navy News which
paragraph 1102.4.”
038399 or by email at a.cole757@ from that pioneering decision in May 1909 to order the fi rst airship and begin a programme that would
reports the story. It is only in
Paragraph 1102.4 says “Unless or get in touch see the military take to the skies.
recent years that emails, internet
the Ministry of Defence (Navy)
with the flight direct via our website
communication and the like have
orders otherwise.”
brought instant and inexpensive
Unfortunately the unwritten
communication with ships’
proviso is that you have to be
– Alan Cole, Queen Camel,
activities around the world.
slim enough to get into a uniform
Floored Then, and unfortunately still
issued many years ago, when you
occasionally now, ships would
were presumably still young, fit,
Ticked off
by odd
return from long stints at sea and
and good-looking.
hand over one long report on the
– Brian J Bloom, ex CPO OPS
whole deployment, resulting in
stories often being many months
behind the event.
Even now, due to our print
over loch
deadlines, if something happens
I FEEL that I have to take you to
in late August, the earliest it
task over the article ‘Diving with
can appear in our pages is our
altitude’ (Navy News, February).
IN YOUR article Engines swapped October issue. Thankfully our
You state that Loch Laggan is
via Galley (February) about the website is updated daily for all
while you
the largest fresh-water lake in the
removal of the diesel engine from the latest news www.navynews.
United Kingdom.
HMS Argyll you report that: – Ed.
This honour belongs to Lough
“sections of the galley fl oor and
Neagh in Northern Ireland – 16
ceiling had to be removed”.
miles by 11, compared to Loch
Floor? Ceiling? In my day it
was deck and deckhead. Oh dear,
Did Rudolph
Laggan’s 7 miles by 1½.
DUE to recent budget cuts by its There are several far larger
what’s happened in the Andrew?
● AB(WS) Kayleigh Paddison relaxing in the Junior Rates
governing body Explosion – The bodies of fresh water in Scotland
– C B Bramzell, ex-Leading
accommodation onboard HMS Daring
Wireman, MS 1942-46, (HMS
go bang?
Museum of Naval Firepower, and Loch Laggan is definitely not
is under threat of closure to the in the premier league!
Perilia and Pelorus) Hunstanton,
public. One further point of interest,
SEEING the picture of the
reindeer on your letters page
This museum, with its collection Loch Laggan has been enlarged
Daring to look back
…WHEN did the RN stop using
(February) brought back a story
of artefacts and archives depicting to provide a reservoir as part of
the words deck and deckhead and
naval armament from the days of the Lochaber aluminium works
AFTER viewing an incredible tour of HMS Daring on BBC News
told to us by the canteen manager
start using fl oor and ceiling?
Trafalgar to the present day, is system.
I harked back to the days when I served on the destroyers HMS – John Meharg
over a beer in the mess.
situated in the former Royal Naval As such, its surface height
Punjabi and HMS Quorn in World War 2. (ex-POMEM(M)) HMS Fearless
He was on the Russian
Armament Depot, Priddy’s Hard, above sea level varies according to
I was particularly impressed with the living conditions aboard 1983, Aslockton, Nottingham
Convoys, on a cruiser whose
in Gosport and contains some
the demands of the Fort William
Daring, comparing the crew’s sleeping quarters to the hammocks
name escapes me. They, like
unique items not found in any
smelter (hence the prominent
we used to sling on those ships of long ago.
…I WAS horrifi ed to read that HMS Kent, were given a reindeer
other museum in the world.
‘beach’ at the head of the loch).
I was also interested in the article (February) about the memorial
the galley ‘fl oor’ and ‘ceiling’ had in Murmansk to bring home with
The knowledge of its staff and
One other sensitive point with
for the victims of the sinking of HMS Penelope.
to be removed. As this is a ship
its resources have been used by
us Scots – there are only two
The participants in that ceremony might be interested to learn
should not the article refer to the
He said it was stabled in the
deck and deckhead?
after-galley which was not being
military historians, serving naval
‘lakes’ in Scotland (the well-
that the captain of HMS Punjabi, which sank in a collision with the
I think that someone should
used, however after setting off to
personnel and visiting families
known lake of Mentieth and the
battleship King George V on May 1 1942, died on Penelope. His
receive ten lashes with a wet
return to the UK someone asked
around the country and has
tiny Lake of Dupplin). All the
name was the Hon William Waldegrave.
him what the reindeer was to be
been featured in countless TV
others are lochs.
I would like to hear from any survivors of Penelope who knew him.
– P Fane, Saanichiton, British
fed on.
documentaries and books.
Hope this puts the record
My email is
Columbia, Canada
Oh dear, nothing had been
I would like to draw the
– Kenneth A Tipper,
Consider it done – Ed
bought on board to feed him
attention of readers of the
– Janet Palser, Birmingham
Ocala, Florida
with, that is until someone came
Navy News to the threat to the up with the idea of dehydrated
collection if the museum closes to cabbage, which was plentiful.
the public. So it was fed to him dry and
I am calling on those who do not Gloucester’s role in Desert Storm he ate well. One of the sinks had
wish to see the collection broken been filled with water, which he
up or lost, thereby removing the
YOUR report on the retirement of Rear Conceivably there could be claim of Sea and had passed its closest point of approach
possibility of future generations
Admiral Wilcocks (December) has some errors, Skua damage to a small raiding boat as well, some three miles north of the Missouri/
The effect with the cabbage
to learn about this important primarily concerning HMS Gloucester’s role in but this is unproven. The Lynx did co-ordinate
Gloucester group. It was heading out further
was so rapid he exploded in the
element of Royal Navy history, Operation Desert Storm. fixed wing strike on another vessel, however to the east when it was shot down as it emerged galley.
to show their interest by visiting To be accurate, the Gloucester’s Lynx the claim of seven successes by the ‘ship’ per se from Gloucester’s launcher blind arcs. We all fell about laughing but
the museum before April 2009, or aircraft sank five ships, whilst operating under seems optimistic. The role, and success, of the Royal Navy in the manager got very upset about
by contacting Gosport Borough tactical control of either the RAF or the United You also write that the Silkworm missile the 1991 conflict in all domains (air, surface it, he was a very serious man, so
Council. States Navy, characteristically in excess of 120 (to be clear, quite brilliantly) shot down by and sub-surface) need no embellishment along we were not sure if he was having
The history of Britain is miles away from the Gloucester. the Gloucester was ‘heading straight for the the lines you write. a laugh on us.
intimately tied with the history In this regard the ship itself was acting American battleship USS Missouri’. I hope you find this correction is helpful. Is this a true story? Does
of the Royal Navy; please support only as a communications link, and provider The accepted (and recorded) version of – David Livingstone anybody remember?
your naval heritage. of maintenance and hotel services to the events is that the Iraqi missile, launched from a (Associate Fellow, Chatham House), – Len Sherwood, Folkestone,
– Bob Douglas, London helicopter and its crew. site on the Kuwaiti coast, had missed its target Taunton, Somerset Kent
BEING paid to go skiing, mountain biking or canoeing has competitive sports.
always seemed like a nice perk of Service life to those The Navy has quite a hill to climb in reaching its aim of a
outside. service in which everyone is ‘fit to fight – fit for life’.
Leviathan Block, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth PO1 3HH
But there is a purpose beyond the enjoyment. The Forces One of its challenges will be persuading its people that
March 2009 no.656: 55th year
have long realised the value of sport and Adventurous fitness for servicemen and women should be a way of life,
Training in building fitness and teamwork – not to mention not just a bit of last-minute training to pass the annual
Editorial Business
mental resolve and the will to win. fitness test. Editor: Business manager:
Many people join up because they enjoy the unrivalled Another will be getting rid of the idea that Adventurous Sarah Fletcher Lisa Taw 023 9229 1525
facilities and opportunities for sport and Adventurous Training is an indulgence.
Deputy Editor: Mike Gray Subscriptions 023 9273 4448
Training which Service life offers. As Capt Mike Farrage, the first Director of Naval
Assistant Editors:
But the Forces are recruiting from a society where the Physical Development, says: “We want people to realise that
Richard Hargreaves Accounts 023 9272 0686
overweight number two-thirds of the population (and rising it’s time for Adventurous Training and sport, and not ‘time
Helen Craven Advertising 023 9272 5062 or
023 9229 4228 023 9275 6951
fast) and where many schools are actively discouraging off’.”
9380 24163 (Mil)
Fax 023 9283 8845 Distribution 023 9282 9065
The views expressed in Navy News do not necessarily reflect those of the Ministry of Defence Fax 023 9283 0149
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