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To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield
THIS magnifi cent silver centrepiece celebrates one of the most famous –
and tragic – endeavours in British history.
Trophy No.26382 commemorates the British Antarctic Expedition 1910
and Capt Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated attempt to be the first man to
reach the South Pole. London and
The naval officer and his party – Lt Henry ‘Birdie’ Bowers, PO Edgar
Evans, Capt Lawrence ‘Titus’ Oates of the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoons
and Dr Edward Wilson – would indeed reach the foot of the globe, Nottingham
but they would be beaten in their attempt to be the first by Norwegian
Roald Amundsen (one month and three days ahead of Scott’s team on
December 14 1911). go to Bristol
Bitter disappointment was compounded by bitter weather as the Britons
made their way back to base camp. PO Evans died on February 17.
THIRTY of the newest members
His comrades struggled on for one more month. Oates famously
of the Royal Naval Reserve
sacrificed himself so that the three remaining men in the polar party might
travelled to Portsmouth for a fi rst
survive, leaving the tent with the immortal words: “I am just going outside
introduction to life in the RN.
and I may be some time.”
As well as a tour of HMS
Scott, Bowers and Wilson lived for 12 more days, eventually dying
Nottingham, the recruits from
stranded in their tent, 11 miles from a supply dump, on March 29 1912.
HMS President (London) and
The trophy – with only four skiers it suggests that the party post PO
HMS Sherwood (Nottingham)
Evans’ death is depicted – is inscribed: “To strive, to seek, to find and not
were put through their paces
to yield.” The same words could be found on the memorial cross erected
with a series of training exercises
by Scott’s fellow explorers in 1913 – and remain the motto of the RN
designed to test their comfort
survey ship named in the captain’s honour to this day.
zones and acquaint them with
naval life.
After mustering for Colours
Badge of
on the deck of HMS Bristol, the
Don’t miss your medal
recruits had an introduction to
chemical, biological, radiological
and nuclear warfare (mercifully,
not for real), before visiting
Horsea Island for a presentation
by the RNR Diving Branch.
A SIGNIFICANT milestone in Then it was back to Whale
the history of the Royal Navy Island and fi rst steps on
Police was achieved recently when
DURING recent visits by
the parade ground of HMS
their rank badges were changed to
senior officers to men Excellent; this provided a superb
refl ect their present day role. and women in the front opportunity for several offi cer
The change follows a number
line, a sizeable number of
cadets to demonstrate their
of high level reviews over the leadership skills.
past few years, culminating in the
sailors and marines asked
“HMS Bristol is a fantastic
change of name from Regulators
their VIP visitors where asset in so much that it offers
to Royal Navy Police (although they could get medals RNR trainees the opportunity
‘reggy’ remains a nickname still
in recognition of their
to experience naval routines on
heavily in use in the Service). a warship in a purely training
“The change refl ects our role
service of their country.
environment. After the experience
today alongside our land and air
Well, here’s the answer.
they leave enthused, highly
counterparts,” said Lt Cdr Mark The Iraq Medal motivated and better equipped
May, Naval Provost Marshal
The Iraq Medal was instituted to
for the challenges ahead,” said
Northern, based at HM Naval
recognise service in Iraq on and
CPO(NE) Maurice Weight of
Base Clyde.
after January 20 2003, to a future
HMS President.
“Individual rank titles will
date to be decided.
The weekend was a resounding
remain unchanged, but badges
Eligibility requires 30 days’
success, enabling the trainees to
will be altered to incorporate a
continuous service ashore in Iraq,
progress their task books helping
service police identity.”
or, for service afloat, 30 days’
them move one step nearer to
The new rank badges include
continuous service in the waters of
their New Entry Course at HMS
the words “RN Police” woven
the Northern Arabian Gulf, north
into the bottom of standard rank
of the 28th parallel (NAG), or 45
and rate slides, with shoulder
days’ accumulated service in the
fl ashes to be worn when in dress
Naval family
NAG during a single deployment.
and tropical uniform.
Future eligibility for the Iraq
From their early origins as
Medal is under consideration as
ship’s marshals and corporals
life online
part of the plans for the future UK
at the start of the 17th Century,
involvement in Iraq. AS PART of its impressive www.
the Royal Navy Police have
Operational Service Medal project
undergone an evolutionary
by the Royal Naval Museum, a
change. The Master at Arms rate
new section has been added to
was introduced around 1699
OSM Afghanistan (previously
● Three medals emblazoned on the uniform of one of HMS Iron Duke’s ship’s company during a visit to
celebrate the life of naval families
and is still in use today, while the
known as OSM ‘Veritas’) was
St Kitt’s last year Picture: LA(Phot) Jay Allen, FRPU East
past and present.
Ship’s Police Branch was formed
instituted to recognise service
medal without clasp in locations operations in Afghanistan. retrospective to August 1969
Over 120 extracts from 18
in 1860, only to be renamed the
in Afghanistan on and after
outside Afghanistan (again, there (the date of the institution of the
interviewees has been added
Regulating Branch in 1919. 1945
September 11 2001, to a future
Accumulated Service Medal
are some locations where 21 days’
‘Northern Ireland’ clasp).
to the site, a sprawling ‘virtual
saw the introduction of Leading
date to be decided. The medal is
museum’ designed to celebrate
Patrolmen, before reverting back
available either with a named clasp
continuous service will suffice).
As the title suggests, eligibility
To apply
the deeds of the 20th/21st-
to the term Regulator in 1968.
to denote service in Afghanistan
To be eligible, service in these
for the ACSM requires three Sailors and marines should apply Century Senior Service.
“The branch or specialisation
itself, or without the clasp
locations must be specifically
through their UPO who will raise In the latest addition to the
has been around in one guise
which recognises service outside
in support of operations in
years’ (1,080 days) service in
any operational theatre that has multiple-entry form JPA S003 for project, find out how seven-year-
or another for over 300 years,”
Afghanistan that is in support of
Afghanistan itself, namely:
been recognised by the award submission to the MOD Medal old Millie Hodgson coped when
continued Lt Cdr May.
operations in Afghanistan.
Islamabad, Pakistan; Manama,
of a British campaign service Office. her father went down with HMS
“Our role is to support
Eligibility is, in general, 30 days’
Bahrain; Muharraq, Bahrain;
medal, eg South Atlantic Medal Personnel without a convenient Hood; listen to Pat Fish describe
operational effectiveness and
continuous service in Afghanistan PSAB, Saudi Arabia.
1982, Gulf Medal 1990-91, Iraq UPO may apply in writing to the lack of support she received
delivery of military capability
– though some service may require Since December 2004, service
Medal, the OSMs (Sierra Leone, the MOD Medal Office at the following the death of her son;
by the prevention, investigation
21 continuous days. afloat in the Gulf of Aden/Indian
Afghanistan, Democratic Republic following address: MOD Medal and hear the pride Glenis Mould
and detection of crime and
In general, 30 days’ continuous
Ocean, and support to that of Congo), and the clasps to the Office, Building 250, Imjin felt when her husband received a
disciplinary offences across the
service is also required for the
service ceased to directly support General Service Medal (1962) Barracks, Gloucester, GL3 1HW. commendation from the Second
Naval Service.
Sea Lord.
“It is a strange and humbling
In all, around 15,000 items –
feeling to know that you are part
of this tradition and present at
another milestone in the history
IIn need of then need of the
or ‘digital assets’ as the museum
calls them – have been loaded on
to the site: photographs, audio
of the branch.”
files, first-hand accounts, posters,
Chaplains taste
feminine touch
The project has drawn upon
not merely the RNM’s own
life at BRNC
THE tests are compulsory, but being a archives, but those also of the
tester isn’t. RN Submarine, FAA, and RM
FOUR civilian chaplains to the
The CDT (Compulsory Drug Testing) Museums, the Fleet Photographic
military headed to the spiritual
team based on Whale Island need a Unit and the Portsmouth Royal
home of the RN offi cer corps for
female PO to join them from May 18. Dockyard Historic Trust.
an insight into life in the Senior
This is a two-year billet for ‘any
branch’ but cannot accommodate SWDC
Imam Asim Hafiz (Muslim),
due to short notice requirements of
It’s your 2-6
Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana
travelling worldwide.
(Buddhist), Rabbi Malcolm
A civilian driving licence and in-date NEED to get your message across
Wiseman (Jewish) and Krishan
passport are essential. to the rest of the RN?
Attri (Hindu) were given a tour
The post demands self-motivation, To feature in 2-6 contact
of BRNC in Dartmouth before
excellent communication skills, integrity, Lt Cdr Gregor Birse (Fleet
sitting down to a comprehensive
good judgement and flexibility. It offers a Media Ops), 93832 8809.
series of presentations on the
unique Tri-Service opportunity.
workings of the Navy, the role of
Applicants should contact
culture belief, history and ethos
RCMWEGS1 CPO Steve Adkins on Ext
in today’s RN.
93832 8806 or email steve.adkins922@
Imam Hafiz took prayers
on divisions; BRNC has an
international intake and a large
marina We’ll have a feature on the CDT team
number of Muslim cadets. in next month’s paper
News and information for serving personnel
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