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Deaths Contact sheet
Cdr Stephen Peacock. HMS Nelson. fl ying in support of the Allied invasion of the 622 lost off the coast of Holland 1943. Cdr M B Jermyn. Served in Indomitable, E W ‘Ted’ Huke. 1939 Rodney. Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455,
January 14. Aged 47. South of France; twice awarded a mention in Severely injured he was rescued by German Dalrymple, Orion, Raleigh, Ocean, Jewel,
dispatches. After ground-attack operations naval craft VP 1300 and spent many months Cochrane and Drake.
Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555,
Rear-Admiral Courtney Anderson CB. in the Aegean, as a lieutenant RNVR he in Dutch and German hospitals before being Surg Capt. R S McDonald. Served
Lt Michael Freeman. Served in Unicorn
Joined the Navy 1930; trained in cruisers was posted to St Merryn, Cornwall as an incarcerated in a Prisoner of War camp in Duke of York, President, Tiger, Terrror,
1952-53. September 11. Aged 82.
Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www.
serving in Repulse during the Spanish Civil instructor. After the war he continued to deep in Germany. After several hair-raising Ganges and RN Hospitals Trinco, Malta,
Donald Dennis. Air Mechanician(L) in
War. Volunteering for coastal forces early serve in the RNVR, later the RNR attaining ‘incidents’ he and other inmates managed to Plymouth and Haslar.
Unicorn 1943-46. October 31. Aged 85.
Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600
1939, he began a distinguished operational the rank of Lieutenant Commander and being escape and reach the advancing Allied army Capt. D W Napper. Served in Vanguard,
Ronald Ashbrook. Able Seaman in
RN and RM Service records: 023 9262
career as a motor torpedo boat captain in awarded the VRD in 1964. After qualifying as and was eventually repatriated back to the President, Excellent, Carron, Lincoln, Rhyl,
Unicorn 1950-51. November 2. Aged 77.
8779 or 023 9262 8667
the 10th MTB fl otilla. After months on anti- a chartered accountant he was appointed UK. Coastal Forces Veterans Association Ganges and Terror.
Wilfred Roberts. Stoker in Unicorn,
Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823,
invasion patrol the fl otilla was shipped via Deputy Treasurer to the Queen in 1968, and the Royal British Legion. December 28. Lt Cdr A H Smith. Served in Obedient,
Reserve Fleet 1947. December 29.
the Cape to Alexandria and in the waters appointed MVO (1973), CVO (1979) and Aged 81. Loch Fada, Blackcap, Ocean, Shalford,
William S ‘Bill’ Orr. Bill helped to build
RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266
around Crete the wooden-hulled MTBs were KCVO on his retirement in 1985. December John Pointer. L/Steward. Served in Loch Rampart and Victory.
Unicorn in Ireland 1942 and served as a PO
0296 (grants),
attacked and Anderson retreated to Cyprus 15. Aged 86. Fada, Newcastle and Montclare. Loch Fada Commissioned Airman E N Standring.
Joiner IV on Unicorn 1943-46. Discharged
British Legion: 08457 725725, www.
with two other remaining boats, here he Lt Cdr Stanley George Solley. Joined Association. January 6. Aged 80. Served in Merlin, Furious, Neptune,
in UK 1946 and returned to Australia to live.
found himself in command of two Swordfi sh Ganges 1951 as Boy Seaman and trained as Bob Bourne. POM(E). Served in Tyrian, Daedalus, Eagle, Falcon, Blackcap, Hornbill,
January 7. Aged 85.
Naval Families Federation: 023 9265
torpedo bombers; the fl otilla was diverted a Telegraphist serving in Solebay, Truelove, Contest, Sheffi eld, Soberton, Zest and Excellent, Vulture, Victory and Siskin.
Gwynfryd O ‘Taffy’ Griffi ths. PO Cook(S)
to Syrian waters where one of his Swordfi sh Birmingham, Terror (Kranji, Singapore), Ulster. Loch Fada Association. January 5.
in Unicorn 1942-46. January 20. Aged 87.
sank the Vichy destroyer Chevalier Paul. Whitehall and Jamaica. Advanced to Acting Aged 73.
Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.
Next sent to the North African coast to Petty Offi cer 1957 and served in Paladin as PO Basil ‘Bungy’ Williams. POA/FE. Served
D ‘Danny’ Anscombe. CPO Coxn.
escort ships until the last of the seven MTBs Telegraphist then as Radio Supervisor in Ark Peregrine (813), Heron, Fulmar and Blackcap.
Served in submarines 1947-63 in Ambush,
Lt Cdr Robert Spindloe. Boy Seaman SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975,
were sunk in 1941. Returned from the Med Royal, Fulmar and Hartland Point (Singapore Active musician in many Bluejacket dance
Token, Auriga, Selene and Alcide. Welsh
and AB Forecastle part of ship. Served in
in 1943, served in anti-submarine sloops based). Underwent Sub Lieutenant training and military bands. January 26. Aged 80.
branch. Aged 85.
Liverpool 1948-50. Retired from the RN as a RN Community:
Stork and Scarborough before commanding course at Mercury, promoted and served Norman Wild. AB. Served in trawlers
J F ‘John’ Cayzer. LEM. Served in
Lt Cdr. January 10. Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,
Wyvern (MiD for the sinking of U714 off the in Plover and President (wireless station, Lord Plender and Othello WW2. January.
submarines 1965-68 in Opossum and Tiptoe.
Anthony Morgan. Boy seaman and
Firth of Forth in March 1945). CO of Loch Whitehall). Promoted to Lt 1969 and Aged 84.
East Kent branch. Aged 67.
Ordinary Seaman, Forecastle part of ship. Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,
Killisport during the liberation of the Dutch appointed to Mauritius (Mauritius Island) Eric Heyward. Torpedoman AB. Served
J ‘Jim’ Kelly. L/Tel. Served in submarines
Served in Liverpool 1949-51. August 23. www.fl
East Indies; Intelligence Offi cer to the Flag as Deputy Offi cer-in-Charge as Lieutenant Grenville and Matchless. Grenville and 25th
1940-54 in H33, Oberon, Voracious and
Leslie Hale. Leading Stoker Mechanic. Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385,
Offi cer commanding British Naval Forces, (SD); then Operations Offi cer at Commcen Destroyer Flotilla Association. January 27.
Tally-Ho. Basingstoke branch. Aged 84.
Served in Liverpool 1940-43. December 15.
Germany until 1949 then spent two years at Whitehall and senior communications offi cer Aged 83.
Lt A ‘Anthony’ Sanderson. Served in
Aged 88. RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,
the British Joint Staff Mission, Washington; Kent. Further training at Greenwich then Elfed Rees ‘Ted’ Lewis. CPO. Served
submarines 1948-51 in Trenchant, Statesman ALGERINES ASSOCIATION
head of section in the Naval Intelligence appointed as Staff Communications Offi cer 1938-68 at Ganges and in Iron Duke, Norfolk
and Tabard. Dolphin branch. Aged 80. Edward D Owen. SBA. Served in
National Maritime Museum: 020 8312
Division 1955-57 and naval attaché, Bonn to Staff of Flag Offi cer, Medway (Chatham) (Bismarck/Scharnhorst actions and Russian FLEET AIR ARM ASSOCIATION
1962-64. His fi nal posting was as Director and promoted to Lt Cdr 1980. Staff of Flag convoys), LST371, BYMS 2015, Victorious, Lt Andrew Linsley. Served RN 1959-
Alex McLeod. Sto. Served in Seabear.
Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,
Naval Recruiting and Flag Offi cer, Admiralty Offi cer, Gibraltar additionally as Signals Jamaica, Apollo, Mounts Bay, Opossum, 75; prior to this he served in the Merchant
December 12. Aged 80
Interview Board. He published numerous Offi cer to the Governor and C-in-C Gibraltar. Loch Lomond and Kent. October 19. Aged Navy. Initially joined the FAA for pilot training
Trevor Taylor. AB. HMS Plucky.
articles and short stories as well as a lively Final appointment as Offi cer-in-Charge RN 85. but later transferred to Observer training.
December 19. Aged 80.
autobiography, Seagulls in My Belfry (1997). Commcen Whitehall and Deputy CO St Appointed as FD02 for the last commission of
John D Hearn. AB. Served in Mandate.
He was appointed CB in 1971. December 8. Vincent in the rank of Lieutenant Commander
Hermes in 1969 then served as Staff Offi cer
`January 5. Aged 82.
Ask Jack
Aged 92. (SD) retiring 1985. December 27. Aged 73.
Henry Robert ‘Bob’ Parham. PO Tel.
845 NAS; his last appointment was running
Robert Kent. AB. Served in Ready.
Rear-Admiral Edward Gueritz CB, Lt Cdr Geoffrey Brooke. Attended
Served Faulknor 1940-43 and Paladin 43-
the Dunker Training facility at Seafi eld Park
January 8. Aged 84.
DSC*. First to sea in 1938 and after war was Dartmouth aged 14. He served in the
46. Arctic Convoy Association and President
becoming one of the Navy’s leading experts
Roy Lawrence. LEM. Served in Romola
declared was in HMS Cumberland supporting battleship Nelson when she hit a mine laid
West Ham RNA. January 8. Aged 86.
in Sea Survival in particular helicopter-
and Magicienne. January 15. Aged 79.
the battered cruisers Achilles and Ajax off the by U31 at Loch Ewe but escaped unscathed;
Harold Halsey. Seaman. Hostilities only
ditching procedures. After retirement he
Patrick Gill. Sto. Served in Moon. January
HMS Centaur: I am trying to fi nd out the
River Plate; her arrival persuaded Kapitän then navigator of the destroyer Douglas
serving in landing ships and craft and with
turned his considerable talent into voluntary
16. Aged 82.
burial place of Stoker John Johnson, who
zur See Hans Langsdorff in Montevideo to where he discovered that he suffered chronic
Combined Operations in North Africa, Sicily,
work for Naval Aviation Heritage in particular
Peter J Cain. Sig. Served in Rowena.
was serving on the light cruiser HMS Centaur
scuttle Graf Spee. In 1940 he joined HMS seasickness in small ships. Appointed to
Salerno, Anzio and the Normandy landings.
the RN Historical Flight, giving regular talks
January 17. Aged 79.
in 1930. He was stabbed to death in Danzig,
Poland on July 12 1930. Anyone still out there
Jersey, the Med, support for Malta convoys; the battleship Prince of Wales he was in
Buxton and High Peak branch. December
and presentations which is estimated to LST & LANDING CRAFT ASSOCIATION who might have a clue, please contact Jack
with Force K ships in 1941 Jersey struck the standby director of the 14-inch guns in
22. Aged 84.
have generated over £25,000 for the Historic P F J Kirby. Served LST 3002. November Johnson at john@johnrobinson3.wanadoo.
a mine and sank, blocking the entrance May 1941 when she was hit, killing many
John ‘Knocker’ White. Served 1938-45
Flight. Yorkshire and Daedalus branches of 4. or write to 44 Loweswater Avenue,
to Grand Harbour and suffering 35 killed. on the bridge and putting the main director
in Iron Duke and Norfolk in the Atlantic and
the FAA Association. January 14. K A Shell. Served LSI(S) Prinses Astrid Tyldesley, Manchester. M29 7EG.
Awarded his fi rst DSC as a beachmaster out of action; he took control of her guns,
Arctic including action against the Bismarck.
Reginald ‘Reg’ Veale. L/AF(E). Served with LCA Flotilla 500. December. Fleet Air Arm, 767 NAS: I am seeking
in the assault near Diego Suarez and the fi ring salvoes until Bismarck left (Hood was
Joined the RN commandos and took part at
FAA 1943-47. He embarked on the cruise H S Ruffe. Served LBO 15, LST 304 and information or memorable items regarding
occupation of Madagascar in 1942. In 1943 sunk), by the end of the year Prince of Wales
Juno beach, also involved in the liberation
liner Empress of Scotland for Australia and Supply & Repair Flotilla 35. December 3. 767 Squadron in the Fleet Air Arm. Now in
he was a senior beachmaster training for was part of Force Z at Singapore, she was
of Antwerp. Ganges Association, Uxbridge
subsequently joined Arbiter 1945 heading to A C Barnes. Served LCH 100 and LCG(M) my 86th year, I am trying to conclude my
D-Day; ashore in Normandy for 19 days until overwhelmed by Japanese air attack and
RNA, North Russia club and Normandy
Ponam Island in the Pacifi c where he spent 107. January 18. wartime history. I spent four years in Bomber
wounded (awarded a Bar to his DSC). Post received several torpedo hits and sank, the
veterans. January 5. Aged 86.
several months with MONAB 4 during WW2.
war he was 2iC of Saumarez when mined crew were rescued by Express. Appointed
Leonard Evans. Served in Thane,
Secretary Bristol branch FAA Association
Command before transferring to the FAA.
in the Corfu Channel incident. Promoted to to Bermuda he took part in the North
Jackdaw, Biter (with 811 Squadron FAA),
since 1994 and life member since 2002.
John Gleave. Seaman. On board 1944-
Contact Sidney Beck, 97 Bentley Road,
captain in 1959, was Captain of the Fleet in African landings and Russian convoys then
Shrike, Vindex and several convoys to
When Daedalus closed in 1996 the Paying
46. Aged 83.
Uttoxeter, Staffs, ST14 7NG.
the Far East 1965-66 and as a rear-admiral Indomitable when the Fleet Air Arm raided
Russia. A founder member of Deeside
Off pennant was entrusted to Reg for
Cyril H Harrison. NAAFI. On board 1941-
HMS Stonehenge: I am researching my
he was admiral president of the Royal Naval the Japanese-held refi neries at Palembang
presentation to the FAA Museum at Yeovilton
45. Aged 85.
father’s Naval history. Thomas Dunne joined
College, Greenwich and commandant of the on Sumatra 1945 followed by Formidable that
John ‘Jack’ Harding. AB. Joined the
which he presented June 13 1998. January
Martin Welsh. Steward. On board 1942-
as a boy in 1919 and died at Benghazi in
Joint Warfare Establishment; retired in 1973. was twice hit by kamikazes; he was awarded
RN at age 16 after supplying a false age.
15. Aged 86.
46. Aged 83.
1941. He was serving as a telegraphist in
He was director and editor-in-chief to the the DSC for putting out the fi res afterwards.
Served WW2 until 1945 in Far East and
Stanley Arthur Macfarlane ‘Black Mac’.
William J Morris. Stoker. On
HMS Stonehenge in 1920 when she was
Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), and 1982 he produced and illustrated with his
Arctic convoys; ships included Kempenfelt.
CPO(Air) AE. Joined FAA 1943 and served
board1944-47. Aged 83.
wrecked. Where can I get a record of the
20 years as a specialist adviser to the House contemporary photographs a book entitled
Dagenham RNA. December. November 24.
for 27 years in WW2 and afterwards in
James Lennie. PO Seaman. On board
enquiry or details of the sinking/wrecking?
of Commons Select Committee on Defence, Alarm Starboard! And in 1989 another book
Aged 84.
Implacable, Theseus (807 Squadron Korean
1941-44. Canada. November 30. Aged 90.
I found then that he was posted to HMS
president of the Society for Nautical Singapore’s Dunkirk. Association of RN
Douglas Ford. LEM. Joined the RN
War), Bulwark and Eagle; also at RN Air
Philip L Moyle. Ch Stoker. On board
Actaeon from March 1921 to March 1922.
Research and on the Board of War Studies, Offi cers. January 6. Aged 88.
as a boy and served 12 years electrical
Stations Stretton, Lossiemouth, Culdrose
1941-47. Aged 89.
This, I believe, was a Torpedo School shore
London University. Vice-president of the Second Offi cer Audrey Roche. Joined
branch. Consort during Yangtze incident
and Sembawang. Twice president of the
Cpl Arthur L Cornish RM. On board 1945-
base at Sheerness. His home base was
RN Commando Association and the J and the WRNS in 1940 becoming a cipher
and Illustrious in Korea. HMS Consort
Chief’s Mess at HMS Daedalus 1958-61 and
46. Chairman for last two years. December
always Chatham. Why would a telegraphist
K Destroyers Association, member of the offi cer. She was a Third Offi cer and one of
Association and Lichfi eld RNA. November
1968-70 and one time Hockey Umpire to
17. Aged 87.
spend a year at such a base? If you can help
Association of RN Offi cers. His publications three Wrens aboard the submarine depot
19. Aged 78.
the FAA. Essex branch FAA Association and
Harold Thorpe. Seaman. On board 1941-
contact Malcolm Dunne at malcolm@dunne.
include joint editorship of books on the ship Medway in 1942 when the ship was
John Kipling. Chief Yeoman. Joined
Standard Bearer for Harlow RNA. January 8.
44. January 25. Aged 88. or tel 07940 851888.
Third World War, terrorism and civil defence torpedoed by U372; she had been swimming
Ganges and served 1937-60. Part of a
Aged 84.
Victor ‘Vic’ Hopwood. Seaman. On board
HMS Zest: I have a small ‘trophy
against nuclear attack. He edited Brassey’s for some time when she saw two men
naval unit sent to organise the evacuation
Patrick Hamblin. NAM(A&E). Served FAA
1946-48. February 9. Aged 78.
exchange’ pennant enscribed with the ship’s
crest, name and motto ‘British Far East
Defence Year Book from 1977-81. December clinging together, one supporting the other
at Dunkirk on board Wakeful, he returned on
1942-46 in Illustrious. Hanworth branch FAA Fleet’. There is no date but it would have
21. Aged 89. that didn’t have a lifebelt so she pulled off her
Margate lifeboat then to Chatham Barracks
Association. December 27. been used in the ship when in the Far East
Capt Peter Jackson. Went to sea as a own and put it on the drowning man enabling
and after discharge served for a period at
16-year-old with Alfred Holt’s Blue Funnel him to stay afl oat until he was rescued; she
GCHQ. A founder member of Falmouth THE FISGARD ASSOCIATION
and based in Singapore circa 1965. Anyone
line; as a junior offi cer he helped ferry the was eventually plucked from the water by
RNA. Christopher Docherty. HMS Fisgard
Swap drafts
interested should contact Cdr Rex Phillips
British Expeditionary Force to Cherbourg the crew of Zulu. She was nominated for the
Stan Scarsbrook. Stoker. Chairman 1951, Series 13. November 15.
on 01243 431326.
and took part in the Norwegian campaign, Albert Medal (since replaced by the George
Carterton & District RNA. January 6. David Barnes. REA(Air). Joined HMS
and made repeated crossings in June 1940 Cross) but was turned down and instead
R D ‘Roy’ Grant. AB UC3. Submariner. Fisgard 1959, Series 37. Served for 24 years
to bring back troops from Dunkirk, Brest awarded a Mention in Despatches and is
Joined Ganges as Boy seaman 1947. in Collingwood, Ariel, RNAS Hal Far, RNAS
LLogs(CS(D)) Henderson. Current draft:
and St Jean de Luz. Whilst sailing in Mentor thought to be the only woman decorated
Served in Wrangler (1948-50), Roebuck Lossiemouth, Eagle, Osprey, Hampshire, Fife
HMS Sutherland. Would like to swap for: any
he was torpedoed north of Cuba (May for wartime bravery at sea. She worked on
(1950-51); and submarine Tradewind (51-53). and Daedalus. December 12. Aged 65.
Portsmouth or Plymouth based Type 23 and
1942) and was adrift for fi ve days before the staff of the captain of the 1st Submarine
Vice chairman Carterton RNA and member Colin ‘Birdie’ Wren. HMS Fisgard 1954,
Type 22. Contact: 0772 907 5995.
being rescued. He obtained his master’s Squadron in Alexandria and in Portsmouth
of Oxford City Submariners Association. Series 20. November 29.
POMA Darrin Alker. Contact: 93255 6813,
certifi cate in 1948 and was master of Queen where she rose to Second Offi cer. January
January 25. Aged 77. David Scott. HMS Fisgard 1962, Series
email Neptune-Medical-POMAFA. Current
Elizabeth 2 during the Falklands War. He 13. Aged 90.
Lion Detenant. Carterton & District 44. December 15.
draft: First Aid Training Unit HMS Neptune,
Cdre A S Bell to HQBF Gibraltar as
was on leave when he heard that his ship Reginald D Jones. Chief Yeoman of
branch. W E ‘Bill’ James. HMS Fisgard 1950,
Faslane. Needs to have First Aid Instructor
Commander British Forces Gibraltar from
had been requisitioned to carry troops to Signals. Joined Royal Hospital School at
Vincent ‘Vince’ Alfred Doddington. Series 8. December 16.
qualifi cation or DITT equivalent and in date
February 17.
the South Atlantic so he returned and over Greenwich aged 11 then to Ganges leaving
A/LAM(L). Served FAA 1942-46 on 768 Ronald Braund. HMS Fisgard 1957,
FA level 2. Will consider anything south of
Capt S J Ancona to USCSG as
eight days he oversaw QE2’s conversion in as Signal Boy. Served in Dauntless (cruiser),
Squadron and at C&M Nairobi. Bexhill- Series 30. December 20.
the border, preferably near Portsmouth area.
Commander Carrier Strike Group on April 28
Southampton to troop carrier. He chose 640 Tiger, Caradoc, Champion, Rosemary,
on-Sea RNA and Daedalus branch FAA F G ‘Fred’ Lewis. 1932 Benbow.
LETME Dan Jones. Current draft: HMS
and to be promoted commodore.
Merchant Navy volunteers to man QE2 and Centurion (battleship), Cormorant, Express,
Association. January 9. December 31.
Exploit, based in Penarth, BFPO 285. Would
she steamed unescorted, via Freetown and Fermoy, Verity, Kempenfelt, Dainty,
Thomas ‘Tom’ Nevin. CPO ERA. Served L J ‘Len’ Wells. 1943 Duncan. January 4.
like to swap for: a shore base or Type 42
Ascension Island, to Cumberland Sound in Capetown, Gazelle, Glory and Wakeful and
1942-56. ERA Training School Victory, Ron Morris. HMS Fisgard 1954, Series
in the Portsmouth area. Contact: 0759 250
South Georgia. Her speed enabled her to many establishments including Norfolk
Freemantle (Ceylon), Sultan (Singapore), 21. January 6.
reach the South Atlantic in only 12 days but (USA), Hong Kong and Sydney. January 9.
Belfast, Beachy Head, Jamaica, Vernon,
once there he slowed and switching off his Aged 97.
Montclare, Pembroke, Osprey, Duchess and
radar and radio he navigated by eye among Peter Lance ‘Plum’ Marriott. LRO(G).
Grey Goose. Bexhill-on-Sea branch. January
Entries for the Deaths’ column and Swap Drafts in
the icebergs, zigzagging to avoid detection Served 1956-65 in Ganges, Maidstone,
22. Aged 82.
by submarines. He crept into anchorage Mercury, Terror (Kranji), Victory, Wizard and
George ‘Nobby’ Clark. AB. HSD April’s Noticeboard must be received by March 12
and transferred his troops and 2,000 tons Maralinga (Australia). February 7.
Portsmouth. Served 1942-53 in submarines
of stores and ammunition to waiting ships John Barnes. CERA. Served 1939-46
L26, Uther and Voracious. Hanworth RNA
and embarked 650 survivors from Antelope, in Thames minesweepers Mallard, Cardiff
and Pembroke House RNBT. December 8.
Speak to John Lister
Ardent and Coventry – in less than two days and Steyner. Royal Naval Engineroom
Aged 85.
QE2 was on her way back to Southampton. Association. January 5. Aged 91.
Thomas ‘Tom’ Finlay. Able Seaman.
01395 568028
When he retired in 1983 he had spent Denys ‘Taff’ Rowland. CPO AA1. Joined
Served in Raleigh, Defi ance, Drake, Golden
36 years under the Cunard house fl ag. Hood Division 1943 and served 30 years In
Hind, Glory and Friendship. Londonderry
December 24. Aged 86. Theseus, Indomitable, Albion and Hermes
RNA and Algerines Association. January 22.
Cdr the Rev Lord Sandford DSC. and at Sanderling (Abbotsinch), Goldcrest
Aged 85.
John Cyril Edmondson was accepted as (Brawdy), Daedalus, Falcon (Malta), Merlin
Dennis Duffy. CPO Steward. Served in
a late entrant at the Royal Naval College, (Donibristle), Peregrine (Littlehampton),
Victory, Glasgow, Landguard, Birmingham,
Dartmouth. During WW2 he served in Ajax Seahawk, Blackcap (Stretton) and Osprey.
Illustrious, Implacable, Gannet, Bellerophon,
Frank Sutton Taylor
in the Med in operations against the Italian He was attached to 1 Flight Army Air Corps,
Urchin, Ariel, Lynx, Osprey, Daedalus
Navy and convoys to Malta. As gunnery BAOR (1964-66); he oversaw three mobile
(FOWMAC 1962-67). Retired as Admiral’s
offi cer of Eskimo, awarded the DSC after an workshops manned by naval personnel that
Chief Steward. Londonderry branch. January
action in May 1943 during the blockade that maintained the AAC helicopters and left the
31. Aged 82.
prevented Axis forces from escaping from Navy in 1972. Hood Division Association.
Ray Quail. Stoker/Mech. Served 1944-
Tunisia. In 1944 he was 2iC of Cattistock January 17. Aged 81.
47 mostly in minesweepers (Algerines)
when wounded during action against German Surg Lt James Arscott Raleigh Bickford.
European, Mediterranean and Pacifi c
vessels escaping from Le Havre. After the Joined the RN 1942 and served in Goathland
operations in Rowena and Moon. Derby
war he was appointed to Saumarez and was and various hospital ships including the
RNA and Algerines Association. January 23.
Please call 023 9273 4448 for details
wounded during the Corfu incident. Later Aorangi that was requisitioned as a hospital
Aged 82. or email:
posted to Mercury; then House Offi cer at the ship from the New Zealand Shipping
June Sansom. WRNS. Beccles branch.
Royal Naval College, Dartmouth and added Company during WW2 and actively involved
January 23. Aged 83.
to his sporting activities by becoming master in D-Day. January 15. Aged 91.
Alfred Pannell. Beccles branch. January
of the Britannia Beagles. He subsequently Brian ‘Wilky’ Wilkinson. LRO(T). Served
21. Aged 84.
served in Vengeance, Cleopatra and was 1961-76 at Ganges and Mercury and in
Bert Buckley. FAA. Runcorn RNA.
Flag Lieutenant to Admiral Sir Charles Wizard, Ausonia, Sea Eagle, Eagle, Victory,
December 31. Aged 82.
Lamb, C-in-C Far East Fleet 1953-55. His HMY Britannia, Dolphin, Diomede, and
Eunice Dobson. WRNS. Served 1943-45
fi nal appointment was 2iC of the submarine Rothesay. January 19. Aged 63.
in Lemso. Treasurer Halifax branch. January.
depot ship Tyne, at that time Home Fleet Michael ‘Spike’ Ward. REL(AIR). Served
Aged 85.
fl agship when his service was shortened by in NAS 812 (Black Flight), 813 and 814 and
Edwin Dobson. POEM. Served 1942-46.
Royal Navy Old Comrades Club
We seek contact with former ship-
mates or comrades who knew my
ill health. January 13. Aged 88. Ocean, Glory, Vengeance, Implacable, Ariel,
Royal Arthur, Vernon, Pembroke and LST
Sir Russell Wood. Joined the Navy on Gannet, Falcon and Daedalus. 14th Carrier
Baganza. Halifax branch and husband of the
EASTBOURNE Father in HM Royal Navy WW II
his 18th birthday in 1940 and was accepted Air Group Association. January 12. Aged 79.
above. February. Aged 84.
for pilot training as a Leading Airman rating Lt Philip John ‘Jack’ Pope. CEng. Joined
Vivian ‘Viv’ Wilmshurst. PO. Served 16, BEACH ROAD, EASTBOURNE, EAST SUSSEX BN22 7EU
Name: Frank Sutton Taylor
fi rst at Luton, Bedfordshire and then Ontario, as ERA c.1945 and served in Mediterranean
1939-54 at Ganges, WW2 in Warspite and
Canada. Promoted to acting midshipman he in 50s. Promoted Greenwich 1961. Served
Arctic Convoys. Perth, Western Australia,
Telephone: 01323 731276
Rank: Able Seaman
returned to Yeovilton qualifying as a Fulmar at Manadon, Ark Royal, Hydra, Terror, KD
RNA and Arctic Convoys Association.
pilot joining the frontline 809 NAS based in Malaya and Barrack Master Pembroke.
February 7. Aged 84.
Secretary: Mrs S. B. Davey
Service No: JX 324358
Orkney in 1942. The squadron embarked Retired 1981. January 12. Aged 80. ASSOCIATION OF RN OFFICERS
in Victorious providing air defences in the Ken Fry. HMS Cheviot 1953 and a Lt H Ackerman. Served in Hornbill,
The Club gives a very hearty welcome to visiting R.N.A Members,
17 June 1942 - 10 April 1943
Mediterranean (Operation Pedestal). Later member of the association. December 20. Bellerophon, Tyne, Vernon, Dolphin, Ariel and coach parties during the year.
the squadron was retrained to a photo- Edward Ashley-Smith. MEI 1957. HMS and Victory.
reconnaissance role and took part in the Cheviot association. January 22. Lt Cdr D O Dykes. Served in Jervis,
Free buffet can be arranged, plus live entertainment or disco.
11 April 1943 - 15 September 1944
Allied invasion of North Africa; distinguished Robert ‘Bobby’ Graham. L/Seaman. Royal Sovereign, Danae, Foxhound,
himself by being in the fi rst Allied aircraft to Served in Exeter 1941-42, survivor of the Undine, Zanzibar, Diadem, Mercury,
Plus of course a traditional “Up Spirits”. HMS BIRMINGHAM
land at Maison Blanche airfi eld and report its Battle of the Java Sea and also the Prisoner Cleopatra, Devonshire, Drake, Ganges and
capture from the Vichy French. 809 moved of War Camp at Macassar Celebes. January Newfoundland.
Take part in our Meat Draw and Spirit Draw, all good fun. 16 September 1944 - 29 July 1945
to Seafi res, joined the light carrier Unicorn 20. Major J H Haycock RM
Should any party wish to stay in Eastbourne for a weekend visit in our
Please contact Russell Taylor,
for the landings at Salerno in September John Dennis ‘Pete’ Kane. LSM. Served Cdr S M Howard. Served in Malaya,
1943 (Operation Avalanche). Embarked in 1948-56 in Superb, Swiftsure, Birmingham Grafton, Birmingham, Pegasus, Trouncer, lovely town, there are numerous Hotels and Boarding Houses.
PO Box 469, Kumeu,
Stalker May 1944 at the age of 22, he was (Korea), Maenad and Vidal. January 10. Ravager, Smiter and Devonshire.
now the longest surviving member of 809 Aged 79. Lt Cdr C A Inman. Served in Forth, Venus,
Contact our Secretary on the above telephone number to arrange a visit.
Auckland 0841, New Zealand
NAS, he then fl ew dive-bombing missions Harry Leader DSM. AB Seaman. Served Loch Fyne, Cochrane, Minerva, President
You will not regret it.
with the RAF in Italy and returned to Stalker 1941-46. One of only 10 survivors of MTB and Warrior. Phone: 0064 941 18629 “Collect”
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