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Peterhead crowned
served by
A FORMAL link between the top unit in the Corps
Marine Society and the Sea Cadets
Association was perhaps inevitable
by the time the new millennium
A UNIT in the north of to win its first major trophy in “It is a credit to all involved and
Stephenson Trophy, awarded to
was under way. Scotland has claimed the title
such fashion has been the perfect the icing on the cake of what has
the top unit in the Northern Area
Michael is
The organisations had similar of best in the Corps for 2008.
end to a big year. been a fantastic 70th anniversary
after annual inspections by the
objectives and operated in similar Peterhead, on the east coast,
Commanding Officer Lt Cdr Ian year for us.”
Area Officer and District Officer
areas – overlaps which had been has won the coveted Canada Cup Wilson RNR said: “I am immensely And the Canada Cup was
– which opened the way for the
gold star
present to greater or lesser extents
for the first time in its history –
proud of the staff and cadets, not the only piece of silverware
ultimate prize, competed for by
the best unit from each region.
for decades.
news which provided the icing on
and to the support from the Unit to nestle in the unit’s trophy
But there has also been sadness A CADET from Southend unit
So it was in 2004 that the
an anniversary cake. Management Committee and local cupboard as they look back on a
as well as celebration. has been presented with his Duke
two groups merged to form the
For TS Caledonia also celebrated community, in our efforts to keep busy and successful year.
One of the unit’s former
of Edinburgh Award gold badge –
Marine Society and Sea Cadets
its 70th birthday during 2008, so Peterhead a unit to be proud of. TS Caledonia also retained the
Commanding Officers, Lt Cdr
aided by his maritime skills.
(MSSC), Britain’s largest
Sam Allen, has died after a career
LC Michael Hawkins (above)
maritime charity, with the aim of
providing support and personal
which saw him serve both the
development opportunities in a
‘We’re best in England!’
has been a member of the TS Rebel
RAF and Sea Cadets.
yacht-racing squad for four years,
Originally from Ireland, Sam’s
and used his time there to notch
maritime context for youngsters
Service career saw him first fly as
up three-day bronze and silver
and professional mariners.
HOT on the heels of Peterhead unit when the results what can be achieved in a volunteer organisation.
aircrew in Vulcan bombers, then
expeditions as skipper of a seven-
Not only does the organisation
of the Canada Cup were judged was Northampton “We have a good mix of serious and fun activities
move on to become a technical
metre Hunter Sonata, planning all
promote careers at sea, both
and Wellingborough unit. for our cadets and they always do their very best.”
the logistics, navigation, moorings
military and civilian, by
The cadets from the East Midlands towns had to Lt Read added: “We can also lay claim to being
He joined TS Caledonia in
and safety along with his crew.
highlighting the wide range of
settle for runner-up spot when Captain Sea Cadet the top Sea Cadet unit in England!”
1976 as a Civilian Instructor after
Having achieved his RYA Day
opportunities available, but it also
Corps Capt Jonathan Fry made his decision. The shield will be presented to the combined unit
moving from Arbroath, and he rose
Skipper qualification, Michael
helps support the wellbeing of
For their efforts they were awarded the Thomas in May – the Wellingborough satellite was set up as a
up to take the helm at Peterhead
then led a crew on the 35ft
mariners through channels such
Gray Memorial Shield – and the fact it was pipped to result of Northampton’s success in previous years.
between 1982 and 1992.
offshore sailing yacht TS Leopold
as the College of the Sea.
top spot did not dampen the unit’s spirits. This is the second time in three years that the unit,
He then went on to serve as
Muller for a five-day trip.
The College ensures those
“I am proud of the continuing efforts of the based in Rushden, has won the shield.
District Officer Grampian between
London Area Officer Cdr Paul
working at sea have advice,
team of cadets and adult volunteers at both training And as with Peterhead, the runners-up spot also
1992 and 1996.
Hains presented Michael with his
support and access to learning
ships Diamond [Wellingborough] and Laforey brought with it a Stephenson Trophy identifying
He is survived by his Wife Sena,
award, and also handed an award
opportunities which is similar
[Northampton],” said CO Lt Chris Read. TS Laforey (and TS Diamond) as the best unit in
sons Bruce, Murray and daughter
to L/Cpl Chris Williams for his
to those who work ashore, using
“The teamwork and effort that everyone gives shows Eastern Area.
Leslie Ann.
leadership qualities.
distance-learning packages and
financial support specially tailored
for professional seafarers.
The MSSC is one of two
principal sponsors of the Sea
This is what Sea Cadets is all about…
Cadets, the other being the
MOD, which in the last financial
BRADFORD unit’s chaplain Jon
year contributed 65 per cent
Howard was one of the three winners
of the MSSC’s total income of
in the 2008 Corps Photographic
almost £13.2 million (of which
Challenge, sponsored by the Naval
£1.8 million was funds raised
Photographic Club.
specifically for the new power
The aim of the competition
training ship Jack Petchey).
is to “tell the Sea Cadet story”,
The bulk of MOD funding is
and the Bradford bish captured
connected with training, but there
the moment by chance while on
is also the provision of RN staff
a course with cadets at the Sea
and civil servants at Sea Cadet
Cadet training centre TS Ganges
HQ and at area offices.
in Holyhead.
Each of the 400 or so Sea Cadet
Mr Howard, along with a
units is an individual charity,
number of cadets from TS Aurora,
charged with raising as much as
was working towards a Royal
possible to cover the running costs
Yachting Association certificate in
of its own facilities, including
sailing at the Welsh facility when
heating, lighting, electricity and
he rattled off a number of snaps.
“All the cadets were having
This works out at about £10,000
such a great time and I just took
to £12,000 per unit annually, or
a number of photographs, not
almost £1,000 every month.
realising at the time that this
Helping in the task of spotting
competition existed,” said Mr
and exploiting fundraising
opportunities are the various
“But when I did, I thought this
regional branches of the MSSC,
one image summed up just what it
in which volunteers plug away at
means to be a member of the Sea
generating the income required to
Cadet Corps.”
keep local units going.
Mr Howard won the President’s
By way of example, the Sea
Trophy for the best photograph by
Cadet Association in Scotland –
an adult, while the Tod Trophy for
essentially the Scottish branch of
the best photograph of any Sea
the MSSC – is exploring ways
Cadet activity was won by LC
of expanding the level of funds
Andrew Koropisz, of Stockport
raised ten-fold, to around £40,000
unit, for a study of a group of
cadets high above sea level.
This would allow the branch
The third winner was Cdt
to make an average annual grant
Andrew Lincoln, of Chelmsford
of £1,000 to each of the 38 units
unit, who won the Antony Preston
north of the border.
Memorial Trophy for the best
For more information on the
photograph of a ship.
MSSC and Sea Cadet Association,
The ship in question was TS
on donations, and branches, see
Iveston at Tilbury in Essex, during
a unit training weekend based on
the former RN minesweeper.
An inspector
● Chaplain John Howard’s picture of a RIB at speed at Holyhead (above) won
him the President’s Trophy in the Sea Cadet Corps’ Photographic challenge;
Cdt Andrew Lincoln won the Antony Preston Memorial Trophy for his study
of TS Iveston at Tilbury (left) while LC Andrew Koropisz climbed way above
sea level to take his Tod Trophy-winning photograph (below)
INSPECTOR Jim Gordon, of
Grampian Police, was the VIP
guest at Stonehaven unit’s annual
awards evening.
The best cadets of 2008 were
LC Kerri Johnston (16-18), AC
Michael Smith (14-16) and OC
Calum Stephen (12-14), while the
best in the Junior section was
Leading Jnr Isobel Groom.
The Bella Christie BEM
Endeavour Trophy for the best
overall runner-up went to AC
Andrew Hayes, while LC Michael
Smith won the Martin Thomson
Memorial Trophy for greatest
contribution to sporting events
– the award is named after the
victim of a road accident in 2005.
POC Anne Elliot received the
2008 Burgee on behalf of the unit –
the 26th year running Stonehaven
has won this efficiency award.
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