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o fi ght and fi t for life?
pass the RNFT, and are aware of the benefits a healthier lifestyle for Naval Service personnel
of a healthy diet and a responsible attitude through a closer adherence to the RNFT
towards alcohol. rules, and by the implementation of a Naval
“As DNPD, and head of the PT specialisation, Command health promotion and protection
my intent is to change the RN culture to campaign plan, which will be rolled out across
‘time for’ physical development – not ‘time the Naval Command later this month.
off for’ – strengthening the moral component That will yield a leaner, meaner fighting
of operational capability and enabling Naval unit – and with it the vital Royal Navy will to
Service personnel to be ‘fit to fight and ‘fit for win, crucial to the moral component which
life’.” Capt Farrage is also charged with assessing and
On arrival in post last year, one of Capt nurturing.
Farrage’s priorities, as head of the PT Although the impetus to attain and maintain
specialisation, was to return the PT branch to fitness must come from the individual concerned,
full manning and introduce a more structured the importance of the command and divisional
career path together with a specialisation input is reinforced by a letter from Naval
adviser, WOPT Glen Young. Secretary Rear Admiral Charles Montgomery
While continuing to work on those areas, to the commanding officers of all ships and
2009 brings new objectives. establishments.
The first is enhancing the moral component The admiral said there had been notable
of operational capability through a change of improvements in some areas, but that there was
culture which embraces everyone “from flag still work to be done by the partnership between
rank down the command chain”. command and divisional officers.
The new culture would see time during the Of particular significance is passing the
core working week set aside for sport, AT and RNFT and the remedial training package for
PE, including the introduction of at least three those who fail – as well as the warning process
hours of formal vigorous physical activity for all for those who demonstrate “a poor attitude to
personnel each week. physical fitness.”
In addition, Capt Farrage intends to encourage So – are you fit to fight and fit for life?
Levels of ATtainment
diving: JSSADC
ADVENTUROUS training (AT) is one of the a range of activities, after minimal training,
three pillars of Physical Development in the occasionally operating outside their comfort
tel 01752 405573
Armed Forces. zone, where they have to apply themselves both
And AT is itself sub-divided into four levels, physically and mentally in an enjoyable yet
forming a coherent path up through degrees of challenging environment.
expertise. Depending on the season, skiing, climbing,
Level 1 AT is directed at people in training klettersteig (climbing and scrambling on wires
– in the case of the RN, a typical example and ladders), mountain biking, kayaking and
would be those under Phase 1 training at HMS canyoning are available, amongst other activities.
Raleigh who might go out on an expedition on There is usually no cost for personnel on
Dartmoor. trained strength, and bespoke packages for
Phase 2 trainees would also fall within this groups can also be arranged, though this may
Joint Service
category, perhaps on a course at Tal-y-bont or incur personal contributions.
undergoing leadership training. See Training Centre
The only RN Level 2 facility is the Navy For those who wish to take AT further, Indefatigable
Outdoor Centre (Germany), home of Exercise Level 3 sees personnel qualified to lead their tel 01248
Bavarian Surprise. own expeditions as instructors, while a Level 718360
The centre aims to encourage wider 4 centre trains individuals to a standard which
participation in AT, exposing personnel to allows them to train and assess instructors.
Joint Service
Training Centre
tel 01248
and Kayaking:
Joint Service
Training Centre
tel 01248
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