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’Arking back
THE PULL-OUT supplement on HMS Ark they would have known that the compartment shown
Royal brought back some old memories.
at 176 was not a ‘Plumbers Block Compartment’ but
I joined her in 1955 as an acting Sub Lt (E) and
a “Plummer Block Compartment.’
served on board for the first year of her commission.
There’s no pleasing some folk is there?
I then had another bite of the cherry in 1965,
Really looking forward to the next issue, so we can
serving some time on the flight deck as one of the
see the second cutaway of Ark.
FDEOs (Badgers, to those who might remember) – J W ‘George’ Sexton, ex-FCMEMN(P)
I still have some copies of Noah’s News from 1955 Walton-le-Dale, Preston, Lancs
to 1956, which give a good insight into what life was
We’ve had many complimentary comments on
like at the time.
the Ark Royal cutaway, which was researched and
However, Ark Royal was not my only carrier and
produced by Ross Watton.
I also did commissions on board Centaur, Bulwark
Ross joined the Royal Navy in 1974, with the
and Hermes in the heyday of angled decks and steam
ambition of becoming a ship artist. He spent his free
catapults, with all the excitement and tension on the
time drawing ships and portraits of the crew.
flightdeck that is hard to match these days.
– J R M Hinsley,
In 1977, he won first prize in a competition
Ness, Merseyside
advertised in the Navy News to design a First Day
…THANKS for a splendid cutaway but I think the Cover envelope for the Silver Jubilee Review of
item 8 the CRBFD is not a Control Range Blind the Fleet. Later that year, one of his paintings was
Fire Director but a Close Range Blind Fire Director
featured in the Royal Navy Calendar.
as fitted on many ships including the previous HMS
On leaving the service in 1981, he attended
art college, where he began work on a large
– C J Pantrey, ex-REA1
watercolour illustration of HMS Belfast, which was
…I WAS really pleased and impressed to see the
presented to the ship in 1985. He also started
magnificent and long-overdue Inside Ark Royal IV.
writing and illustrating the first of four Anatomy of
Being an ex-steamie (Chief of X Unit November the Ship volumes.
1975 – September 1976) I set about looking through Since then, he has mainly worked as a book
to see how much I could remember about the dear illustrator and postage stamp designer. He is
old lady, when I noticed a gaffe that only a steamie currently designing stamps for the Falkland Islands,
would pick up. commemorating the Centenary of RN Flight.
What a shame that the folks who proofed this We are hoping to commission more cutaways
beautiful presentation were not engineers, otherwise from him this year – Ed
Calling Jenny Wrens
I AM APPEALING to any please come along once a contact the secretary: Mrs Valerie
former Wrens in and around month – I’m sure there are sev- McMunn, at 8 Laurence Grove,
Birmingham and the surround- eral isolated Wrens out there. Tettenhall, Wolverhampton WV6
ing areas to join the Women’s Age is not a barrier, and we or ring me on 0121 6035290 for
Royal Naval Association, which have speakers now and again, a chat.
holds a monthly meeting at and a cafeteria and bar. Come on Jenny Wrens – the
the Nautical Club, Bishopgate I catch two buses to get there, Association needs you!
Street, Birmingham. so if you miss the companion- – Ruth Dunstan,
If you have served in the ship of service life and want to ex-Leading Wren,
WRNS, wartime or peacetime, help by increasing our numbers, Solihull, West Midlands
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