adiabatic technology. Tis technology yields significant energy, water, health and space savings. Te HyprCool fans turn on in stages and only run when required to maintain the desired oper- ating fluid temperature.

Refractory Coatings HA International, Westmont,

Illinois, announced its R&D depart- ment is implementing improved flow coating properties to new Mold Lite Plus products, which are alcohol-based refractory coatings for jobbing ap- plications. New coatings for large iron applications also are now available in the Mold Lite Plus and Dura Kote product lines.

3D Printing

ExOne, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, highlighted its patternless sand cast- ing molds and cores printed directly from CAD. By selectively printing a specially-engineered binder into paper-thin layers of foundry-grade casting media, the process creates mold components layer-by-layer di- rectly from CAD data, eliminating the need for a physical pattern to create a core or mold. Te process is capable of achieving a geometric complexity and scale not possible with conven- tional casting methods. ExOne also highlighted the M-Flex, with a build envelope of 15.7 x 9.8 x 9.8 in. for metal 3D printing.

Furan Nobake Resins Te Super Set 600 is a new value

option for furan binders launched by HA International. Tis binder is designed to provide equal to better per- formance than traditional furan binders at a better cost per usage value.

Robotic 3D Printing System At the show, Viridis3D, Woburn,

Massachusetts, represented by Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, unveiled its patent pending RAM260 3D print- ing system that uses ABB robotics and Palmer auxiliaries for continu- ous production of 3D printed molds using standard foundry sand and resin systems. Te system allows users to optimize the consumption of me- dia per build and mold only what is

Safety equipment was one of the popular attractions at CastExpo. needed, for one part or 100 parts.

Patternmaking Humtown Products, Columbiana,

Ohio, showcased its services. Humtown has a pattern shop and provides core coatings, powder additives, resin binder systems, multiple types of sand, and cores. It also offers 3D sand printing.

Silica Sands Unimin, New Canaan, Connecticut,

showed off its silica core and molding sands at CastExpo. Unimin’s Incast sands are chemically inert and virtually free of clays, oxides and contaminants. With a high silica content, the sand has a high refractory value for cores and molds less prone to metal penetration, burn-in and burn-on defects.

Matchplate Molding Hunter Foundry Machinery Cor-

poration highlighted its linear-motion matchplate molding machine. Based on a proprietary concept that meshes magneti- cally coupled rodless cylinders with linear bearings, it improves movement of all components.


Vertical Turning Te MTV range of vertical turn-

ing machines from Palmer Maus North America, Springfield, Ohio, were showcased at CastExpo. Tis line can be configured stand-alone, with a pallet changer, or integrated into a production

line. Each machine in the MTV line has an automatic tool magazine with up to 30 positions for productivity and efficiency.

Heat Treating Can-Eng Furnaces International

Ltd., Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, highlighted its line of thermal pro- cessing solutions, such as its Basket- less Heat Treating Systems (BHTS) for aluminum intensive automotive components. Tis system eliminates the need for product conveying baskets, reducing capital costs and energy consumption.

Heat Treating Rex Heat Treat, Lansdale, Penn-

sylvania, showcased its heat treating process. Rex has facilities in Lansdale, Bedford, Pennsylvania, and Annis- ton, Alabama. Lansdale is the oldest commercial heat treat facility in the northeast, Bedford is the home of austempering, aus-carburizing and martempering, while Anniston helps clients create lighter, stronger and tougher metal components.

CNC Machining Epic Machine Inc., Fenton, Michi-

gan, showcased its precision machining and custom tooling capabilities. Epic offers precision CNC machinining, specializing in CNC turning, CNC milling, and precision grinding.

Impregnation Ultraseal America, Ann Arbor, Michi-

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