Registration opens for SkillFRI DGE 2019 Giving RACHP apprentices the chance to shine

Registration opens for SkillFRIDGE 2019 Giving RACHP apprentices the chance to shine

The goldmedalwinner fromtheNationalFinalwill be presentedwith a trophy, and their respective training providerwill recei Meanwhile–and subject to age eligibility–t sufficiently high score in theNationalFinalwill

also be considered to represent hose apprenticeswho achieve a ve theSkillFRIDGEShield.

GreatBritain at internationalWorldSkills competitions.

The competition is undoubtedly challengin g, but it is precisely this fact tha t makes itworthwhile. Last year’s goldmedallist, Refrigeration andAirConditioning, explained: “

Being able to say that Iwon the DominicDray fromRoyale

goldmedal is a great feeling, especially because it’s a tough competition that really does test your skills and knowledge. It’s a chance to showotherswhat you can do, and having got through it successfullywill standme in good stead formy future career.”

Formore information, or to register an apprentice for SkillFRIDGE2019, visit:

Registration is nowopen for the2019cycle ofSkillFRIDGE

Registration is now open for the 2019 cycle of SkillFRIDGE, the competition, the competition which aims to put the RACHP industry on the map, tackling the UK skills crisis while helping young engineers tode eloptheir careers.

which aims toput theRACHPindustry on themap, tackling theUKskills crisis while helping young engineers to develop their careers.

TheRACHPindustry is intrinsic tomodern life in the developedworld; it keeps our food fresh and our buildings comfortable, it ensures the safe storage of medicines and helps to keep our data centres running in this However, despite its vital role, theUKRACHPindustry–a engineering sector–is facing amajor skills shortage.

longwith the entire digital age.

SkillFRIDGE, in partnershipwithWorldSkillsUKand a network of top industry sponsors, isworking to tackle this crisis head-on, highlighting the importance of RACHPskills and themany rewarding career opportunities available to youn g people entering the industry .

How does it work? Howdoes itwork?

SkillFRIDGEenables young engineers studying up to Level3RACHPto engagewith thewider industry, testing theirmettle against their peers and strengthening their skills through a competitionwhichworks in three main stages.

The first stage is online registration.Nowopen for the2019competition cycle until5April, training providers and employers are encouraged to provide outstanding apprentices and studentswith the opportunity to boost their careers, gaining knowledge, connections and confidence.

Prior to registering, all apprenticesmust complete the preliminary test, carried out by a training provider.Scoresmust be submitted during registration, while test papersmust be submitted toSkillFRIDGEfor verification by5April. Once the preliminary test has been completed, any apprentice aged16+ studying Level2/3RACHPmay be registered via the online form.When registering, competitors that are eligible forWorldSkillsUKcompetitions can request to be assessed as aWSUKcompetitor.

After registration closes, the national competition starts.Held throughout the UKfromMay toAugust, the regional heatswill see registered competitors complete a series of ta sks under strict time schedules, asse ssed by a panel o f specially selected industry experts.After the heats have concluded, the competitorwho scores highestwill be crowned theSkillFRIDGEnationalwinner. Alongside the nationalwinner, the five other highest scoring competitors fromthe national competitionwill be invited to compete at theWorldSkills UKNationalFinal, held atWorldSkillsUKLIVEatBirmingha m’sNECi n November2019 .

Taking the RACHP industryRACHPindustry further

aking the further

Participantswho progress from theWorldSkillsUKNational Final to compete at an international levelwill

represent their country on the world stage.

Naturally, for the talented competitorswhomake it this far, th te raining process

intensifies. Itwas on hisway to deliver this crucial training– ahead of the2019international

competition inKazan,Russia–that leadSkillFRIDGEjudge,MarkForsyth, decided to get in touchwithBBCRadio2to explainmore.

With theBBChaving consistently reported on the engineering skills crisis faced by theUK, itwas no surprise thatMrForsyth subsequently received a shout out on the broadcaster’sRadio2BreakfastShowhosted byZoeBall,who was keen to knowmore about the competition and its goals.

As the skills shortage increasinglymakes headlines in themainstreammedia, SkillFRIDGEhas the potential to take th RACHPindustry further, reaching a wider audience than ever before.Thismeans there is no better time than nowto align your brandwith the competition and showyour support for theRACHP leaders of tomorrow.


For further information on the opportunities available, contact KarenaCooper on01622699150or at

or further information on the opportunities available, contact Karena Cooper on 01622 699150 or at

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