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FAR LEFT: Carciofi

alla romana (braised artichokes)

LEFT: Enjoy a caffé

corretto as an after- dinner drink, espresso with a shot of grappa.

Photos by Elizabeth Minchilli

ing high season they serve more than five hun- dred a day. Every morning, crates of carciofi are delivered, and retired waiters come in for part-time work to sit in front of the restaurant and prepare mountains of the globes for their bath in the fryer. During the first couple of weeks when artichoke season is just starting and the first cimaroli appear – they have huge heads and extra-long stalks – somehow Giggetto manages to tie them together into an eight-foot-tall artichoke tower. For real. Equally impressive is one of my favorite stands

“I Artichoke Monuments

f you follow me on social media, then you already know I’ve got a bit of a love thing going on with artichokes. I buy them, I cook them, I eat them, but, perhaps most of all, I photograph them. I’ve even invented my own hash tag #carciofogram, so that it’s easier than ever to play tag and look at one another’s artichokes. One of my favorite subjects are two monuments

to the Roman artichoke. They are not permanent monuments made of marble or bronze, but are built out of the very thing they celebrate. Yes, I’m talking about the Leaning Tower of Artichokes and the Great Wall of Carciofi. One of the oldest restaurants in the Jewish

Ghetto is Giggetto, and its chefs are justly famous for their skill at preparing carciofi alla giudea. Dur-

in Campo de’ Fiori. Located on the western side of the piazza, in front of the Norcineria Viola, the stand is one of the biggest sellers of carciofi in the market. Piles and piles of the globes pass through it and, for a few brief days, they form a solid four- foot tall, ten-foot-wide wall of purple and green.” – Elizabeth Minchilli

(Excerpt from Chapter 7: The Leaning Tower of Artichokes) Negroni

• 1/3 Gin • 1/3 Sweet Vermouth • 1/3 Campari • Slice of Orange

Combine gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, served straight up or on the rocks. Stir, do not shake, and garnish with a slice of orange.

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