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by 10:00 a.m. to view the rainbow mists that give the falls its name. For coffee lovers, or those in

need of a pick-me-up, the Big Is- land caters to all caffeine cravings. We started with Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, which offers free tours of this beautiful, small-scale coffee plantation.

Sip complimentary

locally grown coffee, or highly- caffeinated coffee fruit tea, while viewing the various stages of plant and bean growth. Breathe deeply to take in the aromatic roasting process. Te views are spectacular this far above sea level, and the cool air is refreshing. For a treat, stop by Café Kona de Pele in Kona for a delicious affogato – vanilla and macadamia nut ice cream doused in a shot of steamy espresso. Several days into our

honeymoon, it was time to aban- don the daily itinerary and hit the beaches! On the Big Island, there is no shortage of outstand- ing beaches. Expect to spend a couple of days relaxing by the ocean and soaking up sun. Te white sand of Hapuna Beach, 30 miles north of Kona on the island’s west coast, is famous among locals and visitors alike. For a unique expe- rience, visit Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, on the southern coast of the island. Tis beach and its signa- ture black sand were created when red-hot lava poured into the ocean and cooled so quickly it shattered. If the sensation of black sand be- tween your toes isn’t enough, this

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. © Hawaiian Tourism Authority

beach is also a favorite nesting area for the Hawaiian Green Sea Tur- tles, or honu. Keep at least 25 feet away from these protected crea- tures, and never take any souvenir sand from the beach. A trip to the Big Island

isn’t complete without a visit to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where Earth’s pri- mal power is on dazzling display. Established in 1916, this park attracts nearly 1.7 million visi- tors annually. Take a walk through the ee-

rie Turston Lava Tube, peer into the steam vents, witness

smoldering hot lava firsthand, and enjoy a meal on the ledge of an ac- tive caldera at the Volcano House restaurant. Te standard fare takes a back seat to breathtaking views of the smoking Kilauea caldera and the desolate landscape of black lava rock. Be sure to check geographic

and weather conditions before visit- ing the park. A Hawaiian honeymoon offers

endless exotic splendor and ro- mance without the financial strain or the need for a passport. With so many wonderful possibilities, the most difficult decision you will make together while honeymoon- ing on Hawaii’s Big Island is how to spend your precious time.

ABOUT THE COUPLE Jenessa and Steven Schwartz were

married on a sunny day overlooking a lake in Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, Minnesota with about 150 family and friends in attendance.

Jenessa grew up in Powell, Wyoming,

just outside Yellowstone National Park. Steven grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Tey met through a mutual college friend, and ended up on a road trip to Billings, Montana for a Tool concert. Tey’ve been together ever since, and now live and work in Minnetonka, Minnesota with their new son, Turston.

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