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Traveling with Laptops, iPads and other Electronic Equipment


ost people who travel today, especially internationally, usually bring a laptop, iPad, cell phone or other electronic

device so they can keep in touch with people in the office, family or friends. In today’s world of hackers and identity theft, it’s important to make sure that you protect your personal information.

HERE ARE SOME TIPS: • When you finish using your device, turn it off. This will ensure that someone in the hotel where you are staying can’t access your accounts.

• When you are not in your room, lock your elec- tronic equipment in a room safe or at the hotel’s safe at the front desk.

• Create hack-proof passwords. Many people use common words or numbers (a name or numbers like 7777 or 1234 are easily hackable). Choose

something out of the ordinary that you can re- member, and make the password eight or more characters, including special characters. Also, consider creating a different password for each account. Professional hackers can easily figure out your passwords if they are too simple.

• Review your privacy settings on Facebook, Twit- ter and other social media forums, and make sure that you get a text message from them when- ever someone tries to change your password or login from an unauthorized computer.

• Be careful what you click on. If it seems suspi- cious, it probably is…don’t open it.

• When you are using credit cards at ATMs or gas pumps, be aware of skimmers (a device that is placed over the credit card slot that allows thieves to steal your information). The best thing to do is use ATMs inside banks, not on the street.

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