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sets of test data migrated from Visionwest.

One phase covered the launching of Temenos’ new lending application, while another phase focused on the deployment of the object-oriented pieces of T24.

At the same time, Blueshore’s data migration team, organised by Cook, cleansed the bank’s data in preparation for its migration into T24.

The data, provided from the old Visionwest platform by Open Solutions, was extracted and cleansed using predictive data management software from Chicago-based vendor AMB.

This data cleansing tool was selected because of its use of Microsoft-based technology, which fitted well with Blueshore’s movement to the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database at the core of T24.

Following coordination with Open Solutions, the new cutover date was set for a three-day weekend in August or September of 2009.

This date depended on how quickly the conversion of the ATM and debit card processing could be wrapped up, a conversion being handled by Cook and his team.

Cook hired an outside project manager just for this project because ‘I was running out of people’.

‘We cannot convert the banking system until the ATM conversion project is finished,’ said Cook, because of the necessity of keeping the ATM and debit card system as closely matched to the new core banking system as possible so that customers using Blueshore’s ATMs will have accurate information about their accounts.

Once that had been completed, the new ATM and debit card system would be aligned with T24. Then, all procedures in the branches and at the ATMs were tested.

Upon completion, Blueshore planned to train all staff on T24. This testing and training was scheduled to finish in August 2009.

Concurrently, Cook set out to negotiate with Open Solutions to designate the three-day weekend for the cutover from Visionwest to T24.

Going live

The final cutover was set to be a ‘big bang’ over that three- day weekend.

Cook noted that although he is used to this method, a phased approach was still considered. He consulted with the Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago, which was converting to T24 using a phased approach, with branches converted to T24 in batches.

‘We looked at that,’ recalled Cook, ‘but we did not have enough branches – we had only twelve [at that time] – to gain anything from a phased approach. It was just as easy to do a full cutover over a three-day weekend.’

He noted that the added level of complexity required to convert the ATM system also worked against a phased approach, because of the difficulty of converting the ATMs in batches and the need to keep the ATM system as closely matched to the new core as possible.

As for Temenos, the vendor entered a partnership with Blueshore to launch the T24 Model Bank for Canada.

‘We launched Blueshore on the T24 product engine, and we helped Temenos launch the Canadian platform at the same time,’ said Cook.

Blueshore proposed to Temenos that the two groups work together to develop the standard Canadian version of T24, rather than Temenos localising T24 only for Blueshore.

That way, Temenos leveraged its R&D to create a system that could then be sold to other Canadian financial institutions with a minimal amount of customisation. And Blueshore received a guarantee of Temenos’ commitment to Canada.

Cook noted that Blueshore did not want the burden of managing and maintaining its own local layer of T24. With this arrangement, Temenos supported the local layer,

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