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numbers are also very high. The second requirement was a little less expected. Leonardo was at the time developing just such a range, Leonardo Silver, but had not yet launched it on to the market. Des Soden of the Paramount/CJS Partnership, who was the Distributor involved, didn’t know that but he asked the Leonardo National Sales Support team if they could help anyway. It was this customer request that prompted Leonardo to bring the new range to market just a little earlier than planned. After surviving the surface resistance to damage test (can you scratch it with a key?), the new Silver range was quickly confi rmed as being the dispensers of choice.

For others, hand hygiene is the critical factor in their business. Established over a decade ago, the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research (CIMR) has created a collaborative and supportive environment in which outstanding scientists can excel. This provision of state-of– the-art core facilities helps foster collaborations that spark discoveries in understanding the very nature of disease. Part of Addenbrookes Hospital and sited at the world famous Cambridge Biomedical Campus, the newly opened Clifford Abbot Building at CIMR selected Leonardo for its washrooms.

As might be expected in such an environment, hygiene is a major every day priority and with facilities spread out over six fl oors, usage levels are unsurprisingly high. For the cleaning staff to maintain the standards required and to ensure dispensers were always operational,

it was realised that the number of maintenance visits per day was becoming too frequent and thus, too costly to be acceptable. Something had to be done, and it was then that Steve Becala, Facilicom manager in charge of all the clinical schools, contacted Susan Dawks of local distributor CCL to discuss the problem. Together they quickly identifi ed that the problem could be alleviated if the dispensers had larger capacities, something that previous suppliers had failed to address. For CCL, with a long standing relationship with Leonardo, the answer was simple. Susan knew that the Leonardo range incorporates larger capacity dispensers that could instantly resolve the problem without compromising the critical hand hygiene standards.

For Andrea Tether at Hull City Council, the challenge was to sort out an historical situation that had resulted in the Council having literally hundreds of differing dispensers and suppliers. With Elliott Hygiene Ltd, a local distributor who had been chosen after a public tender process, and the Leonardo National Sales Team, a programme of rationalisation was carried out that has resulted in a standard presentation for all the washrooms across a divergent estate that includes museums, an ice rink, architecturally signifi cant public buildings, care centres and hundreds of offi ces. The solution demanded the fl exibility of the Leonardo range with its Compact range being particularly useful when the creation of a larger washroom space was impossible in some of the older buildings.

A really good example of an organisation whose appropriate hand hygiene standards vary due to the usage is the Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford. Infection Control Teams have the responsibility of scrutinising everything and one of the on-going perennial hot topics is hand hygiene. This goes beyond keeping Leonardo’s dispensers clean and fi lled; it also covers their positioning and fi tting. Here, Leonardo dispensers have a number of advantages. Once installed, key points of detail make their contribution in the battle to make Darent Valley as safe as possible without unnecessary expenditure caused by over provision. Leonardo only supply hand towels (as opposed to roll towels) into clinical areas, so one-sheet-at-a-time, touchless dispensing is the norm. Roll towels are in place in non-clinical areas, though they too are enclosed by the dispenser, so real thought can be seen to have been given to reducing risk even in these less critical areas.

These examples demonstrate the benefi ts of establishing professional and mutually benefi cial partnerships between all of the key players. Leonardo has the reach, capability and experience to deliver the required hand hygiene standards to meet the needs across the whole of the away from home sector. Not a matter of jack of all trades, more a master at them all. Like the man himself!

With Elliott Hygiene

Ltd and the Leonardo National Sales Team, a programme of

rationalisation was carried out that has resulted in a standard presentation for all the washrooms. 33

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