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WORLD NEWS Don’t Touch The Dosh

As the threat of Ebola makes its way to the United States, Kaivac Cleaning Systems has suggested one way to steer clear of the disease is to avoid handling dollar bills.

The suggestion comes from a series of advisories from the developers of the No-Touch and OmniFlex cleaning systems, on how cleaning professionals can protect themselves from serious infection.

"While this sounds a bit extreme, the truth is infections can and do live on paper bills for many days after they have been touched by a person with the fl u or some other infection," says Matt Morrison, Communications Manager for Kaivac. "What this is really telling us is that when it comes to stopping the spread of infection we have to be on guard and take precautions at all times."

In this case, Morrison advises cleaning workers to wear gloves and wash hands frequently, as well as keeping a ready supply of hand sanitisers nearby at all times. Other advice from Morrison on how cleaning professionals can protect their health during their day-to-day activities, with the Ebola scare now, and whenever the spread of infection is a concern, ranges from avoiding sharing tools, personal protection gear or keys with other workers, to avoiding large groups of people, and “politely keeping a distance from offi ce and cleaning workers if a public outbreak of a disease is a concern”.

Further suggestions include the installation of hand sanitation stations in all janitorial closets and to “avoid shaking hands; use the

Is Cleaning Ruining Your Sex Life?

New studies have shown that chemicals found in some cleaning products could be lowering women’s sex drives.

Research from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) found that phthalates, a softener which makes plastics bendy, was linked to a lower libido in women. The chemical, also found in rubber ducks and food packaging, had already been found to affect sexual function in men.

Dr Emily Barrett, of the University of Rochester School of Medicine, New York, said: “If you think of a rubber duck or raincoat or shower curtain being soft and fl exible, it’s likely that it is phthalates that give them that fl exibility.

“We are learning that phthalates are endocrine disruptors, they interfere with normal hormones in the body – testosterone, and it looks like oestrogen as well.

“And we know that both testosterone and oestrogen are really important for many things, including libido, so we were interested in looking at whether women who had higher levels of these chemicals in their bodies have a lack of interest in sex.”

The research was presented at the ASRM’s annual meeting in Hawaii at the end of October.

Man Arrested For ‘Aggressively Mopping Floor’.

A man was apprehended by police in Bristol, Conneticut, after he took a cleaner’s mop and began “aggressively mopping” the fl oor.

Police claim the incident took place at the Double Tree hotel at around 6.30pm on Monday 13th October, when John Thornton, 30, believed a hotel employee was doing a bad job of cleaning the fl oor.

It is alleged that he grabbed the cleaner’s mop and started “becoming aggressive”, mopping over the shoes of the cleaner, despite pleas for him to stop.

Police Spokesman Lt Donn Watson said: “He then turned his back to the employee and forcibly backed into her, pushing her into a corner.”

The cleaner was left “shaken” by the attack, and will be pressing charges

against Mr Thornton.

Offi cers arrested Thornton and charged him with breaching the peace, and after making further threats against the police he was also charged with ‘threatening in the second degree’.

He was released after posting a $20,000 bail, and appeared in court at the end of the month.


knuckle bump instead.” Morrison also advises those who are concerned about touching something in a facility setting not to do so, and to refer the matter to a supervisor.

He added: “This is the perfect time to also develop an infection-control training program. Should there be more Ebola cases in the United States, this will probably become routine and frequent for cleaning crews throughout the country.”

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