Measurement and Testing New Portfolio of Four-Wire Coriolis Mass Flowmeters and Transmitters

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (the Netherlands) announces the global release on this date in all markets other than Japan* of ROTAMASS Total Insight (TI), a new portfolio of four-wire Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters. This new Coriolis mass flowmeter product platform was developed based on a Total Insight concept that seeks to optimize operations and reduce maintenance costs at all phases of the product lifecycle.

* The Japan release is set for the second quarter of fiscal year 2016.

Of the two main types of flowmeters that are in use today the volume flowmeter and the mass flowmeter the latter is generally more accurate as its measurements are less susceptible to variations in temperature and pressure. Coriolis mass flowmeters are versatile and highly accurate instruments whose utility extends beyond mass flow, inline density, and temperature measurement. They have evolved into multi-functional devices that can measure concentrations, function as net oil computers (NOC), and even measure heat transport. Our customers expect first-class performance from these instruments in demanding process control applications that involve liquids with high viscosity, entrained gas, and two-phase flows.

Rota Yokogawa, a Yokogawa subsidiary in Germany, has been producing and supplying ROTAMASS series mass flowmeters to the global market since 1993. The company continues to refine these products to add more value and future proof the investments that our customers make. By giving our customers greater insight into their processes, our Coriolis flowmeters help them improve the efficiency and flexibility of their operations and reduce maintenance costs at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Designed based on a unique philosophy that emphasises full product lifecycle support, ease-of-use, and reduced total cost of ownership, the ROTAMASS TI product portfolio consists of six new sensor product lines and two new transmitters that can be configured to suit the specific requirements of an application. At the heart of this design is the concept of gaining “Total Insight” into a plant’s operations. The new sensor product lines have each been designed for specific application requirements and process conditions, be it high pressure or high temperature applications or highly challenging processes involving hygienic or cryogenic conditions. The new general-purpose (Essential) and high-end (Ultimate) transmitters all come with an AC/DC universal power supply and can be flexibly configured to handle a range of functions.

Andreas Dobratz, the managing director of Rota Yokogawa, offered the following observations about these new products: “Yokogawa’s new Coriolis mass flowmeter portfolio, ROTAMASS TI, sets a new standard in the industry. ROTAMASS TI offers improved specifications under real conditions, supporting an increased number of applications. The holistic approach of the Total Insight philosophy supports the customer in all stages of the product lifecycle, significantly improving operations and plant maintenance.”

Masatoshi Nakahara, a Yokogawa director and executive vice president who is head of the IA Platform Business Headquarters, commented: “With its Transformation 2017 mid-term business plan, Yokogawa has set forth a number of strategies for its industrial automation business. One of these strategies is to enhance and develop the platform products that are at the core of our solutions. Based on our new Total Insight concept, ROTAMASS TI will generate new value for our customers.”

New On-Line Analyser Able to Directly Monitor Kinematic Viscosity at Reference Temperature

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Sofraser’s (France) Thermoset-KV is a powerful online analyser specially designed to directly measure kinematic viscosity at reference temperature. The measurement principle is based on the vibration at resonance frequency technology developed and patented by Sofraser in 1981. The active part of the measurement is a vibrating rod driven by constant electrical power. The amplitude and the frequency vary according to kinematic viscosity.

Compared to other technologies available on the market, the Thermoset-KV is the only analyser able to directly monitor kinematic viscosity and to provide measures in cSt (up to 500 cSt). Matched with 9731 electronics, the analyser provides an intuitive interface (touchscreen display, virtual keyboard).

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With its hazardous area approved design, the Thermoset-KV is really simple to install close to the main process flow line, directly on an existing secondary sampling loop or even on a fast loop. Designed to prevent clogging, it requires minimal extra-installation. The analyser uses a flow-cell that is maintained at reference temperature and in which the product flows along the sensor. Direct kinematic viscosity is then measured in real time on the same product, at the same time and with the same instrument.

In compliance with Oil & Gas industries requirements, the Sofraser’s viscosity analyser is directly correlated to ASTM D445. It affords efficient analysis and monitoring of a single control point (one target viscosity point at one reference temperature) while maximising return on investment.

Sofraser’s Thermoset-KV is specially designed for kinematic viscosity at reference temperature monitoring of various petroleum products such as crude oils, heavy and light fuel blends, visbreaking etc. Through its various models of analysers, Sofraser offers a solution for any application.

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New Handheld Densitometer and Specific Gravity Meter

CANNON Instrument Company (USA) touts the new handheld Densi-H Density/Specific Gravity Meter as CANNON’s most affordable instrument for measuring density and specific gravity. Lightweight and portable, the Densi-H Handheld Density/Specific Gravity meter offers easy, one button operation and reports results in seconds. Densi-H operates on the oscillating tube principle and is powered by two AAA batteries. Instrument reporting capabilities include density, specific gravity and API degrees, Brix, % Alcohol, % H2

SO4 ,

°Baume, °Plato and Proof. Built-in API tables (product groups A, B and D) allow API compliant measurement for quality control of crude oil, gasoline, petroleum products and lubricants (ASTM D7777). The Densi-H is applicable to a variety of product areas including petrochemicals (solvents, fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, crude oil), chemicals, food and beverages, battery acids, electroplating/photo, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Easy Dual Pressure Measurement

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The AFRISO (Germany) DMU 13 pressure transducer with local display, consisting of a transducer with a piezo- resistive stainless steel measuring cell plus mechanical Bourdon tube measuring element, provides dual pressure measurement: The integrated pressure transducer allows for accurate measurements (< ± 0.5 FSO) and delivers a proportional 4-20 mA output signal; the analogue local display (class 1,0) is easy to read and independent of electrical power. Due to this redundancy, the current measured values remain available even in the case of malfunctions. The DMU 13 transducer is supplied with DC 12-36 V; it is available for relative pressure measuring ranges from 0/0.6 bar to 0/40 bar. It provides a bottom process connection G½B – AF 22 (EN 837-1/7.3). Other process connections can also be implemented. DMU 13 features a robust stainless steel 304 safety housing with a baffle wall and a laminated safety glass window. The measuring instrument is optionally available with a filling (paraffin oil), with a chemical seal for process separation or with an electrical contact for switching tasks. A junction box allows for easy electrical connection.

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Guide to Flowmeter Selection

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