36 Measurement and Testing

Mobile GC/MS Detects VOCs in Water Using Portable, 3-Pound Purge & Trap

The FLIR Griffi n 460 GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer) with portable Griffi n Purge & Trap accessory provides on-site analysis of BTEX in water in less than eight minutes. In the burgeoning fi eld of petrochemical exploration, such as shale oil/gas and hydraulic fracturing, elevated concentrations of BTEX can be found in groundwater around exploration sites. Public health organisations are concerned with the Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). BTEX components are detected by the Griffi n 460 in less than eight minutes to levels below these stated MCLs. The Griffi n 460 provides a timesaving advantage by performing on-site water analysis to expedite decision making and remediation efforts. Chemistry happens outside the lab, so should analysis.

The Griffi n 460 is a mobile GC/MS well suited for petrochemical applications. Designed for use in a moving vehicle (Figure 1B), it has passed MIL-STD 810G vibration standard testing. Using the Griffi n 460 near petrochemical exploration sites or other areas of interest helps prioritise and reduce the number of samples that ship, under chain of custody, to a fi xed analytical laboratory.

The three-pound (1.4 kg) Griffi n Purge & Trap accessory is installed in only a few minutes with a simple plug-and-play connection to the sampling port located on the Griffi n 460, which also supplies the purge gas and power. No other connections are required. The water sample vial attaches to the accessory with a tool-less fi tting. The Griffi n 460 with Griffi n Purge & Trap is an integrated system that rapidly extracts chemical targets of interest from water samples and performs an automated analysis and identifi cation, without any costly consumables or time-consuming sample preparation steps.

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Handheld Process Calibrators Offer High Accuracy and Stability

Yokogawa (the Netherlands) has introduced the CA300 Series of handheld process calibrators: a family of three models featuring high accuracy and stability, with each model incorporating a dedicated range of functions for loop

diagnosis, thermocouple simulation and RTD (resistance temperature detector) simulation, respectively.

The new models, which supersede the company’s existing CA11E voltage/current calibrator and CA12E temperature calibrator, are designed to aid the periodic inspection and calibration of fi eld measurement and control devices in plant maintenance operations.

The accuracy and stability of the new calibrators refl ects today’s increasing emphasis on the stable and safe operation of plants, where process calibrators are required to be more effi cient while offering higher quality. At the same time, the controls themselves are getting more precise, so that the process calibrator has to be more accurate.

The three new models in the CA300 series are the CA310 volt/mA calibrator for loop diagnosis, the CA320 thermocouple calibrator and the CA330 RTD calibrator.

The CA310 is a dedicated process calibrator which is designed to perform transmitter control-loop checks and inspection of the associated devices by providing a 20 mA simulated sink function and by supplying 24 V loop power while simultaneously measuring the output signal precisely. With an accuracy of ±0.015% of reading on both source and measured current and voltage, it is three times more accurate than the earlier CA11E model. A 250 ohm resistance is embedded for HART or BRAIN communication.

The CA320 is a dedicated process calibrator designed for the inspection and calibration of thermocouples and temperature controllers, and again offers a threefold enhancement with a typical accuracy of ±0.5°C for a Type K thermocouple. It is compatible with JIS and IEC standard thermocouples, and also meets the ASTM and GOST-R standards for the inspection and calibration of 16 types of industry standard thermocouples.

The CA330 is a dedicated process calibrator for carrying out inspection and calibration of RTDs. It has double the accuracy of the existing CA12E with a basic accuracy of ±0.3°C, which puts it in the top class of handheld devices for sourcing resistance output and measuring the output of sensors. It is compatible with JIS, IEC and GOST-R standard thermocouples, and meets the standards and regulations for the inspection and calibration of the 14 types of standard RTD.

Each unit measures 90 × 192 × 42 mm and weighs 440 g. A wide range of accessories including power adaptors and a carrying case is available.

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Thermal Imaging Software Tutorial for R&D/Science Users

FLIR ResearchIR 4.2 thermal imaging software provides researchers and scientists with a state-of-the-art tool for viewing, acquiring, analysing, and sharing thermal data.

To enable users to get started, and then gain the full potential of this powerful software package, FLIR Systems has created several informative online tutorial videos that may be viewed on their website.

Available in 20 languages, FLIR ResearchIR 4.2 software provides a comprehensive set of acquisition, diagnostic and data sharing tools as well as customisable, savable workspaces that allow you to arrange how images, data, charts and plots are displayed. ResearchIR4.2 connects directly to FLIR thermal imaging cameras via USB, Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link, enabling fast viewing of thermal snapshots and movie fi les. The software allows you to control zoom and pan capabilities and performs real-time image analysis with a variety of measurement modes. Software options for preset sequencing and superframing allow researchers to more effectively analyse scenes with large temperature differences or targets with rapid thermal dynamics. An array of enhanced charting and graphing capabilities permits users to create line profi les and temporal plots for all of the measurement tools.

New capabilities for version 4.2 of the software include giving users direct access to their MATLAB scripts within ResearchIR. This allows users to access customised MatLab scripts directly in ResearchIR for specially-tailored image analysis and processing tasks. In addition, ResearchIR 4.2 software provides FLIR R&D/science thermal camera users with UltraMax fi le support. UltraMax is a proprietary image enhancement technology available on FLIR’s Tsc-Series thermal imaging cameras.

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Do you receive your own copy of Petro Industry News? If not request your copy today. Its FREE! Flowmeter for Metering Viscous Fluids

Built for metering viscous fl uids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C, the Titan Enterprises (UK) OG2-700 bar fl owmeter is designed to be fully IP67 / NEMA 4 compliant.

With a standard fl ow range from 0.03 to 4.0 litres / minute on 30Cstk oil the fl owmeter is able to routinely achieve outstanding accuracy (0.5%) and repeatability (0.1%).

Combining robust 316 stainless steel design, durable construction materials and proven technology ensures the OG2-700 bar fl owmeter will provide reliable, accurate operation over an extended product lifetime.

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