How Density Measurement Works

Sample flows through or is filled into the U-shaped tube of the DPRn and DMA 4500 M density measuring devices, respectively.

This U-shaped tube is electronically excited to oscillate. If the sample’s density is low, as is the case with e.g. air, the U-shaped tube oscillates with high frequency.

If the density of the filled in sample is higher, for example water, the U-shaped tube oscillates with lower frequency.

Figure 2. The mPDS evaluation unit can be operated from the office Safety for Humans,

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The characteristics of the oscillations are measured and the frequency signals are recorded.

In laboratory density meters such as DMA 4500 M, a built-in reference oscillator makes it possible that one single adjustment at 20 °C is sufficient for the entire measuring range.

The density is determined highly accurately, deviations of the measurement result caused by thermal stress implied with the U-tube are compensated, and viscosity-related errors corrected.

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Figure 3. The DMA 4500 M density meter A New Approach in Sample Handling

With its easy handling, combined with reliable filling as well as optional cleaning, the new Xsample 340 for syringes frees up users’ hands and ensures reproducible results. The new Xsample 340 for syringes can be used with density meters and viscometers from Anton Paar (Austria) and handles a wide range of viscosities up to 36,000 mPa.s.

The use of syringes is common practice – now automated filling further improves the quality of measurements. The system’s filling speed is freely adjustable, so movements can be accelerated for special treatment of samples to prevent filling warnings. The force-controlled movement of the pusher prevents excess pressure in the system and ensures smooth filling.

The cleaning procedure with a special cleaning module prevents the cross-contamination of two different samples. The whole system is cleaned with up to two different cleaning agents, after which it is dried automatically. The unit can be used with commercially available Braun syringes from 2 mL or 5 mL up to 10 mL. The new Xsample 530 sample changer from Anton Paar brings a new kind of dynamic to automated measuring cycles. Its user-friendly handling combined with reliable filling and cleaning safeguards can process up to 71 vials.

The new Xsample 530 sample changer for vials is ideal for use with density meters, viscometers and refractometers from Anton Paar. It handles liquid viscosities up to 36,000 mPa.sand can process up to 71 samples in 12 mL vials.

Its removable magazine is easily lifted off its hub and carried by hand to wherever the user wants to fill it. Once in place, the magazine can be freely rotated for filling in place. To eliminate the risk of loose connections and leaks from the start, Xsample 530 detects whether the pressure source is at its expected level and runs automatic tightness tests. For measurements, users can manually define the pressure source, or they can let the system choose it automatically: In case of highly viscous samples, compressed external air at 2 bar can be used. An optional bar code reader supports sample identification and ensures traceable results.

This sample changer comes with various pre-programmed cleaning modes. Three different rinsing agents can be connected for customized cleaning. This extended cleaning capability is an essential “insurance coverage” for the wide range of diverse samples, including challenging materials. The instrument’s robustness is ensured by mechanical components of uncompromising quality and an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals. Simply put, Xsample 530 is built for decades of around-the-clock operation.

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