Measurement and Testing

not only methane, but a total of 20 gases, including butane, propane, and benzene.

The GF320 is a versatile tool at each step of the biofuel production process, from the fermentation of agricultural byproduct to the generation of power at combined heat and power (CHP) plants. The GF320 can also detect petrol or diesel fumes, as well as exhaust leaks on the turbocharger. And due to its rugged design, the camera can be used in conjunction with an explosion meter in explosive environments.

“Its light weight allows for ergonomic working in any position, and the ease of use rounds off the gas camera’s design,” said van Lessen.

Explosion protected areas can be investigated from a safe distance with the FLIR GF320.

GF320 Allows for Maximum Mobility

The decision to acquire the FLIR GF320 was relatively easy for IBS GmbH, because the camera has no real competition in terms of compact size and portability. The GF320 is also less expensive than competing thermal cameras. Finally, the GF320 detects

Conclusion: Added Value for Users and Customers

The key success factors for bioenergy facilities continue to be safety, effi ciency and profi tability. When carrying out gas detection, it is of vital importance that inspectors obtain as complete a picture as possible of the condition of a given plant. A FLIR infrared camera like the FLIR GF320 is an extremely important tool for tracking down potential gas leaks. The FLIR GF320 has certainly provided signifi cant added value for IBS GmbH and its customers, ensuring optimized operation and safety.

The FLIR GF320 thermal imager.

For more information about thermal imaging cameras or about this application, please visit www.fl

The images displayed may not be representative of the actual resolution of the camera shown. Images for illustrative purposes only.

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Leading Global Exhibition for Industrial Valves to be held in Düsseldorf for the

fourth time They are made to work everywhere and still vary widely in size and application: fi ttings that ensure safety in the oil and gas industries, channel fl uids through chemical plants, control the supply and drainage of water, gas or highly corrosive media or regulate the correct fl ow in the beverage industry.

The entire spectrum of industrial valves will be covered by Valve World Expo in three exhibition halls from 29 November to 1 December: the ranges encompass valves, valve components and parts, actuator drives and position controllers, compressors, engineering services and software, associations and publishers.

For three days the exhibition halls 3, 4 and 5 will then become the No. 1 international meeting point for the industry, for valve specialists and expert users from many user industries. Users come from the fi elds of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, chemical industry, food industry, marine and offshore industries, water and waste water management, automotive and mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical industry as well as power plants.

At this early point in time over 19,600 square metres of net exhibition space are already occupied. 638 exhibitors from 39 countries have registered. Most European companies come from Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey and the Netherlands. Overseas visitors will mainly come from the USA, India, Taiwan, South Korea and China.

The accompanying technical “VALVE WORLD Conference Düsseldorf 2016” will again be organised by KCI in Hall 4. Alongside topics of the future such as material selection, new technologies and processes for the production and application of valves, new energies and the analysis of new services, an in- depth debate about the structure of the industry will be centre stage here.

Lectures, workshops and seminars deepen the content covered by the Conference. Organisers expect experts from all over the world to exchange with conference delegates on innovations from the dynamically growing area of valve technology including its upstream and downstream technologies.

The Pump Summit, the International Exhibition & Conference for Pump Technology, will take place on the ground fl oor of Hall 7.0 on 29 and 30 November. Here networkers and pump specialists will come together and the producers, distributors and users of pumps, seals and compressors will present their products and exchange expert knowledge.

The Pump Summit will be accompanied by a conference. The agenda features talks and selected workshops on pump and seal applications in a wide variety of industries.

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Launch of MFD Plus Mass Flow Devices at Analytica 2016

Axetris AG (Switzerland) announced an extension to its product range of high-performance mass fl ow meters and controllers at Analytica 2016. Mass fl ow solutions [] from Axetris are now available for full scale fl ows of up to 15 slpm with the MFD Plus range [ mass-fl ow-controller/mfc-plus].

Axetris introduced the Plus range [] of mass fl ow meters and controllers with an unmatched dynamic range. The new innovation from Axetris allows you to use a single mass fl ow device over a wide range of fl ow rates, helping you save costs, while taking the complexity out of design and logistics. The range of mass fl ow devices come in surprisingly compact sizes, enabling compact designs.

OEMs worldwide rely on the Axetris mass fl ow technology in the fi elds of gas chromatography, leak testing, thermal analytics, mass spectroscopy, thin fi lm deposition, plasma engineering and more.

New Infrared Sensor now available for Sulphur

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Gasmitter is available for Sulphur Hexafl uoride measurement in range of 0-1000 ppm for gas leakage detection or in range of 0-100 Vol.-% for Sulphur Hexafl uoride fi ll level measurement.

Gasmitter’s smart averaging fi lter enables a quick measurement for leakage detection meanwhile a stable signal is given for fi ll level measurement.

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Gasmitter comes along with a linear signal output (4-20mA analogue & RS232 digital), a temperature- and pressure compensation as a standard (0-50°C and 800-1200mbar). Its size is minimised to 160mm x 50mm to enable integration in a wide range of handhelds or analysers.

IRNEX-P Low Power ATEX & IECEx certifi ed NDIR sensor for CO2

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or HC detection

The IR series of infrared gas detection sensors from N.E.T. (Italy) use the NDIR (Non Dispersive Infrared) technique to monitor the presence of hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide. This technique is based on the fact that the gas has a unique and well defi ned light absorption curve in the infrared spectrum that can be used to identify the specifi c gas. The gas concentration can be determined by using a suitable infrared source and analysing the quantity of energy absorbed from the gas inside the optical path. The IRNEX-P Low Power sensor is equipped with electronics and fi rmware in order to provide an output that is linearised and temperature compensated that is suited for manufacturers also without any specialist knowledge in IR technology. The output is analogue voltage type [0.4 V—2 V] dc (other voltages are available upon request). The IRNEX-P Low Power sensor has been tested and certifi ed according to the ATEX directive and IECEx.

IRNEX – P is now SIL2 approved. It’s main features include; explosion proof Ex d IR sensor for surface (II 2G) and underground (I M2) classifi ed areas; analogue voltage standard output; incorporated signal linearisation and temperature compensation; standard sensor size 20 mm diameter; fast response; solid, rugged construction; wide operating temperature and humidity range (-40°C / + 60°C); low power consumption (45mA) range (-40°C / + 60°C) and new ‘Nautilus’ optics.

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Hexafl uoride (SF6) measurement Sensors Europe GmbH (Germany), is pleased to announce its new Gasmitter product line for SF6 measurement.

Please visit the website for further information:

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