Safety Introducing a New Series of Multi-Gas Monitors

Industrial Scientific (USA), recently introduced the Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors. Small, rugged, and highly configurable, the Ventis Pro Series is backed by the industry’s only Guaranteed for Life warranty and offers a wide range of sensor options to detect up to five gases. The Ventis Pro4 is compatible with four of the following sensors: LEL/CH4

, O2 , CO, CO/H2 The Ventis Pro5 detects up to five gases including any covered by the Pro4 in addition to NH3

Low, H2 , CO2

S, SO2 , NO2 /hydrocarbon IR, CO2

, or HCN making it ideal for industries such as fire service, steel, and construction. /CH4

IR, and CO/H2 S. Industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power

generation, metal and coal mining, gas utilities, and refrigeration, which typically need a larger five-gas instrument, can easily transition to the smaller, lighter Ventis Pro5. Both the Ventis Pro4 and Pro5 are equipped with a variety of new safety features that raise the bar on worker safety. iAssign Technology tracks users and sites in real-time using Near Field Communication (NFC) to help safety managers identify and address jobsite gas hazards and improve asset management. A dedicated panic button and man-down alarm help to alert nearby workers when someone is in distress or has lost consciousness. Acknowledgeable gas alerts let users know when they are in the presence of gas below the low alarm level enabling them to take safety precautions while continuing to work. Alarm action messages provide written instructions during low and high alarm events, helping workers to react appropriately.

In addition to being the most advanced multi-gas monitors on the market, the Ventis Pro Series is extremely rugged. It comes with a Guaranteed for Life warranty and is IP68 rated, meaning the instruments have the highest level of protection against dust ingress and can withstand being submerged in water at a depth of 1.5 meters for one hour.

“The Ventis Pro Series sets a new standard for safety, usability, and utility in a wearable instrument,” said Justin McElhattan, President and CEO. “It is the ideal monitor to have by your side when you want it least and when you need it most.”

Integrated Production Control System Ensures Quick and Smooth

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System Upgrades Yokogawa Electric Corporation (the Netherlands) have announced the release of CENTUM VP R6.03, a new version of the company’s integrated production control system. CENTUM VP R6.03 will be available from 1st June.

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Yokogawa has been continually making improvements to its flagship CENTUM VP integrated production control system as part of its VigilantPlant vision for the control business. As well as providing an enhanced product for new customers, R6.03 offers a smooth upgrade path to existing users of CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, and CENTUM CS 3000 systems.

CENTUM VP provides an optimum operation, monitoring, and engineering environment for every phase of the plant lifecycle, from initial design, engineering, installation of systems and equipment, and start-up to full operation and the ongoing performance of renovations and modifications, through to eventual withdraw a facility from service.

Over the several decades that a plant will remain in use, upgrades will need to be performed to replace ageing control systems software and hardware, hold down maintenance costs, improve production capacity, and comply with new regulations. To minimise disruptions to production operations, such system upgrades should be quick and trouble- free. CENTUM VP R6.03 was developed to ensure quick and smooth system upgrades, and therefore upgrades of integrated production control systems such as CENTUM also need to be seamless.

Masatoshi Nakahara, a Yokogawa director and executive vice president who heads the Industrial Automation Platform Business Headquarters, comments as follows on this new release: “Yokogawa has continually striven to improve its core CENTUM platform while maintaining backwards compatibility with previous system versions. In the development of CENTUM VP, the following four innovations have been emphasised: Advanced operation empowers operators to make smarter decisions; Smart engineering, a new engineering ecosystem that delivers certainty and confidence; System agility flexibility, adaptability, and extensibility for plant upgrade and expansion, changes in plant operations, and business exigencies; and sustainable plant optimum system performance throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant.

“In keeping with its VigilantPlant initiative, Yokogawa will continue to develop and bring to market new products and other types of solutions that will help our customers realise the ideal plant.”

Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP R6.03 is designed for use in process industries such as oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, and electric power. It is used for the operation, monitoring, and automatic control of process plants.

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Tyco Gas & Flame Detection (USA) is pleased to announce that the BM 25A and BM 25AW (wireless) have been certified to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and now carry the CSA mark of approval for use in hazardous areas.

Both the BM 25A and BM 25AW meet CSA Standards as intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations in Canada and certified for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations in the United States.

The BM 25 is a versatile multi-gas monitoring system that offers exceptional flexibility for a wide range of applications. The system detects up to 5 gases simultaneously and can include up to 30 devices in a mesh network. By using up to 16 BM 25AW (wireless) units in combination with an X40 wireless controller, information can now be centralized at one location, displaying up to 32 measurements in real time.

Using the Sitewatch option, the MX 40 can be accessed remotely via Ethernet or GSM. A web page displays measurements and channel statuses in real time, and is accessible from any computer or wireless phone connected to the internet. This option also allows information to be delivered by SMS or email.

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and Nitrogen Dioxide Sensors The NT-CO-F14 and NT-NO2-F14, from N.E.T. (Italy), are new electrochemical gas sensors with 3 electrodes for the detection of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Designed as a compact and low cost alternative to the standard 20mm sensors, they are targeted to light industrial and commercial applications such as monitoring underground car parks or residential environments, air quality, ventilation control and fire detection. The sensors have industry accepted dimensions and pin-out footprint, making them compatible with a variety of commercially available fixed gas detection systems.

UL Recognised Component in accordance with the requirements of UL2075.

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